75 Boundaries Quotes About Setting Limits in Your Relationships

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If you’re a ‘Yes’ person, it can be difficult to set boundaries. Pleasing other people becomes a priority, and in doing so, you often put your own wants or needs aside. ‘Yes, I’ll work overtime tonight, no problem.” Or “Yes, I can cancel my plans. It wasn’t a big deal anyway”, even though, deep down, … Read more

111 Affirmations to Trust Others (and Yourself)

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Trust is one of the most powerful and important emotions we can have, and it doesn’t just apply to our relationships with others. It is equally essential for people who struggle with self-doubt and insecurity to trust themselves. These positive affirmations for trust will help you build strong relationships with yourself and those around you. … Read more

31 Words of Encouragement for Sobriety & Recovering from Addiction

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Words like sobriety and addiction tend to conjure up extreme images, like people slumped in dark alleys or staggering around yelling and throwing bottles. So it can be surprising for some to realize how common and how diverse addictions are. A survey of all the different ways we can get hooked into destructive living uncovers … Read more

101 Affirmations for People Dealing with PTSD

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Managing PTSD is a challenge for millions of people. PTSD can cause severe stress and anxiety and interfere with everyday work, family life, and social relationships. However, positive affirmations for PTSD can help people deal with their symptoms and improve their happiness and enjoyment in life. Why Affirmations for PTSD are Important Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder … Read more

98 Affirmations for Caregivers to Feel Empowered

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Caregiving is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, even though it is often unpaid. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, and caregivers need extra support and recognition that is often hard to get. Affirmations for caregivers can help recharge and reward this difficult work and make every day happier and more … Read more

119 Affirmations to Find Success When Dealing with ADHD

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ADHD can significantly impact mood, happiness, and mental health, and the true scope of the effects are underestimated and understudied. For adults dealing with ADHD, positive affirmations for ADHD can help to address many of the problems and impacts of this condition. Why Affirmations for ADHD are Important to Find Success ADHD affects an estimated … Read more