17 Lack of Empathy Warning Signs You Should Look For in People

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Have you ever shared a trauma in your life only to have the person you are confiding in monopolize the conversation by telling you about a bigger trauma they suffered (usually five years ago)? There’s no greater insult to add to your injury when someone you mistakenly trusted shows lack of empathy signs and makes … Read more

15 Warnings Signs You Have a Toxic Girlfriend

toxic girlfriend | toxic girlfriend signs | toxic girlfriend symptoms

Choosing the right partner gives you a better chance of building a respectful, loving, trusting, and uplifting relationship. You aren’t going to enjoy those positive things with a toxic girlfriend who keeps overwhelming you with her nasty attitude. Of course, she doesn’t show up with a sign that reads “I Identify as a toxic.” She’s not going to tell … Read more

How to Get Over Trust Issues in a Relationship: A Simple Guide

how to get over trust issues | signs of a woman with trust issues | how to get over trust issues reddit

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of happy and healthy relationships. Trust creates a sense of comfort that you share with your significant other and gives you the confidence to envision a future together. Even though there’s no telling what the future holds, trust helps you find reasons to believe that what you two … Read more