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Watch More TV; It Makes You Happy!

Enjoy the present moment. If I could apply just one of the many things I’ve learned in my two months of studying happiness, that would be it: enjoy the present moment. Let’s talk about TV. I’m not a fan. I think it kills brains and destroys dreams. This post was originally going to be a […]

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Yoga – It Isn’t Just for Female Hipsters

Have you heard of yoga before? Have you heard of its super-awesomeness? By this point, we’ve all been informed; I’ve been informed, many times.  But the idea of doing something so hipster and female has been so ridiculous to my subconscious mind that I had never actually consciously considered doing it. I’m a man. I like sports & […]

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Ditch Porn – It’s Playboy on (Dopamine Draining) Steroids

Porn is evil. It’s not because I’m deeply religious or a jealous girlfriend that I say that (I’m actually an irreligious male). It’s because porn is addictive and harmful.In fact, porn is harmful because it is addictive.I’m not talking about American Psychiatry Association addiction; I’m talking about biology gone wrong addiction – the kind that makes your life less […]

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A Month of Happiness, Week 1: Psychostimulants, Laughter, Gratitude, Fake Smiles, and Happy Friends

Last week, I declared June the Month of Happiness. I decided to post one article every weekday, each containing a practical idea that you can apply to become happier, immediately. We talked about psychostimulants, laughter, gratitude, fake smiles, and making happy friends. I’m sure you’ll find at least one article that fits your interests, personality, and situation. Day 1: […]

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