11 Revealing Signs You’re an Extroverted Introvert

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I have a dear friend named Gemma, and over the years, I have gotten to know her pretty well (or at least I’d like to think so). Some days she is enthusiastic, driven, and lives life to the fullest. On other days she doesn’t answer texts and cancels our planned coffee dates. Sometimes I worry … Read more

12 Best Career Paths for INTJ Personality Types in 2023

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​Do you have an INTJ personality type, and are you looking for a job that will bring you happiness and satisfaction? Working at a job that matches your personality is a rewarding experience. You maximize your strengths, and get a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment throughout the workday. However, if your chosen career does not … Read more

Sigma Male VS Omega Male: 11 Core Differences

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Sigma and Omega are two male types appearing on the socio-sexual hierarchy, a category system created by Theodore Robert Beale, more popularly known as Vox Day. The system of six archetypes ranks men from top to bottom based on their masculinity and personality traits and behavior. Some include dominance, leadership abilities, and male prowess. The other four male types are Alpha, … Read more

11 Signs That Someone is a Self-Entitled Person

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We have all met people who act as if the world revolves around them.  You know, they are those people who do not seem to understand the meaning of boundaries or take others’ needs or considerations into account before making demands.  Additionally, self-entitled people get bent out of shape for the inconvenience of an accident … Read more

11 Introvert Hangover Signs & How to Fix It

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The weekend has arrived and the possibilities are endless for social activities. While I am looking forward to spending time with friends, I’m not looking forward to that tired, drained feeling afterwards. It feels like a hangover. If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone. We are having a hangover – an introvert hangover. In … Read more

19 Worst Jobs for Introverts to Avoid at All Costs

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Do you consider yourself to be an introvert? If so, there are certain jobs and careers that will only bring you misery. In this article, I’ll provide my list of the absolute worst jobs for introverts to avoid.  And when you’re done reading this little gem, be sure to check out my previous article on … Read more

15 Signs & Characteristics That You’re an Omega Male

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There are a few Greek letters society most commonly uses when describing one’s level of manhood… Alpha, Beta, and Omega. For the most part, an Alpha is considered the leader of a group, while Betas are subordinate followers. But what about the Omega male? When you hear “Omega Man”, you may think of the post-apocalyptic … Read more

15 Common Stoic Personality Traits & Characteristics

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One of the things I hated about working in an office was dealing with drama. You know the type – people who erupt into arguments at the slightest provocation, leaving everyone else exhausted and drained. Or the ones that will say and do anything to try and get a reaction out of you. I remember … Read more

Intuitive Empath: Definition, Signs, and How to Use This Gift

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Have you ever met someone who can read you like an open book without sharing too much about yourself? Someone who picks up on your emotional vibe just by being around you for a couple of seconds. Someone who can immediately tell that you’re going through a rough patch just by hearing your voice at … Read more

7 Sigma Male Tests to Test Your Personality in 2023

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Do you know what a sigma male is? Most of us know about “alpha males” and “beta males”—the Internet is full of descriptions of these  categories. But did you know that there are other classifications as well, like sigma and omega? Sigma males are lone wolves. They are usually described as the more relaxed version … Read more