How to Get Over Trust Issues in a Relationship: A Simple Guide

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Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of happy and healthy relationships. Trust creates a sense of comfort that you share with your significant other and gives you the confidence to envision a future together. Even though there’s no telling what the future holds, trust helps you find reasons to believe that what you two … Read more

71 Powerful Quotes About Being Part of a Community

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Did you know that helping others can lead to a happier, healthier you? It’s true! When you lend someone a helping hand, you feel a lot better about yourself. It feels so rewarding because you know that you have contributed something very important to mankind. Additionally, giving and helping allows you to build stronger connections … Read more

45 Being Ignored Quotes for When Someone is Ignoring You

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Finding the right words to say, especially when emotions are high, can be tough. But realizing that those words are being ignored by the person they were intended for cuts far deeper. You wish they would acknowledge you, understand you, or even argue the point with you. Anything but ignoring you would be better. Their … Read more

17 Simple Ways to Be Happy Without Friends

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Can we all agree it’s a bit “challenging” to be human right now? There is so much differencing of opinions these days, ranging from politics to the validity of vaccines. Yet, as we debate truth, trends and who to trust… there is still one viewpoint we can all agree upon. The belief that every decision … Read more