7 Sigma Male Tests to Test Your Personality in 2023

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Do you know what a sigma male is? Most of us know about “alpha males” and “beta males”—the Internet is full of descriptions of these  categories. But did you know that there are other classifications as well, like sigma and omega? Sigma males are lone wolves. They are usually described as the more relaxed version … Read more

Wisdom VS Intelligence: 7 Key Differences

wisdom vs intelligence | intelligence and wisdom difference | wisdom vs intelligence examples

Why would anyone want to know the difference between wisdom vs intelligence? Is one better than the other? Wisdom and intelligence are two highly desirable traits and are equally important for navigating through life successfully. However, the two concepts are often confused as one and the same. Sometimes they are misunderstood as mutually exclusive when they are in … Read more

How to Stop Being a Narcissist: The 9-Step Plan

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Have you looked in the mirror recently and found yourself feeling ashamed of the way you have been treating the people closest to you? Perhaps you’ve realized that your love is conditional and that you like to pull strings to make things happen the way you want?  If this sounds like you, then the thought … Read more

7 Signs You Have Intuitive Empath Traits & Characteristics

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Have you ever intuitively felt someone else’s emotions? Maybe you were in a good mood and then, all of a sudden, you are feeling angry or sad for no reason. Or, you might be going through a tough time and see someone who is also struggling… feeling their pain as if it were your own. … Read more

15 Best Movies About Gaslighting You Should Watch Today

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Did you know that the word “gaslight” was first used way back in the 1940s? Indeed, gaslighting has been around for a long time. The word has become more popular recently due to the internet, but people were gaslighting each other long before the world wide web was inveted. In this article, we share with … Read more

17 Common Beta Male Traits and Characteristics

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Has someone called you a beta male and you’re looking to learn about their traits? If so, or you’re trying to determine whether someone in your life fits the criteria, and then stick around for some interesting details. A socio-sexual hierarchy or ranking system was made up to rank men based on characteristics such as dominance … Read more

13 Narcissist Traits, Characteristics, & Warning Signs

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Narcissists have chameleon-like personalities that allow them to go undetectable until their ‘mask’ slips. The proverbial mask represents the false self which is used to hide their true selves and (sometimes) their diabolical intentions. Add their charming personality and tendency to love bomb their ‘targets’ to the equation… and it becomes far more challenging to identify them … Read more

Gaslighting Friends: Signs, Examples, and How to Respond

gaslighting friends | gaslighting toxic friend | examples of gaslighting

The term ‘gaslighting’ continues to grow in popularity as people call out toxic behavior. It’s important to stand up against someone who treats you unfairly… and friends are no exception. Friends are supposed to respect and support you. So, if you feel like a friend is mistreating you, we are here to help you identify … Read more

5 Types of Gaslighting You Might Encounter (with Examples)

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Did you know that there are actually five primary types of gaslighting? If you’ve ever been gaslighted, you probably agree with me about how confusing and painful it can be. You feel like a shell of yourself after you’ve been “torched”.  It’s awful and nobody should have to put up with being treated this way. … Read more

13 Abrasive Personality Signs, Traits and Examples

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We’ve all met at least one person that we feel an urgent need to get away from every time we come into contact with them. Often, the feeling you have when you are with them is that you are being bombarded with porcupine quills from all directions. You definitely feel like your thoughts go unheard … Read more