19 Signs You (or Someone Else) Has a Bubbly Personality

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At the local store where I frequently shop there is a lady who is as bubbly as a fresh bottle of coke. She simply sparkles, chatting to every customer like they are her best friends, and bringing a smile to all the faces around her. She can definitely be described as having a bubbly personality. 

I often wonder just what makes her so happy, and why is it that I never see her down in the dumps, like most of us in life. I even asked her jokingly if it’s something she has for breakfast that makes her so exuberant in life, but she just smiles and shakes her head. 

Until one morning, when the store was quiet, she happened to drop that she had been through two divorces and lost a child. Bang! Her bubbles seemed to pop in that instant, but then she sighed and then donned her bubbly personality like armor again. 

While she had all the classic signs of being a bubbly personality, she also had her own shadows that she kept chained with each little smile and every shiny bubble. But just what makes someone a bubbly person

What Is a Bubbly Personality?

According to the Collins Dictionary, a bubbly personality is someone who is cheerful and full of life, and they talk to everyone around them, smiling, and frequently laughing. Bubbly people are known to find joy in everything, facing challenges with a smile and thriving in company along the way. 

A bubbly person tends to love being the center of attention, and people naturally gravitate to them because they are considered bringers of light. Bubbly people aren’t considered capable of being Debbie Downers. 

The loudest laughter in a room is always coming from the bubbly person, and they tend to speak with a loud voice, claiming everyone’s notice and attention. 

Benefits of Being a Bubbly Person

Since those with a bubbly personality tend to have a happy and positive life outlook, it’s a great way to live. But the benefits don’t stop there. Bubbly people benefit personally, because they are:

  • Able to easily make friends
  • Always invited to parties
  • Well-liked by all
  • Never blue (or so it seems)
  • High energy and always up for a challenge
  • Comfortable in large groups, thrive on interaction

On a professional level, bubbly people:

  • Make great employees
  • Maintain a positive workplace atmosphere
  • Excel at customer relations
  • Thrive in challenging environments
  • Tend to be hardworking and easy to interact with
  • Make excellent mentors 

Why it’s great to be around a Bubbly Person

With all these benefits to being a bubbly person, I wondered what it was like to be near a bubbly person all day. If you work with a bubbly person, you will:

  • Be surrounded by a positive and contagious attitude
  • Feel pressured to also be positive and happy (they will help you)
  • Have someone who will be supportive, even when you are having a down day
  • Find you worry less as they don’t encourage or cause worrying behavior
  • Feel like you have a friend, even if you just met them

When you’re Not a Bubbly Person

Of course, there are opposite sides to every coin, and I wondered just what it was like when you aren’t a bubbly person. The flipside of a bubbly personality is having a depressive or bleak personality. It’s when your bubbles have popped (or never formed), and you are one of those people who has a problem for every solution

Let’s face it, you’re a downer. 

The opposite personality to a bubbly one is someone who will find a reason to be blue, and if there’s no reason to be down, they will make one. We all probably know at least one such person. They seem to thrive on drama, whereas a bubbly person works to limit drama and reduce its effects on others. 

Where a bubbly person will thrive on joy and share it widely, if you’re a downer, you are subdued and very reserved. You don’t do well in customer relations, and you definitely won’t make employee of the month (mostly because you try to have people not even know you exist). 

bubbly personality meaning | bubbly personality examples | bubbly personality synonyms
Bubbly people literally seem to bubble with friendliness, no matter the situation or how they may be feeling.

Downers are deep thinkers, but they are also over-thinkers, and they take worry to the extreme, often suffering from anxiety and nervous tension. A bubbly personality always finds a bubble to cling onto to drag them to the top… but YOU have your feet set in concrete, and you just accept you will sink to the bottom. In fact, you expect it

Of course, in psychology, every personality concept operates on a scale system, and there’s no either-or-(and nothing in between). You may not quite be a bubbly person, but that doesn’t mean you’re a fully downer person either.

Chances are, you operate somewhere in the middle, and that’s fine too. Most often, you slide on the scale, being bubbly one day, and more reserved the next.  

