7 Warning Signs You’re Experiencing Introvert Burnout or Exhaustion

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Whether you’re an introvert, extravert, or somewhere in between, the way you go about your daily activities depends on a finite amount of mental and physical energy.  However, when it comes to spending and recharging their batteries, introverts and extroverts function quite differently.  Take social interactions, for example. While extroverts thrive around other people, introverts … Read more

9 Introvert Blogs to Understand Your Personality in 2023

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What does being an introvert truly mean? Or maybe a better question is, how does one understand and embrace his introverted personality? Being an introvert does not necessarily mean you hate people. Sometimes, it just means you prefer peace and solitude over noise and socializing—and there is nothing wrong with that! But if you ever … Read more

Shy VS Introverted: 9 Differences Between These Personality Types

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I bet you never thought you’d be combing the internet for an explanation about shy vs introvert, have you? I lean more toward the introverted side on the introvert-extrovert scale. I’m also shy, but only in certain rare situations. That might indicate shyness isn’t an embedded or primary personality trait–just a sign of an introvert. In short, … Read more