15 Kindness Activities for Kids to Practice in 2023

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Parents and educators have to teach kids various skills. Perhaps just as important as math, reading, science and social studies… kids must learn how to be kind. Being kind doesn’t cost you or your child anything, but it can bring a wealth of benefits your way. Plus, kindness is one of those important character traits … Read more

251 Would You Rather Questions for Kids in 2023 [Printable]

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Why are would you rather questions for kids so effective? Well, if you’ve ever tried to help children open up and communicate more, you probably agree with me that it can be a challenge. Kids are focused on the things they enjoy and, more than anything, they love playing and spending time with their friends. … Read more

17 Mindfulness Activities and Exercises for Teens in 2023

mindfulness activities for teens | mindfulness activities for students | mindfulness adolescent worksheet

Teens tend to be impulsive. After all, it’s hard not to be when they are young and have not had to deal with the consequences of bad decisions yet. But one strategy that can help is to practice simple mindfulness exercises that are designed for teenagers. In this article, we will provide a quick definition … Read more

Morals VS Values: 5 Basic Differences

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Many of us would admit we have seen a change in our society in the past couple of decades.  We have taken steps forward for women’s empowerment, social justice, and many other social issues plaguing our world.  Yet we have also taken steps back in some of the most fundamental issues that destroy our planet … Read more

Premeditatio Malorum: How to Apply This Stoic Skill to Your Life

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The pressure and encouragement to think positively and see the glass as “half full” is everywhere you look. We are constantly cautioned that negative thinking is one of the greatest causes of anxiety. To an extent, this can be true; however, it is more a matter of how you go about it and what you … Read more

25 Printable Snowman Coloring Pages Anyone Can Enjoy

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“Do you want to build a snowman?” Imagine Anna (from Frozen) singing down the hallway and asking if you want to build a snowman. You’re not Elsa, but you would probably love to, anyway! Unfortunately, sometimes it is too cold outside and you can’t motivate yourself to walk out the door. You are all bundled … Read more

17 Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

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Unicorns are one of the most mythical and legendary magical creatures—and they are super popular with kids. After all, who doesn’t love a unicorn-themed event? Unfortunately for all the youngsters out there, unicorns aren’t actually real—although the Encyclopedia Britannica can explain their history and mythology, if you are interested! In the meantime, they also make … Read more

13 Printable Mindfulness Worksheets for Adults in 2023

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How often do you tell yourself that you are going to start practicing mindfulness? And how often do you fail in doing so since you do not know where to start or how to continue? We understand that it can be tough sometimes to start doing something and then continue doing it if you are … Read more

25 Therapeutic Coloring Pages for Kids

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Looking for a creative and exciting way to relieve your kids’ stress and anxiety? You probably already know that coloring is a recommended activity for stress relief. Many experts claim that it has therapeutic benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Coloring is a great way to increase your happiness, and it’s equally beneficial … Read more