59 Journaling Prompts for Anxiety Help in 2024

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Are you unsure of what to write in your journal to ease those feelings of anxiety? If so, then you can use the following 59 journaling prompts for anxiety to free your mind from troubled thoughts. Many people live in a perpetual state of anxiety. One anxious thought often leads to another, and then another, … Read more

11 Soothing Mantras to Help You Deal with Anxiety

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In the fast-paced world we live in, anxiety has become an all-too-familiar companion and can be overwhelming. It creeps in during moments of uncertainty, crowds our minds with worrisome thoughts, and leaves us searching for a lifeline to pull us back to tranquility. In these challenging times, if you’ve experienced anxiety, you may be overlooking one of … Read more

15 Warning Signs of an Adult with Abandonment Issues

signs of abandonment issues | signs of abandonment issues in adults | what are abandonment issues

Have you lost a loved one due to an unexpected separation or death… and felt like you never got past their leaving? Do you experience feelings of insecurity, jealousy, rage, anxiety or obsessive thoughts when you are in a close friendship or intimate relationship? Maybe you sabotage relationships so they fall apart? Or you’re too controlling? … Read more