103 This or That Questions to Ask a Girl to Know Her Better

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Do you find it difficult talking with girls that you don’t know that well? If so, you are not alone. Many people have problems starting conversations with others, especially the opposite sex. This may be because you are shy or just tongue-tied in a female’s presence, especially if there might be chemistry there. But here’s … Read more

Too Soon to Move in Together? 21 Signs You’re Ready

how soon is too soon to move in | is 9 months too soon to move in together | how soon should you move in with someone

There must have been at least one time in your adult life you were confronted with this question: “How soon is too soon to move in?” If you’re wired for commitment and marriage like I am, then you probably asked the same question a few times. Moving in too fast can be a decision you later regret, … Read more

Love Bombing: 11 Warning Signs & Early Red Flags

love bombing signs | signs of love bombing | love bombing or genuine

Ahhh! That warm, fuzzy feeling of a new relationship. It’s unmistakable. You’re getting showered with so much affection, you feel like you’re on cloud nine. You can hardly wait to enjoy the promises made by your new partner for a bright future. Yet there’s this nagging feeling things seem too good to be true. What can … Read more

Gaslighting in a Relationship: 7 Signs, Examples, and How to Stop It

gaslighting in a relationship | what does gaslighting mean in a relationship | how to deal with gaslighting in a relationship

My first boyfriend and I finally made the leap to move in together. It was great: pizza and cuddles, hanging out together all times of the day, and long talks about what we wanted in life.  Then, it began to change. I had never believed I would experience gaslighting in a relationship.  We argued, but … Read more

11 Ways to Respond to Stonewalling in Your Relationship

stonewalling | how to respond to stonewalling | the emotional effects of stonewalling

Do you ever get the silent treatment in your marriage or romantic relationship? You know the other person is angry. You can see the anger or even outright hostility. But he or she simply won’t tell you what’s wrong, or even how to solve this issue. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve experienced a negative … Read more

Healthy Boundaries in Relationships List: 23 Proven Examples

healthy boundaries in relationships | healthy boundaries in relationships pdf | relationship boundaries list examples

Healthy relationships make life a lot less stressful and so much easier to navigate. We have family members and loved ones to share moments with and be there for each other. Though closely connected, it doesn’t mean they are entitled to invade your space or belittle you. That’s the reason why setting healthy boundaries in relationships … Read more

165 Best Conversation Starters for Couples to Connect [2023 Update]

conversation starters for couples | intimate conversation starters for couples | conversation starters for married couples

Do you want to have deep, meaningful conversations with your partner, but don’t know where to start? They say that being able to talk to your partner is one of the keys to having a successful relationship. Actually, having conversations with anyone builds and strengthens all types of relationships. But now and then we all … Read more

Female Led Relationship: A Definition & How to Build One

female led relationships | female led relationships books | female led relationships podcast

Female led relationships (FLRs) can be just as satisfying as any other type of relationship dynamics, provided the couple agrees to and understands their individual roles. The idea that the woman takes control of most aspects of the relationship isn’t new, but has been gaining popularity of late. If you find being in control of men … Read more

15 Best Card Games for Couples [Fun Night in 2022]

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Looking for the best card games for couples that you and your partner can try during date nights? While a feel-good movie is still an exciting way to bond, there are other things that you and your partner can do to spend time together and strengthen your relationship. And one of those is card games! … Read more