31 Best Oh, The Places You’ll Go Quotes by Dr. Seuss

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Theodor Seuss Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss (March 1904 – September 1991) is an American author famous for his children’s books and comical cartoons. His books have been a prevalent part of many people’s childhoods. As Dr. Seuss had an incredible ability to disguise life lessons wrapped up in silly and amusing stories. He is considered … Read more

Death Smiles At Us All: 3 Lessons from This Quote?

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Every so often, a quote comes along that not only sticks with us but also makes us think. Many of these come from movies and other popular forms of entertainment. Often, these quotes are attributed to someone famous, but they are merely creations of the writers of the movie. This is the case with the … Read more

117 Wednesday Affirmations to Power Through Hump Day

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Wednesday is a notoriously difficult day, especially for people who don’t like their jobs. But, even when people like their jobs and enjoy the work, it is challenging to maintain energy and motivation throughout the week, and Wednesday is the biggest challenge. So here are some great Wednesday affirmations to get you through hump day. … Read more

77 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Home

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Like many people, you have a dream home in mind. You may have thought about the size, the décor, the furnishings, and perhaps a yard or garden. You may have considered the needs of your family and friends and what having your dream home would mean to them. Dream home affirmations can help to manifest … Read more

71 Ungrateful Quotes for Dealing with People Who Aren’t Thankful

ungrateful quotes | disappointed quotes for ungrateful person | ungrateful quotes for him

We’re all guilty of coming across ungrateful from time to time. Although done unintentionally, getting caught up in our own bubble of emotion can sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the bigger picture. But with some people, this is a daily occurrence, often fueled with bitterness, jealousy, and frustration. And the constant ‘Why me?’ whines … Read more

166 One-Word Affirmations to Instantly Kick-Start Your Motivation

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Sometimes one word is all it takes to change your mood and get you going again. One-Word Affirmations are a fantastic choice for people who are short on time and need to quickly shift their focus and restore their energy. Here are some of the most powerful one-word affirmations to instantly kick-start your motivation. Why … Read more

121 Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

grounding affirmations | grounding affirmations for anxiety | daily grounding affirmations

When we say someone is “grounded,” it means they have a firm foundation in their life and are not easily swayed or distracted by passing influences. As a result, they are stable and balanced, deeply connected to what really matters, like a tree with deep roots. Becoming more grounded isn’t easy for everyone, and grounding … Read more

118 Affirmations for Preventing Intrusive Thoughts

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Almost everyone has fleeting thoughts that are uncomfortable and unwelcome. However, these thoughts are prominent, prolonged, and upsetting in some people. When these uncharacteristic thoughts last for a long time and are a cause of distress, they are called “intrusive thoughts.” As many as 6 million people in the US suffer from intrusive thoughts, and … Read more

31 Words of Encouragement to Comfort Someone with Depression

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Chances are, someone you know personally in your family, on your job, in your neighborhood, in church, or civic organization is suffering from depression.  It may even be you that is depressed.  Love and support from those closest to you or close to a depressed person you know can be the lifeline needed to bring … Read more

96 Parenting Affirmations for Tough Moments with Your Kids

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Every family has tough times that challenge your personal resilience and your skills as a parent. Dealing with these challenges calmly and positively can be incredibly difficult, so these positive parenting affirmations will help you deal with demanding times in the family. Why Parenting Affirmations are Important for Tough Moments with Your Kids No matter … Read more