118 Affirmations for Preventing Intrusive Thoughts

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Almost everyone has fleeting thoughts that are uncomfortable and unwelcome. However, these thoughts are prominent, prolonged, and upsetting in some people. When these uncharacteristic thoughts last for a long time and are a cause of distress, they are called “intrusive thoughts.” As many as 6 million people in the US suffer from intrusive thoughts, and … Read more

21 Honest Movies About the Dangers of Drug Addiction

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Substance abuse can destroy your life. The possession, use, and sale of drugs can be both dangerous and illegal. In spite of this, many people still become addicted to them. In this article, we provide you with a list of movies that can help you understand the dangers of drug use and addiction. These 21 … Read more

How to Deal with Irrational Elderly Parents (11 Steps)

how to deal with irrational elderly parents | walking away from elderly parent | how to deal with selfish elderly parents

We don’t always understand our parents, even when we are grown and have kids of our own. Yet, there will be times when our elderly parents become more irrational than usual. That’s just reality. Whether it is due to a loss of mental faculties or aging, parents can become beyond difficult… and handling temper tantrums and … Read more

15 Best Movies About Recovery from an Addiction

movies about recovery | movies about addiction | movies about addiction on netflix

Looking for movies for people recovering from substance abuse and addiction? Recovering from substance abuse or addiction is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort. It is also a test of willpower and determination. There are times when you will feel like the rehab is not working at all—when … Read more

7 Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms That Hold You Back

unhealthy coping mechanisms | unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress | unhealthy coping mechanisms psychology

Adulthood is plagued with what sometimes feels like endless challenges. As fast as you solve one, another one pops up. How we cope with life stressors and adversities can make a difference in things getting better or worse. As such, it’s crucial to have coping skills and strategies that improve your circumstances without eroding your … Read more

Fishing for Compliments: 7 Reasons Why People Seek Attention

fishing for compliments | fishing for compliments quotes | fishing for compliments synonym

Have you had it with that friend, coworker, or partner who has an unusual habit of soliciting favorable comments about themselves? Did you know it’s called “fishing for compliments?” Yes, and I wonder how much more of this attention-seeking behavior you can take. You’re probably annoyed by having to constantly think of nice things to … Read more

Climacophobia Explained: What is the Fear of Climbing?

climacophobia | climacophobia fnf | bathmophobia

It was completely unplanned—getting stuck on the top floor of my employer’s 25th story building when the elevator broke. While all of the other employees were happy to descend the flights of stairs, I simply couldn’t walk down nor could I climb into the fire-department’s emergency ladder bucket to be lowered to the parking lot … Read more

How to Use the 3-3-3 Rule to Calm Your Anxiety

3 3 3 rule anxiety | what is the 3 3 3 rule | how to reduce anxiety immediately

If you live with anxiety, you know how difficult calming your mind can be. Anxiety can make it hard to concentrate, sleep, or even get through your day-to-day activities.  Fortunately, many techniques can help calm your mind when anxiety strikes. One of these techniques is known as the 3-3-3 rule for anxiety. In this article, … Read more