75 “You Got This” Memes to Help You Not Worry

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Are you a worrier?

Do you worry a lot about things you can and cannot control? Do you feel like you are about to do something wrong even if you haven’t tried it yet?

Perhaps you suffer through a phase of anxiousness and your morale goes down. Your mood shifts to negative emotions and you start to give up on your own dreams when you haven’t even started to work toward them.

How do you get rid of this unpleasant feeling?

How do you shift your focus to something more positive so that you can do the things that you want to do and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself?

We’ve got a quick and entertaining solution for you.

In this article, we have compiled 75 “you got this” memes that can help boost your ego and lessen your worries.

Let’s check them out!

Table of Contents

1. Don’t Get Stressed!

via MEME

Anxious and panicky? Don’t stress it, buddy. Keep your calm and believe you can. You know you’ve got it, you just have to believe more in yourself. Just look at this meme, inhale, exhale, and you are good to go. Claim it!

2. Be Like Barney

dont worry you got this meme | stay strong you got this meme | good luck you got this meme

via quickmeme

Have you watched “How I Met Your Mother?” If you haven’t, we recommend you do. This series might just help you release all of your pent-up tension. Patrick Harris plays Barney Stinson, and this performance alone can help you keep calm and awesome.

3. Cutie Alert

good luck you got this meme | girl you got this meme | dont worry you got this meme

via drlauravarnam

Oh, how we love this cute kid meme. You probably have seen him on different sites already, saying different positive things. Whenever you feel like the world is against you, just look at this meme and experience instant positive feelings!

4. Cute Doggo

don't worry you got this meme | you got this meme cat | stay strong you got this meme

via memecrunch

Here is one for all the dog-lovers out there. Let this cute little dog motivate you to keep moving forward. He believes in you, so you should believe in yourself, too. You can do it!

5. Jesus Supports You

encouragement meme for work | you got this meme funny | you got this meme baby

via mememaker

See, even Jesus is supporting you! He knows you have everything to make all your dreams come true. So, who got this? You definitely got this, bru!

6. The Olsen Twins Got Your Back

encouragement meme | encouragement meme funny | encouragement meme religious

via memegenerator

You probably remember this scene from the 1980s American sitcom “Full House.” Was it Mary Kate or Ashley? Either way, the Olsen twins are cheering you on!

7. Morgan Freeman Knows

funny memes about life | you got this meme cute | you got this meme generator

via ultimastatus

Imagine Morgan Freeman telling you, “You got this!” Wouldn’t that be relaxing? His voice is so calm and refreshing, it makes you feel relieved no matter the circumstances. Whenever you feel down, just imagine him telling you that you will get through it.

8. Chill Dude, You Got It

christmas funny meme | you have got this meme | you guys got this meme

via ultimastatus

Sometimes you have to relax and chill before doing what you need to do. This way, you can keep your composure and be ready for whatever comes.

9. Goodluck From This Cat

monday funny meme | you got this meme cat | stay strong you got this meme

via ultimastatus

Here’s Professor Kitty wishing you good luck on whatever it is you have to do. School projects and exams? Presentation at work? You can do it!

10. Ryan Gosling Loves You

funny memes clean | encouragement dog meme | encouragement cat meme

via ultimastatus

Ryan Gosling believes in you. Won’t you believe in yourself, too? Girls love this meme, because they love Ryan Gosling! Use it to motivate yourself every day!

11. Today Is the Day, My Friend!

funny memes pictures | stay strong you got this meme | good luck you got this meme

via ultimastatus

Today is the day that you make a difference. Today is the day that you nail that thing you have been preparing for. Today is the day, and tomorrow will be the day too. Every day will always be “the” day that you can achieve all that you have been praying for.

12. You Want It? Go Get It!

funny happy birthday meme | funny christmas meme | funny face meme

via ultimastatus

If you want something done, you need to go and accomplish it. If you want something to belong to you, you need to go and get it. Nothing happens while waiting. You’ve got to grab every opportunity you can. Strike while the iron is hot!

13. Relax and Meditate

via MEME

Learn from this doggo and calm your mind, body, and soul before doing something. Nothing good comes from rushing things. Take it slow; pray and meditate. When you feel like you’re ready, then go and grab it.

