7 Benefits of Practicing Humility Throughout Your Life

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It’s no mistake that some of the most life-changing and trailblazing individuals in modern history were people of humility.  Mother Theresa, Reverend Billy Graham, and Nelson Mandela are a few great names that come to mind.   Though humility opened the door for their notoriety, these people used their influence and resources to benefit others.  Humble … Read more

42 Beach Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults to Enjoy in 2023

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Ready for some time on the beach? We know we are! While you wait for that perfect summer getaway, here’s a great way to keep yourself busy and your stoke levels high—beach coloring pages! Coloring actually has a lot of therapeutic benefits. That’s why we suggest starting the healing process with these beach coloring pages … Read more

60 Affirmations for a Calming Peace of Mind

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Our minds are constantly multitasking. We’re always thinking about family, friends, work, chores, money, and other obligations. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety have become entirely normal and are embedded into every aspect of our lives. It’s no wonder so many people feel burned out and exhausted and just crave inner peace. That’s why more people use … Read more