23 Famous Fictional Characters with ISTP Personality

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Some of our favorite and most memorable fictional characters from TV sitcoms, cartoons, and the big screen share the ISTP personality type.    We identify with these characters because of their levelheadedness and calmness in times of crisis.  We can even relate to their risk-taking nature and thrill-seeking tendencies. They are often nonjudgmental and tolerant of others.  … Read more

Sociopaths VS Narcissists: 9 Important Differences to Understand

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When he said, “Don’t forget I know where you live,” I knew I was dealing with someone who is sociopathic and not an average narcissist. You won’t believe why he threatened to show up at my home. For a Keurig coffee machine! He was pissed off because I was unable to return it immediately. I threatened to … Read more

21 Famous Fictional Characters with INTJ Personality

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From superheroes to villains, a character who is deeply intelligent, brooding, introverted, and mysterious without a doubt has an INTJ personality type. The thinkers, planners, strategists, and architects of society (both real and mythical) are the rarest of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personalities.  Here are 21 of the most famous of the fictional characters INTJ. … Read more