95 Short Self-Confidence Quotes to Believe in Yourself

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Looking for some words of encouragement to motivate and inspire you? Or are you seeking a confidence boost to help you achieve your goal? You’ve come to the right place. Read on as we provide you with 95 inspiring quotes that can increase your confidence and add meaning to your life. Confidence gives you the … Read more

11 Self-Confidence Boosting Activities for Students

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Your child attends school and participates in extracurricular activities. On the surface, things seem normal. But lately, you’ve noticed they’re shying away from challenging situations. Or staying to themselves. And, as a parent (or educator), you can’t help but think they’re struggling with low confidence. So how can you give them a boost? There are … Read more

9 Signs You’re Socially Inept & How to Stop Being This Way

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When the waiter brings your meal and says “Enjoy,” do you reply with a “You too?” (Even though they aren’t sitting down at your table to share your food.) Or what about when your coworker says they are stepping out to visit the restroom? Do you say something like “Can I come with you?” (Because … Read more

45 Being Ignored Quotes for When Someone is Ignoring You

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Finding the right words to say, especially when emotions are high, can be tough. But realizing that those words are being ignored by the person they were intended for cuts far deeper. You wish they would acknowledge you, understand you, or even argue the point with you. Anything but ignoring you would be better. Their … Read more

17 Simple Ways to Be Happy Without Friends

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Can we all agree it’s a bit “challenging” to be human right now? There is so much differencing of opinions these days, ranging from politics to the validity of vaccines. Yet, as we debate truth, trends and who to trust… there is still one viewpoint we can all agree upon. The belief that every decision … Read more

Fake Your Happiness on Social Media? Here’s Why NOT

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True happiness is a critical aspect of our well-being, according to the National Library of Medicine. But what is true happiness? And would we recognize in ourselves and others? As a society, we have developed the habit of judging a book by its cover… of taking things at face value and believing only what we … Read more

60 Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

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How many times have you felt insecure about yourself? A lac k of confidence often can’t be seen from the outside, but it can create a mental burden that is hard to carry. To lift this weight off your shoulders and become more confident, you must deal with what’s on your mind and learn how … Read more