15 Celebrities and Famous People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

celebrities with bpd | bpd | borderline personality disorder

Having a mental health condition is still very much a taboo, even though many celebrities and famous personalities have braved public scrutiny to share stories of their personal struggles.  It’s sad and dangerous when your own mind turns against you and you knowingly or unknowingly do risky things that are harmful for yourself and others … Read more

9 Common Dysfunctional Family Roles and Characteristics

dysfunctional family roles | dysfunction of family | dysfunctional

Every person plays a role in their family, whether it’s healthy or dysfunctional. In a typical immediate family, there are the usual roles of mother, father, child, and sibling, and when you zoom out, there are the grandparent, aunt, uncle, and cousin roles.   But your family dynamics go way deeper than that. If your family … Read more