8 Printable Negative Self-Talk Worksheets for 2023

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Negative self-talk is one of the most difficult habits to avoid. More often than not, we find ourselves thinking or saying things we do not mean to, allowing our inner demons to come out and play. In moments like this, how do you deal with those voices? How do you shift your thoughts and feelings … Read more

11 Ways to Respond to Stonewalling in Your Relationship

stonewalling | how to respond to stonewalling | the emotional effects of stonewalling

Do you ever get the silent treatment in your marriage or romantic relationship? You know the other person is angry. You can see the anger or even outright hostility. But he or she simply won’t tell you what’s wrong, or even how to solve this issue. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve experienced a negative … Read more

15 Weird Things That Narcissists Do to Manipulate People

weird things narcissists do | things narcissists say in an argument | unusual signs of narcissism

Have you ever found yourself dealing with someone who appeared to be extremely selfish? Or difficult? I wager we’ve all been there. As we go through life, we will likely find ourselves having to deal with people who seem to possess extreme levels of arrogance, manipulation… possibly even destructive behavior. And these people may be … Read more

161 Inspirational Words of Encouragement to Motivate You or a Friend

Do you often feel discouraged or overwhelmed by life? Like how everything seems to go wrong and you need words of encouragement to get by? When we were young, we have been taught that life is fun and should be lived to the fullest – one that must be filled with happiness. But as we … Read more

57 Starting Over Quotes to Help You Move On

starting over quotes | starting over quotes for instagram | starting over quotes relationships

Moving on. Two small words. Three short syllables. And a whirlwind of raw emotions that quickly gather speed, bringing panic and upset across your whole life. And this is perfectly normal. No one likes having to start over. But no matter how hard you try to bury your head in the sand, the most positive … Read more

105 Know Your Worth Quotes to Increase Self-Value

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Knowing your own value is critical to success. Often, what we think about ourselves determines what we get from a given portion of life. If you believe yourself to be unworthy of something then more often than not you will prove yourself to be correct. We’ve put together 105 know-your-worth quotes to help you build … Read more