75 Love Messages for Her to Make a Girl Smile

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A single, sincere message can bring a girl immeasurable happiness. If you are looking for some ideas on what to say to your wife or girlfriend, then you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we share with you a list of love messages you can tell her to melt her heart and take … Read more

75 Boy Mom Quotes That Are Funny & Heartfelt

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Having kids is probably the most heart-warming, and yet terrifying thing you will ever do. The pressures of providing, teaching, and keeping your small child safe are beyond overwhelming. And the love you feel is like nothing ever imagined. From the moment he’s born, your heart will undoubtedly beat harder and faster, than you thought … Read more

11 Steps to Deal with an Emotionally Unavailable Man

how to deal with an emotionally unavailable man | what to text an emotionally unavailable man | how to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase you

Dating and falling in love with a guy is an exciting experience. You’re eager to spend all of your free time together while you plan for the future. It’s also an adventure of uncovering each other’s unique traits and the mysteries of your lives. Eventually, you begin to realize you fell for an emotionally unavailable man. … Read more

13 Qualities of a Good Woman You Should Look For

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Many would say that good qualities are relative.  That depends on each person, their values, and what they consider reasonable.  However, there are also those qualities that almost all of us look for in a good person.  When looking for a good woman, there are qualities that we desire from a person so that we … Read more

Should I Propose Before or After Dinner (Our Definitive Answer)

should i propose before or after dinner | who pays for the proposal dinner | what not to do when proposing

So you’re ready to propose and you know you want to do it over dinner. But here’s the question: Should I propose before or after dinner? A marriage proposal is one of the most pivotal events in the lives of both the person proposing and the person who is being proposed to. Without question, your … Read more