51 Feeling Not Good Enough Quotes for 2023

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As children, we feared the monsters living in our wardrobes. We begged our parents not to turn the lights out. And no matter what, we never looked under the bed, just in case one was hiding under there. Fast forward a few years and we learn to rationalize the things that went bump in the … Read more

73 Overcoming Insecurities Quotes for a Confident 2023

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Insecurities are part and parcel of life. They often rear their ugly heads at the most inappropriate of times. And can range from a minor niggle in the back of your mind right through to a tsunami of emotions that leave you struggling to breathe. Though not physically apparent, the impact from the thoughts that … Read more

53 Envy Quotes To Stop Worrying About Other People

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Seeing the latest lotto winners broadcast their good fortune across the TV leaves us all feeling a tad envious. That’s human nature. Whilst they’re off choosing a new sports car, you’re putting off taking yours to the garage for the umpteenth time. And as they’re booking a luxury getaway, you’re wrestling deck chairs alongside the … Read more

118 Get to Know You Questions for Kids in 2023

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Aren’t kids so interesting? They have so much personality… and have so much to learn about the world. They can also be both simple and complex. They have no filters, which often makes them say exactly what they are thinking and feeling. Yet, they can also be shy… closed off and secretive at times. Grown-ups can … Read more

15 Habits to Increase Your Self-Confidence

In this post, we'll define self-confidence and the key reasons why we need it to become successful humans and look at specific habits self-confident people embrace.

Today, we’re going to chat about self-confidence. Self-confident people behave in social settings in ways that attract others. They’ve mastered the skill of using failures and accomplishments as tools to build their self-confidence. Don’t we all want that? Sure we do! We all want to feel more self-confident because research shows that self-confident people are more … Read more

13 Ways to Not Care About What People Think

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“I don’t care what people think!” You’ve likely said that time and time again, yet you still care. Why? I’ve included different factors that could help answer the question, along with 13 powerful tips on how to not care what people think, for real. You’ll come to appreciate the tips after discovering the dangers caring too … Read more

11 Steps to Be Emotionally Independent from Others

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Humans are emotional creatures, therefore some situations or circumstances in life may bring out the worst in us. As social creatures, we are interconnected with one another. Our emotions can affect not just ourselves, but also the people around us. Take dating for example. I have been on the receiving end of someone who became … Read more

11 Masculine Energy Traits to Show Powerful Confidence

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When you hear about masculinity in the media today, it often focuses on “toxic masculinity“. This type of masculinity seems to be the idea that for men to be masculine, they have to be tough, unemotional, and overly dominant. While toxic masculinity is a concern, true normal masculine energy is very enticing to women. It’s … Read more

55 “You Got This” Memes to Help You Not Worry

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Are you a worrier? Do you worry a lot about things you can and cannot control? Do you feel like you are about to do something wrong even if you haven’t tried it yet? Perhaps you suffer through a phase of anxiousness and your morale goes down. Your mood shifts to negative emotions and you … Read more

11 Ways to Stop Being Insecure & Build Self-Esteem

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My 8-year-old came home from school the other day and asked me about a big word her teacher had used in class. She said the teacher told them to take pride and develop a sense of self-esteem, as well as learn how to stop being insecure.  Now, self-esteem isn’t a fruit, but I felt like … Read more