73 Inspirational You Are Amazing Quotes for 2023

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Whether you’ve completed a hike for charity, proved your worth for promotion, or simply got up every day when life felt like a fight, you are amazing! You go that extra mile, to great lengths, and continue to exceed expectations. Not everyone has your grit and determination. But you inspire those around you, to keep … Read more

75 Childhood Trauma Quotes to Get Past Your Trauma

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For many people, their childhood memories are filled with visits to Grandparents, letters to Santa, and their favorite toys. They can probably describe the smell of Mom’s baking. And pinpoint when the snow fell heavy, blanketing the streets like a magical wonderland. But for others, the darkness of childhood trauma overshadows these beautiful memories. And … Read more

79 Co-Parenting Quotes & Sayings to Cope in 2023

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There are few greater commitments in life than having children. Even with a loving partner by your side, the journey from a continuously crying baby to a stamping toddler and inevitably, hormonal teenager, is tough! But when that relationship falls apart and you’re left trying to wade through a stormy separation, the weight of parenthood … Read more

35 Viktor Frankl Quotes on Challenges, Suffering & Finding Purpose

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Most of us, at some point, have sat questioning the meaning of life. It often happens at the most inconvenient of times, such as in the middle of the night. And consequently, leaves us restless and unable to sleep. Why are we born? What is our purpose in life? And do penguins have knees? (which … Read more

53 Kindness Quotes for Kids About Helping Others

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As parents and carers, we spend a lot of time trying to instill good habits into our kids. Gentle reminders to say please and thank you, to not interrupt, and to keep their elbows off the table at dinner are important life skills. These small people rely entirely on our say-so, on our knowledge of … Read more

57 Starting Over Quotes to Help You Move On

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Moving on. Two small words. Three short syllables. And a whirlwind of raw emotions that quickly gather speed, bringing panic and upset across your whole life. And this is perfectly normal. No one likes having to start over. But no matter how hard you try to bury your head in the sand, the most positive … Read more

75 Positive Quotes to Lift Up Yourself or Other People

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Life is undoubtedly full of ups and downs. One minute you’re on cloud nine, blissfully happy with the world around you… And the next, wondering what’s the point as you stare into your morning cup of coffee. Why does life have to be so difficult? Why does every road have to be bumpy? And why … Read more

67 Selfish People Quotes to Deal with Egocentric Jerks

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Whilst we all need to put ourselves first from time to time, there’s a fine line between a little self-care and just being plain selfish. But for some people, that line may as well not exist. It’s all about them because their problems are bigger than yours. Their highs are higher than yours. And their … Read more