Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: A Simple Guide

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In recent years, the term “mindfulness” has permeated popular culture, with companies, schools and even prisons offering mindfulness classes to better serve a wide range of individuals. With the rise of yoga, meditation, and alternative medicine, mindfulness has become a catchphrase used to express the notion “of being present” or “being woke”. But what does … Read more

11 Best Meditation Books for Beginners [2023 Update]

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Looking for the best meditation books you can read to start or continue your meditation practice? Meditation brings a lot of benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, enhances self-awareness and consciousness, increases happiness and life satisfaction, and a lot more. But it can also be a difficult activity to start. Even expert meditators find it … Read more

11 Printable Mental Health Journal Templates & Worksheets

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Our desire to live happily comes from our struggle for peace and mental clarity. We believe this is important, and definitely support you in your mental health journey. Today, we share with you 11 printable mental health journal templates and worksheets that can help you achieve the peace, mental clarity, and happiness you deserve. All … Read more

7 Benefits of Showing Empathy Throughout Your Life

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One of the greatest traits one can demonstrate to another is empathy.  Empathy is a lifeline others offer to us in unfavorable life situations. These helpful words of encouragement are like a dam that stops the flowing river of our tears.   Whether it be sickness, disease, poverty, crisis, grief, or other unfortunate situations, it’s comforting … Read more