15 Signs & Characteristics of an Emotionally Unavailable Man

emotionally unavailable men | emotionally unavailable men characteristics | emotionally unavailable men pattern

It has happened to almost every woman: You are dating this new gorgeous, funny, attentive guy and the relationship is going great. But after a few weeks with the guy, you’re finding yourself in the middle of Sex and the City episode, in the role of Carrie looking all confused with Big’s behavior. Sounds familiar? … Read more

87 Broken Trust Quotes for When People Hurt You

broken trust quotes | betrayed broken trust quotes | broken trust captions for instagram

Having your trust broken is never a fun experience. When someone hurts you in this way, it tends to manifest a whole range of negative emotions. Trust is a fragile thing, and it can make us stop and question everything once it’s been broken. Whenever you go through any experience like this, it’s important to … Read more

201 Compliments and Positive Things to Say to Someone

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Compliments are magical words that make us feel good about ourselves and motivate us to put extra effort into our work. Saying nice things to others is a great way to inspire them and make them believe that whatever they’re doing is making a difference.  For example, when you are dining out with your family, … Read more

6 Steps to Stop Worrying About Your Relationship

how to stop worrying about relationships | what is relationship anxiety | when you stop caring in a relationship

​You probably agree that we all want worry-free relationships, where we don’t have to be anxious about what’s really going on in our partners’ minds. Unfortunately, it does not matter if you and your partner have just celebrated your 50th anniversary or if you’re on your first date—anxious thoughts about your relationship will certainly appear … Read more

20 Ways to Get Over Someone You Love & Move On

get over someone | how to get over someone you love | how to get over someone you like

​When the love fades away and you lose that person you thought was “the one,” how do you get over that person and move on with your life? Letting go and moving on is the worst part of a relationship cycle. It can make you feel a lot of negative emotions—sadness, loneliness, depression, and a … Read more

31 Things to Say When Someone Says Sorry for Your Loss

what to say when someone says sorry for your loss | what to reply when someone says sorry to hear that | how to reply for death message

One of the most challenging times we will ever go through in our lives are the days following the loss of a loved one.  How close you were to the deceased, their age, unfinished business between you, and how the departure of life all came about can make their departure difficult to accept.  No one … Read more

Pet Peeves List: 77 Common Things That Annoy People

pet peeves list | pet peeves meaning | pet peeves list for relationships

Let’s be honest; we all have a pet peeves list that drives us crazy about the behavior of others.  Some of our closest friends and family members may be the offenders, who constantly do things that get on our nerves.  Unfortunately, many of them know it and still do those things to get under our … Read more

13 Early Warning Signs of an Insecure Woman

signs of an insecure woman | dangers of dating an insecure woman | can guys sense when a girl is insecure

Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough or doubted your abilities? If the answer is “yes”, you know what it’s like to feel insecure. I’m sure you’ll agree, when someone feels insecure, it not only affects them… but can negatively impact the lives of those around them. Knowing the signs of an insecure … Read more

41 Best Friend Memes to Celebrate Friendship in 2023

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Best friends are forever. We all have best friends. Some may say that they are friends with everyone and that there is no one specific person they can call a “best friend,” but we believe that everyone has a favorite buddy—a BFF! In this post, we share 41 memes about friends that you can send … Read more