70 Making Progress Quotes to Help You Succeed

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Do you feel like you’re not making progress in spite of your efforts? Then today’s post is for you. It’s easy to feel like you’ve hit a dreaded plateau, whether that’s in a fitness regime, in improving your business, or in getting closer to a goal that you’ve set. It’s rare for someone to hit … Read more

101 Zen Quotes on Life, Love, and Death

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What does it mean to be Zen? How do you get into a Zen state of mind? Zen has its roots in Mahayana Buddhism, a school that teaches Taoist philosophy and Chinese spiritual practice. It emphasizes the human’s capability to train self-control, awareness, and meditation. Strictly translated into plain English, it means “meditative state of … Read more

79 Mindfulness Quotes for a More Mindful Life

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What did you do yesterday? Were you constantly rushing from one task to the next? Maybe at work, or cramming in the weekly shop and overdue house chores? And what about last week? It’s probably a blur by now. A distant memory of scrambling to get everything done. With little to no time for you. … Read more

67 Stress and Tired Quotes When You’re Feeling Exhausted

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Feeling a little bit (or a lot) like you’re about to fall from exhaustion? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and in today’s post, we’ll be giving you some quotes to help slow you down and take a breather – because it’s very important to rest properly. To be stressed out, burnt out, and ready … Read more

73 Inspirational You Are Amazing Quotes for 2023

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Whether you’ve completed a hike for charity, proved your worth for promotion, or simply got up every day when life felt like a fight, you are amazing! You go that extra mile, to great lengths, and continue to exceed expectations. Not everyone has your grit and determination. But you inspire those around you, to keep … Read more

89 Warrior Quotes to Help You Fight Through Life

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We all have a warrior within us just waiting to be unleashed. In today’s post, we’ve got some warrior quotes to stoke the furnace within you. No matter what challenges you face or what battles there are to fight, there is strength to face it. Though sometimes, we have to dig deep to find this … Read more

75 Childhood Trauma Quotes to Get Past Your Trauma

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For many people, their childhood memories are filled with visits to Grandparents, letters to Santa, and their favorite toys. They can probably describe the smell of Mom’s baking. And pinpoint when the snow fell heavy, blanketing the streets like a magical wonderland. But for others, the darkness of childhood trauma overshadows these beautiful memories. And … Read more

57 People Pleaser Quotes: Stop Trying to Make People Happy

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Trying to keep everyone happy while maintaining your sanity can be a difficult line to balance. People pleasers can get a bad rep but it often comes from a good place, so, if you’ve ever been told that you bend over backwards to accommodate your family, coworkers, and friends and you’re wondering if that’s a … Read more

79 Co-Parenting Quotes & Sayings to Cope in 2023

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There are few greater commitments in life than having children. Even with a loving partner by your side, the journey from a continuously crying baby to a stamping toddler and inevitably, hormonal teenager, is tough! But when that relationship falls apart and you’re left trying to wade through a stormy separation, the weight of parenthood … Read more