15 Best Movies About Gaslighting You Should Watch Today

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Did you know that the word “gaslight” was first used way back in the 1940s? Indeed, gaslighting has been around for a long time. The word has become more popular recently due to the internet, but people were gaslighting each other long before the world wide web was inveted. In this article, we share with … Read more

21 Best Movies about Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation

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There are times when you’d rather be alone for a while and detach yourself from the world. You know that it isn’t easy to be lonely and isolated, but you still feel the need to be alone for a while. As it turns out, it’s possible to get that alone feeling without completely alienating yourself. … Read more

21 Best Movies About Dealing with Grief and Loss

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Grief is a natural reaction to loss, but it can be quite painful. So, how do you deal with it? Undergoing the various stages of grief is normal, especially if you shared a special connection with the person you lost. In this article, we share with you the 21 best movies about dealing with grief … Read more

17 Best Movies About Dealing with Specific Phobias

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Do you have a phobia? Maybe you’re afraid of heights? Spiders? Enclosed or crowded spaces? Phobias can seem irrational and absurd to some people. Some might even think you are being dramatic and overreacting. But the truth is, phobias are normal and quite common. It is important to understand that phobias can be overwhelming and … Read more

25 Movies with Autistic or Asperger’s Syndrome Characters

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Do you know someone who has Asperger’s syndrome or who is on the autism spectrum? If so, then this list might be able to help you understand them better. We have gathered 25 of the best movies about Asperger’s and autism. Some are from the autistic person’s point of view, while others are from the … Read more

21 Honest Movies About the Dangers of Drug Addiction

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Substance abuse can destroy your life. The possession, use, and sale of drugs can be both dangerous and illegal. In spite of this, many people still become addicted to them. In this article, we provide you with a list of movies that can help you understand the dangers of drug use and addiction. These 21 … Read more

15 Best Movies About Recovery from an Addiction

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Looking for movies for people recovering from substance abuse and addiction? Recovering from substance abuse or addiction is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort. It is also a test of willpower and determination. There are times when you will feel like the rehab is not working at all—when … Read more

39 Movies about Friendship and Being with Great People

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Looking for some great movies about friendship to watch with your mates this weekend? There are a ton of friendship-themed films you can enjoy together. The challenge is finding the best ones! Fortunately, we have gathered the 39 best movies about friendship that can bring you and your best buds closer together. Let’s check them … Read more

11 Best Movies About Reincarnation & Coming Back to Life

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Do you believe in life after death? Is reincarnation something you think about often? Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul into a new form or body after death. It doesn’t have to be human-to-human or animal-to-animal. Sometimes, humans can get reincarnated into an animal, a spirit, or a being that is far superior. There … Read more

21 Best Movies About Anxiety to Watch in 2023

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Mental health is no joke. It can affect you in more ways than you could ever imagine. It can turn your life upside down if not addressed. But did you know that many mental illnesses start from anxiety? Indeed, there are a number of mental diseases that have their roots in worries and fears. Anxiety … Read more