14. Hang in There, Girl!

girl you got this meme | don't worry you got this meme | baby yoda you got this meme

via sayingimages

We don’t always get what we want on our first try, but that is the very reason why second chances were invented. You’ve got to hang in there and wait for the tight time. If something is really for you, then it will come to you no matter what.

15. Cheer Up!

you got this meme friends | stay strong you got this meme | good luck you got this meme

via sayingimages

Even if you fall and fail after a million tries, don’t let that bring you down. Cheer up and smile. No one triumphs without trying.

16. Obama Knows You Can Do It

monday you got this meme | relax you got this meme | hang in there you got this meme

via sayingimages

Barack Obama is a highly respected public figure. Isn’t knowing that he is cheering for you a great motivation? If he says you can do it, then you surely can!

17. Yo Dawg!

hey girl you got this meme | good morning you got this meme | youve got this meme

via sayingimages

No matter what, you can do it as long as you believe in yourself. Don’t make your life too complicated. If other people were able to get through it, then you can as well.

18. Attack the Day!

good morning funny meme | you got this meme generator | you got this meme cute

via thuglifememe

Seize the day. You’ve got to claim it to win it. Before the day attacks you, get ahead of it and seize it. Just like in this meme, pretend you are a shark and attack it.

19. Thumbs Up for You!

baby yoda you got this meme | monday you got this meme | relax you got this meme

via kapwing

Thumbs up to all our homies out there who are about to do great things. We are going to keep supporting you until you slay all your dragons.

20. Fight for the American Dream

youve got this meme | you have got this meme | you guys got this meme

via meme-arsenal

Here is Leonardo DiCaprio cheering for you. This meme is from one of his scenes from “The Great Gatsby.” Just like his character in that story, you’ve got to keep moving forward to achieve the American Dream!

21. Go, Champ!

you got this quotes | you got this meme generator | you got this meme cute

via meme-arsenal

Rocky Balboa telling you to keep fighting for what you believe in is the ultimate motivation. You are the master of your world, the king of your kingdom. You are a champion!

22. These Kids Are Cheering You On

hang in there you got this meme | hey girl you got this meme | good morning you got this meme

via makeameme

We really like this meme and seeing these kids cheer for everyone going through a hard time. Life is full of surprises, so just enjoy it. You will never know where your path will take you.

23. Keep Going, Sweetheart

A lot of people will pull you down and say that you can’t make it. Don’t listen to them. You make your own rules, sweetheart. Just keep going and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

24. Go, Momma!

you got this meme cat | u got that meme song | you got this meme gif

via about-english

Here is a motivational GIF to our mommas out there. You are our heroes. We know it can be quite tough doing household chores while pursuing your career, but you still can manage to take care of yourself and the whole family. You are a superwoman!

25. Cutie Potato

This tiny potato has the guts to believe in you when you can’t even believe in yourself. Don’t sweat it! You gotta believe you can so that you’ll be able to do it. Nothing is impossible.

26. Oh, Ryan Gosling Really Loves You!

Here’s another Ryan Gosling meme flexing all of those fabulous muscles. Try to focus on the message: keep working hard. You never know what is in store for you in the future.

27. Even Stallone’s Rooting for You!

encouragement meme couples retreat | you got this meme gif | encouragement meme for her

via memegenerator

Rambo is tired, but he still has the energy to cheer you on. Maybe that’s how you feel right now—you are tired and distressed with all the things that have been going on with your life, but you need to get your act together and keep moving forward. Rest if you must, but never ever quit.

28. And This Lovely Doggo, Too

Here is a lucky doggy for you to keep. If you feel stressed and anxious, just look at his cute face and remind yourself that worrying does nothing but get you sad and depressed. Go with the flow and let go of the things you can’t control.

29. Give It All You Got

funny monday meme | funny good morning meme | funny friday meme

via wordsporn

Is this wolf scary? We don’t think so. Remember his face whenever you feel like giving up. Follow what he says and give it all you’ve got.

30. You Got This, Babe!

Thumbs up to you and the courage you have to make things work. You’ve got this. Don’t forget the effort you have put in. You’ll be able to accomplish everything you’ve wished and prayed for.

