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Sarah Kristenson is a part time writer for HappierHuman

45 Healing Affirmations for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Want a simple way to reduce your negative thinking? One strategy you can use is to recite a few healing affirmations. Now, you may be asking yourself, “what are healing affirmations?” Well, healing affirmations provide a method for releasing negative energy to move forward in a more positive direction.  Neuroscience has proven that reciting affirmations […]

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25 Ideas for What to Say to Someone at a Funeral

Funerals are an important social event, but they can be difficult for people to navigate.  Since most of us fortunately don’t get much practice attending them, it leaves many people feeling anxious and struggling to think of things to talk about.  Striking the balance between providing emotional support for other mourners without being overbearing or […]

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