57 Starting Over Quotes to Help You Move On

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Moving on. Two small words. Three short syllables. And a whirlwind of raw emotions that quickly gather speed, bringing panic and upset across your whole life. And this is perfectly normal. No one likes having to start over. But no matter how hard you try to bury your head in the sand, the most positive … Read more

73 Stoic Quotes to Help You Understand Stoicism

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Stoicism is considered one of the most potent and practical philosophies ever developed. It’s an indisputable fact that we will all encounter hardships at some point in our lives. In many ways, difficulty and challenge are what enable us to grow – so instead of seeking to avoid hardship, what if we trained ourselves to … Read more

51 Excuses Quotes to Start Getting Things Done in Life

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I’ll do it tomorrow. How many times do we put things off – only to end up never getting it done? Excuses can put your life on hold if you’re not careful. So in today’s piece, we’ve put together a bunch of excuse quotes to charge up your motivation and help get things moving. Why … Read more

75 Positive Quotes to Lift Up Yourself or Other People

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Life is undoubtedly full of ups and downs. One minute you’re on cloud nine, blissfully happy with the world around you… And the next, wondering what’s the point as you stare into your morning cup of coffee. Why does life have to be so difficult? Why does every road have to be bumpy? And why … Read more

67 Hypocrite Quotes to Deal with Imposters in Your Life

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Hypocrites can be very frustrating to deal with. While nobody is perfect, a hypocrite may be the kind of person to claim that they are. If you seem to be encountering lots of people that claim to be one thing but then act in a completely different manner, then these hypocrite quotes are for you. … Read more

115 Thank You Quotes to Show Gratitude & Appreciation

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A little thank you goes a long way. In this post, we’re going to be delving into all things thankfulness, because its impact can’t be underestimated. The power of gratitude can change lives so quickly, it’s considered one of the most potent life-enhancing forces in nearly every single spiritual or religious tradition. Seriously, you can … Read more

100 Fake People Quotes to Deal with Two-Faced Individuals

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Dealing with fake people is one of the ever-present challenges of life. Two-faced individuals can cause you great harm if you’re not prepared for them, so in this article, we’ll be giving you some handy hints and a big batch of fake people quotes to help you out. If you feel like you’re surrounded by … Read more

67 Selfish People Quotes to Deal with Egocentric Jerks

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Whilst we all need to put ourselves first from time to time, there’s a fine line between a little self-care and just being plain selfish. But for some people, that line may as well not exist. It’s all about them because their problems are bigger than yours. Their highs are higher than yours. And their … Read more

13 Best Daily Positive Affirmations Apps for 2022

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Are you looking for a way to start your day right? Or perhaps you are feeling down and need some words of encouragement to lift you up? If so, you have landed on the right page. These daily positive affirmation apps are what you need. Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself to change the … Read more