11 Thought Record Examples, Templates, & Worksheets

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Do you ever feel the need to record your thoughts?

You may be reading this because you suddenly realized that recording your thoughts is an important practice for mental health.

We’ve gathered 11 thought record examples, templates, and worksheets that you can use as inspiration for your thought record entries.

Some of them are printables, while others serve as examples you can copy for your personal use.

Let’s check them out!

1. The Cognitive Model Thought Worksheet

The Cognitive Behavioral Thought Worksheet from Worksheeto is actually a compilation template consisting of a variety of thought worksheets related to cognitive behavior. Some of them are thought record templates, while others provide you with weekly trackers.

2. CBT Thought Record

Psychology Tools states that “thought-challenging records help people to evaluate and restructure their negative automatic thoughts.” This is why they created this CBT Thought Record inspired by Beck’s cognitive model in 1979. Beck contends that we can change the way we deal with things by changing the way we think.

3. Automatic Thought Record Sheet

PsychPoint focuses on your automatic thoughts in this worksheet. You break down events into automatic negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and then challenge your basic reactions to limiting events.

4. Challenging Cognitive Distortions Worksheet

Here’s another worksheet from PsychPoint that focuses more on challenging your cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are patterns that make someone think negatively and then lead them into having expectations about those thoughts.

5. Countering Negative Thoughts Log

Our final entry from PsychPoint is a worksheet that focuses on countering your negative thoughts. It points out that negative thoughts may greatly impact the way you deal with daily life. Hence, it is very important to have a record of how you behave when faced with negative circumstances.

6. Anxiety Thought Record

Thera Platform focuses on changing your anxious thoughts in two ways. The first is by helping you recognize disordered thinking patterns that contribute to your fears and worries. The second is by replacing those bad thoughts with good ones through more adaptive thinking. This thought record is meant to make you feel less anxious by breaking down your thoughts.

7. Thought Record for Teens

Here is a thought record from MyleMarks that is designed specifically for teens. It helps keep track of their negative thoughts throughout the entire week. If you have a week at home when you want to teach them how to deal with their automatic thoughts, this worksheet can definitely help.

8. Simplified Thought Record for Kids

This is a simplified version of the previous worksheet that works best for kids. It only has four columns, so it is easy for young people to answer. It is also in black and white, so they can color it however they want.

9. CBT Daily Thought Record by Elisa Nebolsine

Elisha Nebolsine shares her personal daily thought record with us in this worksheet. You can use this as an example if you want to create your own personal page.

10. Thought Record by Linda Kelly

This is just one of the many templates and worksheets the Kelly Mental Health website offers. You can use it as inspiration if you want to create your own, or you can download it from their website if you want it as is.

11. Automatic Thoughts Worksheet

Finally, check out this simple yet useful automatic thought record sheet. It states the main objective of the thought record and gives you detailed instructions on how to use it. It also has all of the essential features, including “situation,” “automatic thoughts,” “other possibilities,” and a “new thought/s” section.

Final Words

Recording your thoughts is not hard as it might seem—all you need is a template. We hope that this list of thought record examples, templates, and worksheets was able to help you find a format that suits your taste.

Learn to break down your emotions by recording your automatic thoughts.

Finally, if you want a simple way to reduce your stress and anxiety, then try writing these 35 mindfulness journaling prompts to live more in the present moment.

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