21 Printable Turkey Coloring Pages Perfect for Thanksgiving

turkey coloring pages | coloring pages | thanksgiving

Looking for turkey coloring pages that can help you relax and unwind this Thanksgiving season? Turkey coloring pages are more than just a festive nod to Thanksgiving’s favorite bird. They offer a creative outlet for individuals of all ages to de-stress during the bustling holiday season. As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, turkey coloring pages … Read more

Grateful vs Thankful: What is the Difference?

grateful vs thankful | grateful vs thankful bible | are you thankful or are you grateful

Are you like me in the sense that you’ve wondered what the difference is between being grateful and thankful? The two words are often used interchangeably when people express their gratitude. However, although they’re considered synonyms for showing your appreciation for something or someone, there is a difference between these two words. Today, we’ll explore … Read more

55 Funny Thanksgiving Memes for Turkey Day 2023

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Have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving would look like in the meme era? Thanksgiving is a time to gather, reflect, and share gratitude with those we hold dear. But amidst the heartfelt moments, there’s always room for a side dish of laughter to make the holiday even better and brighter. This year, we’ve compiled an … Read more

27 Printable Free Gratitude Journal Templates & Worksheets

gratitude journal template | daily gratitude journal | example of gratitude journal

Ready to elevate your mindset and be more thankful for the blessings in your life? There’s a simple yet profoundly effective way to cultivate a happier, more balanced life: keeping a gratitude journal. Gratitude journal templates and worksheets offer a structured format for you to jot down daily or weekly reflections about the good things … Read more

7 Benefits of Practicing Humility Throughout Your Life

benefits humility | benefits of humility | what is humility

It’s no mistake that some of the most life-changing and trailblazing individuals in modern history were people of humility.  Mother Theresa, Reverend Billy Graham, and Nelson Mandela are a few great names that come to mind.   Though humility opened the door for their notoriety, these people used their influence and resources to benefit others.  Humble … Read more

75 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids to Be More Thankful

gratitude journal prompts for kids | gratitude journal prompts | daily gratitude journal prompts

Whether you are a parent looking to foster a greater sense of gratitude in your children, or and educator looking to teach gratitude in the classroom…  there are tons of gratitude journal prompts for kids that can help get those appreciative juices flowing. Having something that is meaningful to write about, rather than standard prompts, … Read more