Down Sides of Being a “Downer”

Being a complete “downer” has several disadvantages, and you should watch out for:

  • Always dropping the energy of conversations and interactions
  • People avoiding you because you are always negative or withdrawn
  • Not getting the promotion at work because you don’t bring a positive spirit of “can do” to projects
  • Struggling to interact socially because of people avoiding you or always saying the wrong thing
  • Friendships not lasting because you point out errors instead of celebrating life with people

19 Signs You or Someone Else Has a Bubbly Personality 

You probably know what it means to be a “Debbie Downer,” but what signs are there that you have a bubbly personality, and if you’re not quite a bubble of joy, how can you adopt these signs as your own techniques to cultivate a bubbly personality

Well, you’re in luck, I’ve got all the best signs right here and a breakdown of how to integrate these into your life so you can also become a bubbly person instead of sticking with downer trends that you may have cultivated.

1. Friendliness Is Your Way

Bubbly people always have a smile ready to brighten any situation and for anybody to enjoy. You will find that bubbly people literally seem to bubble with friendliness, no matter the situation or how they may be feeling.

How to Become Friendlier:

If you’re not exactly a shining ray of joy all the time, you can certainly improve your bubbliness by practicing a smile. Practice a carefree smile in the mirror, helping to program your mind to use this as your default setting.  

2. Find the Humor in Life

Laughing aloud is a characteristic of bubbly people. Where most of us feel self-conscious when we laugh in public, a bubbly personality person will laugh loudly and without reservation in public. They feel real joy and mirth, and they’re not afraid to express it.  

How to Laugh More:

Laughter is a skill that few people master. Mostly, we are encouraged to embrace the serious and business-like side of life. Try seeing the funny in life. Give yourself the time to see the wonder of things around you and slow life down so you can stop and laugh. 

Subscribe to some funny channels on social media and make it your habit to browse these for a good giggle at least three times a day. 

3. Enjoy the Novelty of New People

When you are a bubbly person, you love meeting new people and learning all about them. You are good at socializing, and your friendly and open nature draws people to you.

Some people call this your x-factor, and it’s like a super power, allowing you to connect instantly with anyone. 

How to Like Meeting New People:

Meeting new people can be intimidating, but to build up your bubbly, extroverted side, you can focus on the learning process, letting each person you meet become a wealth of information and entertainment.  

4. Become the Center of Attention 

If you are introverted, you probably cringe at the thought of actually wanting to be the center of attention, and while bubbly people usually end up as the life of the party and the point that others revolve around, they don’t always do so intentionally.

Bubbly people are open enough that their energy draws people to them.

How to Be More Open: 

To have people naturally seek to spend time with you requires that you are open and have a positive “drawing” energy. Using the simple principle of reciprocity, you can get people to gravitate to you. 

Asking about their day, showing concern and empathy, and sharing a happy story or tidbit can help them feel more comfortable opening up to you. The shared energy will cause people to like you and want to spend time with you. 

5. Focus on the Good in People

A bubbly person will see the good in people. Instead of being critical or negative, they will tell you a good thing about anyone they meet, whether it’s just that someone has a great smile or that they have a fabulous job.

Bubbly personalities aren’t energy vampires—they give energy instead of taking it.

How to Improve Your Focus:

It’s so easy to focus on the negative in life. Why not choose to focus on the positive in people and situations. Seeing people as fundamentally good beings will also change your energy toward them, as you will care more and want better for people.  

6. Always Loyal to Close Friends

Having a friend badmouth you is terrible, but that’s not something you need ever worry about with a bubbly personality friend.

Bubbly people display real loyalty to those who are close to them. Instead of telling you about their friends’ flaws, they will highlight how amazing a friend is.

bubbly personality characteristics | bubbly personality synonyms | bubbly personality meaning
Bubbly people are like little children in that when they hear something, they become instantly excited and passionate.

Being loyal to people is an endearing quality, and it will instantly give people trust in you. 

How to Be More Loyal:

Being loyal is something that’s not just a decision, but it’s also self-awareness, so you can catch yourself before you do something that’s disloyal. The old adage of “think before you speak” comes into play, and when you take three seconds to ask yourself “is this loyal” before you speak or act, it will help you remain loyal to people

7. Laugh at Yourself

In a world where people tend to take themselves very seriously, being able to laugh at yourself is a greatly appreciated skill. Practice seeing the funny in your flops, and choose to laugh rather than cry.

Know that whatever happens right now, it won’t matter in a hundred years, so why get upset?

How to Learn to Laugh at Yourself:

The brain is hard-wired into the setting of getting angry over perceived flaws or flops you make. Instead, you need to change the way you think about these things. Recondition yourself to see life like a cartoon or a character sketch. 

