200 Fun Who is Most Likely To Questions for ALL Occasions

most likely to questions | who is most likely to questions | who is most likely to questions for couples

Getting to know people can be challenging. However, using fun questions to learn more about each other, tease, and generally have a great time is an excellent way to make friends, form bonds, and discover yourself.  Using “most likely to questions” as a conversation starter, bawdy game, and an excuse for some relaxation is an … Read more

Emotional Blackmail: Definition, Examples & How to Stop It

emotional blackmail | emotional blackmail definition | how to stop emotional blackmail

Discovering you are a victim of emotional blackmail stirs up mixed emotions. More so, if someone you care about is using this form of psychological manipulation to control you. Emotional blackmailing typically occurs in close relationships, especially between romantic partners. It could take place in other types of close relationships, such as within the family or friendships. … Read more

60 Positive Affirmations for Those Moments of Self Doubt

affirmations for self doubt | affirmations for self love and confidence | mantras for self doubt

Every day can seem like there are new things to learn, numerous facts to remember, and many jobs to get done. While we usually thrive when faced with such challenging situations, hardly anyone is immune to questioning their capabilities under pressure. Uncertainty can overcome and paralyze you unless you take steps to help yourself. Using … Read more

What is a Platonic Relationship? (and How to Make it Work)

platonic relationship | why platonic relationships dont work | platonic relationship with boyfriend

Friendship with a member of the opposite sex can be something great to have. In fact, psychologists call it the “jackpot of friendship.” There’s the freedom to discover things about another male or female, without the obligations of a romantic relationship. With that said, you’re either in a platonic relationship or you’re not. There’s no … Read more

51 Bible Verses About Rest and Recovery

bible verses about rest | the importance of rest in the bible | rest for the weary scripture

The daily routine of working, along with managing and troubleshooting life, can be overwhelming at times. In fact, it often makes it hard to quiet your mind.  I know that’s the case for me. In a world where success is measured by how much you have, it’s easy to feel guilty or lazy if you’re not constantly … Read more