135 Anxiety Quotes to Keep You Calm When You Feel Stressed Out

Anxiety Quotes to Help You Cope With Your Worries | Best Stress and Anxiety Quotes | Quotes About Anxiety to Help Cope

In today’s fast-paced world, stress is an ever-present companion for most people. In America alone, around 40 million adults are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression brought on by stress. These have become the most common mental disorders in the country. [1]  Although some types of stress offer some positive benefits, most people experience stress … Read more

23 Bible Verses About Being Part of a Community

Being part of a community gives us a sense of purpose and belonging. It makes us feel connected to the world through the people who share our same values and principles. A community also makes us feel more active and alive. It makes it feel as if the things we do have much more value … Read more

21 Materialism Quotes to Keep You from Wanting More

materialism quotes | quotes about materialistic person | materialism quotes by philosophers

Wanting material things is not necessarily bad. We all yearn for them for our entertainment and satisfaction. We work hard every day so we can afford the things that make us happy. But wanting more than you can afford and need can make things complicated. When our desires become too much to handle, we often … Read more

85 Powerful Words of Encouragement for Students

words of encouragement for students from teachers | wonderful words of encouragement for college students | encouraging words for students during this time

When you know a student is struggling with coursework and staying motivated, will words of encouragement help motivate and inspire them? You bet they will!  In fact, research studies investigating the power of verbal encouragement found that college students receiving encouragement from counselors reported they felt more empowered to earn their degree and make better … Read more

35 Living Simple Quotes for an Uncomplicated Life

living simple quotes | keep life simple quotes | simple life quotes in one line

Have you ever thought about what is making your life so complicated? Several things can make life difficult, and one of them is living lavishly. We end up having to do more because we keep on wanting more. Did you know that one of the keys to happiness is living simply? When you have less … Read more

35 Inspirational Have a Great Day Quotes and Sayings

have a great day quotes | phrases to say have a great day | have a great day messages

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by too many bad days? People often say that we should always start our day with a smile. If you think about it, starting the day with a happy feeling makes the whole day at least bearable, if not downright wonderful! In this post, we share with you a list of … Read more

33 Bible Verses About Dealing with Stress in Your Life

bible verses about stress | bible verse about worry and stress | bible verses about stress and hard times

If you are looking for some Bible verses that can help you deal with life’s struggles, you’ve cove to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of powerful Bible verses about stress and anxiety. You may find some of them familiar, as they are often used during devotionals and prayer services. … Read more

45 Comforting Quotes to Share During Difficult Times

comforting quotes | comforting quotes for a friend who is sad | comforting quotes for her

Unfortunately, experiencing pain and failure is a part of life. We don’t always get to have happy days with perfect weather and endless successes. But sometimes setbacks are what we need to inspire us to reach our goals and triumph in the end. Of course, during these difficult times it is nice to have some … Read more

45 Sad Quotes That Will Get You Through Dark Times

sad quotes | sad quotes about pain | simple sad quotes

Sadness is inevitable—it is one of those things that make us human. Being sad is a natural reaction to anything that causes us pain, disappointment, or suffering. So how do we cope with sadness? How do we make ourselves feel a little less unhappy in times of distress? The answer is to do things that … Read more

27 Minimalist Quotes about Simplifying Your Life

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Curious about the ideals and principles behind minimalism? Minimalists believe that the best way to achieve ultimate happiness is by living a simple life. They find joy and satisfaction in getting rid of unnecessary things to make room to receive more of what they think they truly deserve. But what does it really mean to … Read more