Let yourself pause before reacting to a situation, and ask yourself if this is as serious as you think, and how would your “Charlie Chaplin”-self handle it? With your life repainted in glorious cinematic colors, let yourself laugh more often.

8. Quick to Become Excited

Bubbly people are like little children in that when they hear something, they become instantly excited and passionate. There’s a raw innocence in their emotions, and when you share something with them, they instantly become excited about the idea or event.

This unadulterated passion is powerful and is part of the magic of being a bubbly personality person. 

How to Unleash Excitement:

Somewhere in life, we become dulled. Rekindle your enthusiasm for life with adventure and a childlike innocence. Play children’s games, letting yourself revel in the simple pleasures of seeing something for the first time, achieving a small victory, or going to a new place. 

Stimulate your senses again, letting that wonder spread to the rest of your life.

9. Don’t Care What Others Think

Our own inhibitions are often what hold us back from being truly bubbly and authentically joyful. However, a bubbly personality expresses itself as being so comfortable in your own skin that you don’t care what others think.

In fact, the notion of “what will people say?” doesn’t even occur to you. This creates spontaneity and genuine happiness, which is one of the sexiest combinations to have.

How to Not Care About Outside Opinions:

We often believe that other people think something about us, but the reality is that people don’t always think of us—and why would they? People have their own lives to live, so let go of the irrational fear that you are being thought ill of. 

Most people don’t think of you at all, so stop being paranoid. Live without fear, embracing who you are and not caring what “they” may think—what matters is what you think and feel. Become unbothered with other people and focus on you.

10. Bubbly People Don’t Filter Themselves

You wouldn’t filter spring water, right? So why filter originality? At least, that’s possibly the reasoning behind a bubbly person’s no-filter personality. Of course, not filtering yourself can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not truly likable. 

A bubbly person may let something slip that would have landed you in hot water, but because they genuinely don’t mean any harm and don’t come across as being rude, people tend to laugh off the “unfiltered person” that may have dropped a rather dubious line. 

How to Let Your Filter Down Sometimes:

At times, it is a good idea to drop your filter and just say what’s on your mind. However, you should take care about the when and where and with who of doing so. If your “raw” self isn’t authentic, people will believe you are rude. The first time you want to drop your filter, you should do so with people you feel comfortable with.

11. Kindness and Generosity 

A bubbly person is always kind and filled with generosity. If you have a plan, they will support you to the hilt. 

How to be more generous and kind:

Foster kindness and generosity by volunteering at shelters and in community initiatives. When you learn to give, you will cultivate a generous spirit and your bubbliness will increase.

12. Embrace Their Inner Child

A bubbly person is naturally someone who likes to frolic, and they will be very in touch with their inner child, which is where magic and playfulness comes from.

bubbly personality in spanish | bubbly personality test | fake bubbly personality
A bubbly person is always kind and filled with generosity.

Teasing and flirting in good faith are all in a bubbly person’s arsenal, and they use these with wild abandon

How to Be More Playful:

Discover your inner child by giving yourself permission to be frivolous and playful. Go on a shopping day to a kids store or toy store and let yourself marvel at everything your heart desires.  

13. Naturally Empathic

While bubbly people may seem to be all fizzy, they are naturally empathic too, and they can tell when you’re having an off day. It’s just in them to care and try to lift your spirits. Like little gardeners, they water the “plants” that need some love and joy. 

How to Be More Empathic:

Make it your habit to ask, “Which person needs some love?” when you go about your day. When you see someone who is down, take the time to cheer them up, even if that person is you. 

14. You Enjoy Helping Others Smile

You have a bubbly personality if you enjoy making others smile and laugh. Being naturally friendly, you are likely to feel drawn to make others happy and smile. When an opportunity approaches to help others see the lighter side of life, you grab it with both hands. 

Whenever the situation is serious and threatens to bring everyone down, you’re always the one to crack a joke or mention something funny to lessen the tension. It’s your default setting to always enter each situation with a light energy that is contagious to others, which helps them smile and feel friendly. 

How to Find the Smile in Others:

When you’re feeling down, it can be a challenge to find your own smile, much less the joy in others. However, by focusing inward and shining your own smile, you begin to radiate joy. You should also become aware of the people around you so you can tell which ones need cheering most and who is most likely to smile because of you. 

