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Not Making Progress? Raise The Stakes

If you were sufficiently motivated, you could become a multi-millionaire. So could I. So why aren’t either of us rich? The small, intermediate steps involved in getting there are so far removed from the grand prize, that they need to stand up on their own merit to be motivating. The visit to the gym needs […]

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Approach or Avoidance?

Usually, working hard in order to avoid looking like a fool is more motivating than working hard in order to do well. That’s why, no surprise, many goals are formulated as a means to avoid. I want to… lose weight to avoid being made fun of. I want to… make more money to avoid being […]

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Positive Psychology Resources

What is Positive Psychology? Wikipedia positive psychology page. [ted id=312]   What (and Why) is Positive Psychology, an overview paper by psychologists Shelly Gable and Jonathan Haidt. Positive Psychology Books 1. The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom – The book which introduced me to positive psychology. Book summary. 2. Stumbling on Happiness […]

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Goal Setting Theory

Goal setting is a proven tool for generating motivation. Having been studied extensively for the past 50 years, much is known on how to maximize the tool’s usefulness. Properly set goals have been shown to increase performance on well over 100 different tasks involving more than 40,000 participants in at least eight countries working in […]

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Goal Setting Research

The below is a small sampling of the research on goal setting, in chronological order. 1974 Improving Job Performance Through Training in Goal Setting 20 tree logging operators were randomly assigned to either a 1-day training program in goal setting or a control group. The additional wood cut over the following 3 months by those […]

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A 2 x 2 Achievement Goal Framework

Until 2001, when this study was published, goals were divided into three types: mastery, performance-approach, and performance-avoidance: Mastery Performance-Approach Performance-Avoidance I will score higher than last time. I will score the highest in my class. I will avoid scoring worse than my classmates. I will exercise three times a week. I will look sexy by […]

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