11 Thought Record Examples, Templates, & Worksheets

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Do you ever feel the need to record your thoughts? You may be reading this because you suddenly realized that recording your thoughts is an important practice for mental health. We’ve gathered 11 thought record examples, templates, and worksheets that you can use as inspiration for your thought record entries. Some of them are printables, … Read more

7 Sigma Male Tests to Test Your Personality in 2024

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Do you know what a sigma male is? Most of us know about “alpha males” and “beta males”—the Internet is full of descriptions of these  categories. But did you know that there are other classifications as well, like sigma and omega? Sigma males are lone wolves. They are usually described as the more relaxed version … Read more

165 Anxiety Quotes to Keep You Calm When Feeling Stressed

Anxiety Quotes to Help You Cope With Your Worries | Best Stress and Anxiety Quotes | Quotes About Anxiety to Help Cope

In today’s fast-paced world, stress is an ever-present companion for most people. In America alone, around 40 million adults are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression brought on by stress. These have become the most common mental disorders in the country. Although some types of stress offer some positive benefits, most people experience stress that … Read more

101 Soulmate Quotes: Sayings for Your One True Love

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Have you found your soulmate? Or maybe you’re still looking for him or her? In this post, we have gathered 101 soulmate quotes you can tell to the person you consider your soulmate. You can use these words to express your gratitude for being able to finally find happiness in your companionship. First, let’s look … Read more

101 Zen Quotes on Life, Love, and Death

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What does it mean to be Zen? How do you get into a Zen state of mind? Zen has its roots in Mahayana Buddhism, a school that teaches Taoist philosophy and Chinese spiritual practice. It emphasizes the human’s capability to train self-control, awareness, and meditation. Strictly translated into plain English, it means “meditative state of … Read more