15 Kindness Activities for Kids to Practice in 2023

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Parents and educators have to teach kids various skills. Perhaps just as important as math, reading, science and social studies… kids must learn how to be kind. Being kind doesn’t cost you or your child anything, but it can bring a wealth of benefits your way. Plus, kindness is one of those important character traits … Read more

251 Would You Rather Questions for Kids in 2023 [Printable]

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Why are would you rather questions for kids so effective? Well, if you’ve ever tried to help children open up and communicate more, you probably agree with me that it can be a challenge. Kids are focused on the things they enjoy and, more than anything, they love playing and spending time with their friends. … Read more

8 Printable Negative Self-Talk Worksheets for 2023

negative self talk worksheet | negative self-talk worksheet pdf | positive self-talk worksheet for adults

Negative self-talk is one of the most difficult habits to avoid. More often than not, we find ourselves thinking or saying things we do not mean to, allowing our inner demons to come out and play. In moments like this, how do you deal with those voices? How do you shift your thoughts and feelings … Read more

151 Funny This or That Questions to Ask in 2023

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I was part of a corporate leadership program where employees were matched up with mentors at their first meeting. The meeting facilitator introduced a fun game that helped us connect and engage. It was an icebreaker consisting of funny this or that questions. I think you will agree that this idea for an icebreaker was … Read more

365 Gratitude Journal Prompts for a Year of Thankfulness

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When was the last time you felt grateful for the life you live? Gratitude isn’t a craze or fad that’s hit the market to help publishers sell journals.  It’s an honest to goodness way to appreciate the small things so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Today, we’re going to offer you 365 … Read more

107 Positive Affirmations for Success in Life

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re you struggling with your personal success these days?  If so, there’s a good chance that if you take a moment to reflect on your past experiences, you will quickly see how successful you really are. To be more successful, you need to start thinking more successfully. And to do this, you need to think … Read more

115 Positive Affirmations for Men to Supercharge Your Life

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There’s nothing better than the sound of a supercharger on a fast car or motorcycle. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could put a supercharger on your life? You can and it starts with affirmations. Affirmations play an essential role in how you flow from one day to the next. Even on your worst days, … Read more

41 Quick Ways to Cheer Someone Up & Make Them Smile

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Have you ever seen a person in your college class, at your job, church, or community that is always cheerful and smiling?   I’m sure we all have.  However, this type of bubbly personality only represents 1% of us at best.  This is because many of us “fake it till we make it.”  So many people … Read more