Narcissistic Triangulation: Examples & How to Stop It

narcissistic triangulation | triangulation | narcissistic triangulation definition

Narcissism is a personality style where the individual, called a narcissist, is excessively interested in satisfying their own needs while overlooking yours. As a result of a lack of empathy, narcissists tend to form relationships solely to gain control and satisfy those needs. Narcissists employ different types of psychological manipulation tactics to stay in control. Narcissistic triangulation is one of those. By … Read more

7 Steps to Handle Your Toxic Sister-in-Law

toxic sister in law | dramatic sister in law | how to handle a toxic sister in law

We all tend to jokingly say that “in-laws” are so difficult, which can include mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, and sisters-in-law (via your brother and from your husband).  However, nothing prepared me for how toxic my sister-in-law (by marriage) could be. After I confided in her about something personal, she phoned my husband to tell him what a terrible … Read more

10 Signs & Symptoms of High Functioning Depression

signs of high functioning depression | what is high functioning depression | high functioning depression

Often referred to as the leading cause of disability, depression has been on the rise in recent decades. Nobody knows exactly why… Some speculate it’s the result of rapid population growth. In other words, the more people you have in a community, the higher the number of individuals with depression. Others believe that abrupt (economic … Read more

Medical Gaslighting: Definition, Signs, Examples & How to Respond

medical gaslighting | medical gaslighting examples | signs of medical gaslighting

“Medical gaslighting” is something that has been happening for a long time, yet it is only recently that the general public has become more aware of the practice and the adverse impact on their well-being. You and I may have been a victim of this form of psychological manipulation by a healthcare provider and didn’t even know it. This … Read more

Fake Your Happiness on Social Media? Here’s Why NOT

fake happiness on social media | fake happiness on social media quotes | fake life on social media

True happiness is a critical aspect of our well-being, according to the National Library of Medicine. But what is true happiness? And would we recognize in ourselves and others? As a society, we have developed the habit of judging a book by its cover… of taking things at face value and believing only what we … Read more

7 Signs Someone Has Unhealthy Attachment Issues in a Relationship

unhealthy attachment | unhealthy attachment to friend | unhealthy attachment in relationships

One of the universal needs that define human experience is the need for connection. Whether it’s with family, friends, or a significant other, the attachments you forge throughout life play a fundamental role in your sense of happiness and well-being. However, the way you look for and obtain these connections is different, depending on the … Read more