21 Praying for You Coloring Pages to Add to Your Spiritual Practice

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Are you looking for something fun that you can add to your list of spiritual activities? Do you want to add a new dynamic to your prayer journaling or bible journaling practice? If so, we’ve got something that will get you excited. Today we have compiled a list of “praying for you coloring pages” that … Read more

11 Simple Ways to Develop the Slow Living Practice

slow living | slow living concept | slow living practice

Do you feel tired or stressed out from having too much going on? Do your days have a tendency to blur together? Do you often feel there aren’t enough hours in the day? If so, this may mean you’re living a fast-paced life… and this can often lead to more harm than good. Both physically … Read more

19 Mindfulness Activities for Kids in a Classroom Setting

mindfulness activities for the classroom | mindfulness activities for students | daily mindfulness activities for students

As adults, we often find ourselves taking on too much. We work too much. We say yes to things we don’t always have time for. We overthink things. Unfortunately, children are not always spared from these things either. They can feel overwhelmed… just like the grownups in their lives do from time to time. But … Read more

13 Mindfulness Activities and Exercises for Adolescent Groups

mindfulness activities for adolescent groups | mindfulness adolescent worksheet | fun mindfulness activities

Mindfulness activities are rising in popularity.  Mainly because it is an excellent way to engage in life and be present.  Whether you are interested in this for your child, or for yourself, the more one actively engages in these activities… you will find they become less anxious and can handle stress so much better. Many … Read more

11 Steps to Develop the Mindful Communication Practice

mindful communication | | mindful communication practices | mindful communication activities

Many of you have heard the saying, “what you put out into the world is what you get back”.   Or how about, “What goes around comes around”. Neither saying discriminates. They apply to both the good and bad things we do. And the same law applies to the communication you have with others. How … Read more

27 Therapeutic Coloring Pages for Kids

therapeutic coloring pages for kids | printable therapeutic coloring pages for kids | free therapeutic coloring pages for kids

Looking for a creative and exciting way to relieve your kids’ stress and anxiety? You probably already know that coloring is a recommended activity for stress relief. Many experts claim that it has therapeutic benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Coloring is a great way to increase your happiness, and it’s equally beneficial … Read more

15 Printable Scripture Coloring Pages for Adults

scripture coloring pages for adults | free printable bible verse coloring pages for adults | free printable bible coloring pages with scriptures

As adults, we often get stressed and overwhelmed by the things that happen around us. There are too many things to worry about and finish; too many problems that need our attention. This is why we need stress relievers. And as it turns out, coloring is an excellent stress relief activity that brings about a … Read more

17 Top Spiritual Blogs to Follow in 2021

spiritual blogs | spiritual blogs websites | spiritual advice blogs

What does being spiritual mean? Does it naturally relate to religion and faith? The answer depends on how you view your spiritual needs. You may not believe in a supreme being, but that does not automatically mean that you have no sense of spirituality. Likewise, you may be an avid church-goer, but that does not … Read more

15 Printable Mindfulness Coloring Pages to Help You Be More Present

mindfulness coloring pages | mindfulness coloring pages pdf | mindfulness colouring for adults

Did you know that coloring is potential way to practice mindfulness meditation? There is no definite research yet that could prove its significance in the meditation field, but a lot of experts believe that it has great therapeutic potential. Recent research shows that coloring can greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase focus and … Read more

5 Spiritual Benefits of Building a Fasting Practice

spiritual benefits of fasting | types of spiritual fasting | mental benefits of fasting

If you have thought about fasting recently, you have probably thought about the physical benefits this could provide. Even though it is true that fasting provides a litany of physical benefits, as long as you do it safely, there are spiritual benefits as well. I think you will agree with me when I say that … Read more