19 Weird Things That Narcissists Do to Manipulate People

weird things narcissists do | things narcissists say in an argument | unusual signs of narcissism

Have you ever found yourself dealing with someone who appeared to be extremely selfish? Or difficult? I wager we’ve all been there. As we go through life, we will likely find ourselves having to deal with people who seem to possess extreme levels of arrogance, manipulation… possibly even destructive behavior. And these people may be … Read more

17 Lack of Empathy Warning Signs You Should Look For in People

lack of empathy signs | lack of empathy examples | lack of empathy test

Have you ever shared a trauma in your life only to have the person you are confiding in monopolize the conversation by telling you about a bigger trauma they suffered (usually five years ago)? There’s no greater insult to add to your injury when someone you mistakenly trusted shows lack of empathy signs and makes … Read more

81 Positive Words of Affirmations for Kids

Words of affirmation for kids | Positive Affirmations for kids | Positive affirmations for students

Building your children up with positive affirmations is a great way to show them you care.  Think about it. Don’t you enjoy when you hear something positive, especially when it’s about or for you and it builds your confidence? Your kids enjoy this as well, and this is why you should always do your best … Read more

31 Famous Fictional Characters with INFP Personality

fictional characters infp | fictional characters infp female | anime fictional characters infp

I’m sure you’ll agree that fictional characters’ personalities can seem fascinating. One of my favorite characters is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Actor Johnny Depp portrays the character beautifully and stays true to his personality type.  When I see the way fictional characters display their given personality traits throughout their lifespan on the … Read more

Humbleness VS Humility: 5 Basic Differences

humbleness vs humility | humbleness vs humility meaning | is humbleness a correct word

When you’re on a quest for personal growth, you’ll want to make sure to take the ideals of humbleness vs humility into consideration. Both of these qualities are similar and encompass selflessness and modesty, which are admirable in any human being. I’m sure you’ll agree that if you think about character development, both humility and humbleness … Read more