51 Positive Words of Encouragement for Stroke Victims

words of encouragement for stroke victims | motivational quotes for stroke survivor recovery | encouragement for stroke victims

Suffering a stroke can be a frightening experience for anyone. Being confronted with physical changes and long-term health challenges is often distressing for survivors. The person you’re seeking to encourage in this case may be your spouse, family member, friend, or patient. In my case, the individual was a perfect stranger. I hope what I said … Read more

31 Heartfelt Words of Encouragement for After a Fire

words of encouragement after a fire | fire quotes | fire sayings

One of life’s most difficult and tragic times is to suffer a loss due to a fire.  Whether it’s your home or business, having a fire can be life-altering, traumatic, scary, dangerous, and disheartening…among other things. Yet, there is hope after a fire, especially if you can walk away with your life and the lives … Read more

39 Comforting Words of Encouragement After an Accident

words of encouragement after an accident | what to say to a friend after an accident | i am so sorry to hear about your injury

One of the most unsettling experiences in life is those moments after an accident.  One minute, you are enjoying a leisurely drive with the kids and your spouse… and the next, the unthinkable happens.  No matter how an accident happens, it is something unnerving and scary.  One may describe it as “their life flashing before … Read more

43 Words of Encouragement to a Woman Going Through a Miscarriage

miscarriage words of encouragement | miscarriage words of encouragement bible verse | miscarriage words of encouragement for a friend

“What?” What do you mean I’m having a miscarriage?” I asked my gynecologist, frantically. More questions followed. “Are you sure?” “What’s wrong?” “Does the baby have a heartbeat?” I was shocked, confused, in denial, and heartbroken all at once. I finally got pregnant and now I’m losing my baby. I thought I’d forever be broken by the … Read more

35 Words of Encouragement for Someone Going Through IVF

words of encouragement for someone going through ivf | words of encouragement after failed ivf | how to support someone going through ivf

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a complex, rigorous, and expensive procedure. On top of that, the period of going through IVF cycles is often a sensitive and distressing time for women, who’ve already had to deal with the stress of not getting pregnant on their own. For those reasons alone, offering words of encouragement for someone going … Read more

73 Motivational Words of Encouragement for Your Employees

words of encouragement for employees | encouraging words to staff during difficult times | quotes for employees appreciation

As a workplace leader, you have many responsibilities that many don’t consider from the outside looking in. Additionally, your performance is evaluated by external factors… like your ability to manage every situation, motivate others to grow, and cause the business to increase.  To keep the business going, you must keep your employees motivated. And while it … Read more

46 Powerful Words of Encouragement for Your Granddaughter

words of encouragement for granddaughter | to my beautiful granddaughter quotes | words to describe my granddaughter

When you become a grandparent, you’ve reached a special milestone in your life. Forming a bond with your grandchildren is something they will take with them for the rest of their lives. And of course, it’s something that will bring any grandparent joy. Having a granddaughter is especially sweet.  After all, you now have yet … Read more

61 Words of Encouragement to Comfort Someone with Depression

words of encouragement depression | words of encouragement for someone with depression | words of encouragement for someone with depression and anxiety

Chances are, someone you know personally in your family, on your job, in your neighborhood, in church, or civic organization is suffering from depression.  It may even be you that is depressed.  Love and support from those closest to you or close to a depressed person you know can be the lifeline needed to bring … Read more

45 Inspiring Words of Encouragement for Athletes

words of encouragement for athletes | encouraging words for student athletes | short motivational words for athletes

Even though you are blessed and gifted with the ability to run fast, jump high, and exhibit incredible feats of strength… it still does you mind and soul good to receive words of encouragement.  Whether in sports or life, setbacks and defeat are certain.  Those unfortunate circumstances are sure to bring pain and frustration.  And … Read more