11 Annoying Comments That Most Introverts HATE

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In a world that embraces individuality yet inclusiveness, we are often encouraged to accept everyone just as they are. However, when it comes to being an introvert, I believe they make others uncomfortable.  As a result, extroverts attempt to change them into a different version of themselves. It is a version that champions a mindset of … Read more

15 Quick Ways to Make an Introvert Miss You

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Congratulations! You’ve done something remarkable – you’ve managed to get an introvert to enter a relationship with you. Let’s face it, most introverts aren’t eager to jump feet-first into relationships. It’s not their natural habitat, unless they have connected with another introvert, who manages to tick their relationship boxes.  But, as it inevitably happens, you’ve … Read more

15 Signs of an Unhealthy INFJ Personality Type

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No person in this world is perfect, and while INFJ personality types are pretty amazing, they are not exempt.  INFJs are like a purple unicorn… a rare personality who is deep, creative, logical, compassionate, and idealistic; but their environment and inability to grow as a person can compound their weaknesses, turning them into an unhealthy … Read more

9 Best Paying Jobs & Careers for an INFP [2023 Update]

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If you’re an INFP personality type (i.e. someone who has the introversion, intuition, feeling and perception qualities), then you might struggle to think of a career that allows you to show just how compassionate and creative you are. Your chosen career should also be one that doesn’t drain your introverted nature. Keep in mind that … Read more

INFJ Door Slam: A Complete Guide to Understanding It

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No one likes being on the receiving end of the INFJ door slam. INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judgment) is one of Myer and Briggs’s 16 Personality Types. Individuals with this personality type are known for suddenly cutting others off without explanation. Loved ones are often left confused and hurt by the INFJ’s habit of kicking them out of their … Read more