31. Patrick Is Rooting for You

Patrick Star is cheering for you, just like he cheers for his best friend, Spongebob. Your best friend might be doing the same thing and rooting for you. Think of them and make them proud.

32. Draymond Cheers You On

Even Draymond Green is reminding you that you’ve got this. Always motivate yourself (and your friends). Use daily affirmations and words of encouragement. You can only believe in yourself if you keep reminding yourself that you have what it takes to succeed.

33. Encourage Mint Supports You

Oh, how we love this adorable plant in a pot from Encourage Mint. She believes that you can do it, so do the same for yourself.

34. Your FRIENDS Are Rooting for You

Have you watched “FRIENDS?” If not yet, then you should! This series epitomizes friendship. Just as these guys are rooting for you, your friends are also there in the background, cheering you on.

35. Go, Lady Boss!

Everybody has to listen to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They know what it takes to get things done!

36. Dancing Kid Cheering for You

Here is an adorable, lovely kid doing a dance to cheer for you. If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will!

37. Polar Bear Sending You Good Vibes

Here’s another cute, dancing GIF for you. This polar bear wants to send you good vibes and positive energy to help you endure the day. Whether you are struggling or not, you’ve got to keep giving it your best shot.

38. Girls Run the World

We love how motivated this girl is! If you want something, you need to give your best and claim it. No one can do it except you.

39. Rob Schneider Sending You Love

Rob Scheider is as motivational as her is funny. Here is a GIF of him telling you that you can do it, no matter how hard it is.

40. Amber Wagner Believes in You

Internet sensation Amber Wagner told herself, “I can do it!” and she did. You too can achieve your dreams and influence as many people as possible. If you want to see change, then be the change that the world needs.

41. Pikachu Wishing You Luck

Everybody loves Pikachu. He’s just too adorable to resist. In this meme, he wishes you luck in all your endeavors. Whether in life, love, career, family, or whatever else you are pursuing, may you be the very best like no one ever was, just like Pokemon’s song says!

42. Dance With This Sheep With Joy

Laugh your heart out with this hilarious sheep dancing in the middle of the street. At the same time, gather the courage you need to do whatever it takes to succeed.

43. Stay Strong!

Stay strong is another way of saying you got this! Be brave and fearless. Keep standing strong.

You’re one tough cookie and no one can tell you otherwise. You’ve been fighting for everything in your life, and you have struggled hard to get where you are right now. If somebody tells you you’re weak, don’t mind them. They haven’t seen you fight. Prove them wrong.

45. Amy Sosa Knows You Can Do It

America Ferrera knows that if there is one thing you are good at, it is being smart. Whatever you are trying to achieve, she knows you can do it.

46. I’m proud of you!

See, even Dexter and his girls are rooting for you. Say it louder for the people in the back! You got this, and no one can stop you.

47. Darth Vader got your back!

Holy smokes! It’s Darth Vader telling you to believe in yourself. Don’t fret over things that haven’t happened yet. You can do it.

48. This sign speaks the truth.

This is one of the best mantras you can have right now: force things if you need to but learn to let go when you must. The bottom line is to always put your mind to it. If you do, you will eventually find success.

49. For financial freedom, yes!

Breaking bad money habits can be difficult, but believe us, it is possible. Here’s to you and your quest for financial freedom!

50. Even the Care Bears are cheering.

Here’s something cute and sweet from the Care Bears. Surround yourself with positive people so you will also be surrounded with positive energy. Happiness is contagious.

51. This baby knows you can do it.

You are only a few steps away from your dreams. Here are some good vibes from a cute, dancing baby to light up your day.

52. You are a winner.

Always remember that you are worthy, beautiful, and strong. You are a winner, and no one can say otherwise. You have what it takes to be successful in life.

53. Tyler Oakley is cheering for you.

You may not realize it right now, but you definitely have it in you—that spark you see in accomplished people. It lies deep within you, waiting to be unleashed. Find it and release it.

54. Queen B’s motivation!

What’s more fabulous than hearing the queen herself telling you that you’ve got what it takes? You know she’ll always have your back!

