11 Signs That Someone is a Self-Entitled Person

self entitled | self entitled synonyms | self entitled person

We have all met people who act as if the world revolves around them.  You know, they are those people who do not seem to understand the meaning of boundaries or take others’ needs or considerations into account before making demands.  Additionally, self-entitled people get bent out of shape for the inconvenience of an accident … Read more

9 Important Things Introverts Do Better Than Extroverts

Things Introverts Do Better Than Extroverts

Unless you personally know and have a good connection with an introverted soul, you may believe that they’re antisocial, standoffish, and even rude. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst an introvert’s overwhelming shyness might make them more difficult to get to know, it’s nothing more than a door that you must work … Read more

23 Fascinating Introvert Facts & Statistics to Learn in 2023

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When most of us hear the word “introvert”, our minds automatically shift to thoughts of someone who is antisocial or shy… perhaps even rude. Yet, after years of research and writing on this topic, I’ve come to the realization that these are misconceptions. While introverts do like their space, it is not because they don’t … Read more

19 Worst Jobs for Introverts to Avoid at All Costs

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Do you consider yourself to be an introvert? If so, there are certain jobs and careers that will only bring you misery. In this article, I’ll provide my list of the absolute worst jobs for introverts to avoid.  And when you’re done reading this little gem, be sure to check out my previous article on … Read more

13 Early Warning Signs of an Insecure Woman

signs of an insecure woman | dangers of dating an insecure woman | can guys sense when a girl is insecure

Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough or doubted your abilities? If the answer is “yes”, you know what it’s like to feel insecure. I’m sure you’ll agree, when someone feels insecure, it not only affects them… but can negatively impact the lives of those around them. Knowing the signs of an insecure … Read more

Are Narcissists Insecure? 11 Reasons They Are

are narcissists insecure | are narcissists happy | are narcissists selfish

If you’re reading this, you might wonder why someone who seems super confident on the outside could be insecure on the inside. Well, that’s a question many people have regarding narcissists. I mean, are narcissists insecure? It’s hard to think of them as such since they often give off the impression that they’re self-assured and … Read more

7 Intuitive Empath Tests to Understand Yourself Better

intuitive empath test | most accurate empath test | intuitive empath symptoms

Are you an intuitive empath? Intuitive empaths are people who are physically and emotionally aware of the feelings of those around them—highly sensitive, as they say. It’s almost as if they experience the same emotions and sensations that other people are feeling. In this post, we have gathered seven intuitive empath tests to help you … Read more

15 Signs & Characteristics That You’re an Omega Male

omega male | gamma male | omega male vs sigma male

There are a few Greek letters society most commonly uses when describing one’s level of manhood… Alpha, Beta, and Omega. For the most part, an Alpha is considered the leader of a group, while Betas are subordinate followers. But what about the Omega male? When you hear “Omega Man”, you may think of the post-apocalyptic … Read more

15 Female Narcissist Traits, Characteristics, and Warning Signs

narcissist traits female | 7 signs of a female narcissist | traits of a narcissist woman in a relationship

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality dysfunction identified by a pattern of disruptive behavior. However, the first image that comes to mind when most people hear the term “narcissist” is a manipulative, pathological lying, borderline sociopathic male. Little do they know, narcissism does not discriminate. Female narcissists exist and chances are you’ve encountered at least one. She could … Read more