15. Thrive in a Social Setting

Someone has a bubbly personality when they are instantly happy when surrounded by people. Bubbles like to rise when they’re surrounded by other bubbly people. It’s enormous fun watching a group of people with bubbly and fun natures come together. 

If you feel excited at the prospect of being around other people and meeting new people, you are likely to have a happy nature overall. 

Of course, this can be a challenge for introverts, who, while they may be bubbly and fun, can also struggle with being surrounded by too many people. But given time, even an introverted bubbly person will relax (as they get to know the new people), and soon, they thrive too.  

How to Enjoy Socializing More:

If you are scared by social settings and meeting new people, you can overcome this by focusing on the people you do know at a party or social event. Having a wing-person to help you feel less insecure can easily unlock your bubbly self. 

When meeting new people for work, you can also find out about the people you are going to meet. Read up on them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and their social feeds (but don’t stalk them). Get a general feel for them, which will guide your conversation and giggles.

16. People Instantly Like You

We naturally connect with people who are happy and positive. Bubbly people tend to be well liked as they’re not the negative type, and they don’t drop the energy level of any group they are in, which makes them popular with everyone. 

Instead of being a typical people-pleaser (or brown-noser), a bubbly person has a firm grasp on what and who they like or don’t like, but they are so adept at socializing and being authentically friendly that everyone likes them. 

You’ll often find that a bubbly person has that x-factor that draws people to them. 

How to Be More Likable:

Since a bubbly person is so likable, you can cultivate friendliness and control your emotions so people feel safe with you. By being approachable and always open to talk with people, you motivate them to accept you more. 

Ensure you know the names of colleagues and find out something about the people you work with, which means you can speak to them on a personal level, bestowing trust and safety on you. 

17. Anger Doesn’t Feature

Bubbles that get angry pop. So, if you are a truly bubbly person, you need to keep a firm leash on your emotions. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and rage aren’t great if you are bubbly. 

You see the best in people, and you always want to experience higher energy levels that lead to more bubbles on your happiness meter. So keep those negative emotions in check. 

How to Cut Back Anger:

Help your bubbles shine by being aware of your emotional state. If you wake up feeling angry or depressed, engage in self-care by writing about the problem, take care of yourself with some TLC, and mindfully guard against expressing negative emotions. 

You can have happy bubbles and a tiger inside you, but just keep the tiger leashed

18. You’re a Positive Pam

You know you’re a bubbly personality type when others describe you as a positive Pam or positive Pete. When you are generally happy and have a joyful personality, you tend to avoid seeing negative things, and when you feel negative, you quickly let it go.

Positivity is what keeps your joy simmering in your heart at a nice mellow temperature. By choosing to focus on the positive in life and not let the negative weigh you down, you can experience happiness daily, which makes you a much nicer person to be around. 

How to Develop a Positive Outlook:

Become more positive by using a simple self-reflection question to help you mindfully choose your daily actions. When you experience something, ask yourself whether it’s positive or negative. If it’s positive, bask in the experience. 

But if it’s negative, ask yourself how you can reframe it to be more positive. You can choose how you see the world, and this changes how the world sees you

19. The X-Factor Laugh

Have you ever heard a really good deep-bellied laugh? There’s a reason we love listening to babies laugh – they laugh from their bellies without any reservations or inhibitions. As adults, we lose that ability, unless we remain as innocently happy as babies. This is exactly what a bubbly person does – they laugh from deep inside, like a baby with pure joy. 

When you laugh without inhibition, you have a bubbly cheer, which makes you a pleasure to be around.  

How to Laugh Better:

There are some therapy classes that use laughter to release tension. Take an opportunity to really be conscious the next time you laugh. Do you laugh without worrying about what people think of you? What’s holding you back? 

Practice laughing without concern, letting any hang-ups you may have developed fall away. Put on a good comedy and laugh from your soul, letting all worry fade away. 

Final Thoughts on a Bubbly Personality

A bubbly personality is one of the better personalities to cultivate… and those around you will appreciate the joy and freshness you bring wherever you go. The best part is that it’s not something we’re born with, but rather a skill that you can develop on your own over time.

You just have to make the decision to go for it! Bubbliness comes from within, so you can absolutely develop your inner joy and bubble up into your authentic bubbly personality self. And surrounding yourself with bubbly people, even when you’re feeling blue, they’ll help pick yourself back up! 

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