55. You are more than what you think you are.

This is what Christopher Robin always tells Pooh, and you should listen to him, too. You are more than what you think you are, and you deserve more than you think (and other people might say) you do.

56. I got you, dude.

Slide this meme to your main squeeze to remind them you’re there for the big wins and the epic fails. It’s like a virtual pat on the back.

57. Super pups to the motivational rescue!

When life gets ruff, just remember you have the doggo Justice League on your side. Batman and Superman in fluff form are all the backup you need to tackle the big stuff.

58. Avenger Approved: You have the Super Squad seal!

The Earth's mightiest heroes called, and they said you’re crushing it! If Cap, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk say you’re awesome, who are we to argue? Keep slaying, champ!

59. Living well is the best comeback.

Flip the script and live your best life. It’s all about outshining the shade with your own light!

60. Slay, Queen!

This pup is rocking the “I woke up like this” look—and owning it. Remember, confidence is your best accessory. Strut your stuff and slay the day, queen!

61. A ghoulishly great applause.

When you absolutely nail it, even the underworld is giving you props. Keep it up, ’cause you’re killin’ it, and Fester’s got your standing ovation on lock!

62. Some duckling self-care check-in.

This little quacker’s coming in hot with the wellness check. Make sure you’re hitting those self-care goals today. If you haven’t, it’s never too late. You got this!

63. Serenity break.

This is a timely reminder from the Twittersphere to hit pause on the doomscroll and vibe to your favorite track. Deep breaths, power tunes—you’re doing more than fine, you’re a total rockstar!

64. The Hedgehog Huddle of Hope

Peep this spiky cheerleader telling you to shake off the stress. If this little hedge-buddy believes in you, who are you to doubt? Spike up your spirits—you got this!

65. Thor’s Thumbs-Up: Asgardian Seal of Approval

When the God of Thunder himself gives you the nod, you know you’re about to smash any challenge coming your way. Channel that Asgardian energy and own the day. Thor’s got your back!

66. Self-Care Reminder: Recharge your batteries.

This is your reminder to treat yourself to a timeout—without the guilt. It’s not just self-care; it’s a self-rescue mission. Power down, reboot, and come back stronger. You deserve it!

67. Wisdom drop from Denzel.

Lay the groundwork today, and in six months, you might just surprise yourself with where you’re at. Keep at the grind, be steady in your self-belief, and watch your world transform.

68. A Shark’s Guide to Self-Care

If your day’s got you feeling like a fish out of water, here’s a little shark-inspired self-care routine to get you back in the swim of things. Remember to treat yourself, whether sipping tea or wrapping up in a hug!

69. Straight talk, pep talk.

Sometimes, the most genuine encouragement comes from the most unexpected moments. Keep working, because someone out there is cheering for you. You’ve got fans!

70. To new adventures!

When you’re handed the keys to the ship, remember to steer with confidence, navigate with care, and, whatever you do, don’t crash. All systems go, champ!

71. Cheers to the amazing you!

Here’s a toast to the artists and the dreamers, finding inspiration between the pages and the pours. With a glass half full and a palette of possibilities, it’s clear—you’ve totally got this.

72. Oh, shades of encouragement.

When you need a hype person, you can count on this queen to step in with all the belief her sunglasses can hold. Rock those vibes, because someone’s got faith in you!

73. It has got to be you, pal.

You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have what it takes. If anyone can pull it off, it has to be you. You are made of steel, man.

74. Don’t disappoint Anna.

Even Anna Kendrick is cheering you on. How can you not believe in yourself?

75. Baby steps, but there you go.

Staring down an overwhelming to-do list quickly saps the spirit. But sometimes, all we need is a motivational mantra to get going. Take small steps. You’ll get there eventually.

Final Thoughts on “You Got This” Memes to Help You Not Worry

Life doesn't always turn out the way we want. Sometimes we win, and other times we lose.

But whatever the circumstances, we genuinely hope that you will keep moving forward. And there is only one way to do that: remind yourself every day that you can do it.

We hope that the “you got this” memes we shared above were able to help relieve your worries and make you smile

Don’t doubt yourself. We’ve got your back. You’ve got this, buddy.

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