7 Steps to Get Over Your Embarrassment

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Have you ever been so embarrassed that you wanted to hide? Do you cringe inwardly when you think about something embarrassing that you said or did? Learning how to get over embarrassment can help you continue working to be the best version of yourself. We’ve all been there. Lucky for me, I’ve figured out ways … Read more

29 Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Templates and Ideas

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Are you having more good days than bad days? If you want to make sure, it is probably time you consider adding a mood tracker to your journal. Bullet journaling is pretty popular. In fact, you are probably reading this page because you are a bullet journalist yourself. This type of journaling provides a more … Read more

25 Best Songs About Growing Up & Coming of Age

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We all go through transitions in life. We all grow old, and in doing so learn a variety of lessons about life and our purpose. These lessons are what help us develop into the people we are destined to become. Some of these lessons are difficult and painful, while others are happy. Regardless, they are … Read more

15 Self Esteem Activities for Kindergarteners

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How often have you heard someone talk about someone they know having low self-esteem? This is often said about people in abusive situations, people suffering from addictions, and those who are victims of bullying. Low self-esteem has been mentioned as an indicator of people not having the courage to follow their dreams or even enjoying … Read more

Why Am I So Insecure? 7 Common Causes of Insecurity

why am i so insecure | why am i so insecure in my relationship | why am i so insecure about my looks

Let me guess, you find yourself often asking the question, “Why can I not do anything right?”  Maybe you don’t like what you see in the mirror and feel others aren’t impressed either. Or perhaps you’re a perfectionist?  I know how it feels to have low self-esteem and live daily with insecurities. There are several … Read more

Why Can’t I Do Anything Right? 13 Things You CAN Do

why cant i do anything right | why can't i do anything right | why can't i do anything right in my relationship

I had a habit of beating myself up for even the smallest mistake. I would get angry and ask myself “What’s wrong with me. Why cant I do anything right?” There was a lingering sense of incompetence that made me feel terrible about myself. Do you frequently ask yourself the same questions or judge yourself … Read more

15 Limiting Beliefs Examples That Hold You Back in Life

limiting beliefs examples | top 10 self limiting beliefs | limiting and empowering beliefs examples

I really wanted to enter our local pie bake off competition because everyone always drools over my cherry pie. But, at the last minute, I decided not to enter.  I won’t win in any case, so what’s the point? Similar thoughts kept running through my mind, preventing me from taking a chance. Has this happened to … Read more

How to Practice the Ho’oponopono Technique in 4 Simple Steps

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Forgiveness is a big deal for those who believe in its power to provide spiritual freedom and healing. While not everyone subscribes to the principles of forgiveness or believes in it at all, Hawaiians swear by one version of forgiveness known as Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is a widely used family healing practice within the Hawaiian culture. … Read more

27 Bible Verses About Valuing Your Self-Worth

bible verses about self worth | bible verses about value and worth | bible verses for low self esteem

Sometimes we take ourselves for granted. We lose confidence because of unavoidable circumstances like not achieving what we want or failing to succeed in something we have worked hard for. In the process, we lose our self-worth and self-esteem, and sometimes even our self-respect. Sometimes we feel like we are bound for failure It doesn’t … Read more