15 Subtle Ways to Manipulate a Manipulator

how to manipulate a manipulator | manipulation examples | manipulate

Manipulation is where someone messes with your mind to control your actions. Those who manipulate others often end up creating toxic relationships. They also wind up hurting those close to them. It doesn’t matter whether they intended to or not. In this post, we’ll focus on those who willfully manipulate and how to manipulate a manipulator to … Read more

19 Possible Reasons You Like Being Alone So Much

why do i like being alone | why do i like being alone in my room | why do i like being alone in the dark

Ever wonder to yourself, “Why do I like being alone so much?”  When social and mainstream media show happy people… they’re usually with other people, not alone. Although I’m content by myself, there are times when I don’t want to be alone. This ambivalence and the contrast between my life and media images sent me searching for answers, which … Read more

11 Annoying Comments That Most Introverts HATE

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In a world that embraces individuality yet inclusiveness, we are often encouraged to accept everyone just as they are. However, when it comes to being an introvert, I believe they make others uncomfortable.  As a result, extroverts attempt to change them into a different version of themselves. It is a version that champions a mindset of … Read more