41 Best Friend Memes to Celebrate Friendship in 2024

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Best friends are forever.

We all have best friends. Some may say that they are friends with everyone and that there is no one specific person they can call a “best friend,” but we believe that everyone has a favorite buddy—a BFF!

In this post, we share 41 memes about friends that you can send to your best friend/s to celebrate your friendship! Some are a bit cheesy, others are sweet, and most are funny—but they are all super relatable.

Let’s check them out!

1. Waiting forever.

Ever felt like Mr. Bean while waiting for your best friend? They are probably still lazing around at home. But they are your best friend, so they are worth the wait!

2. Beach reactions be like…

Here are a few different reactions you are probably familiar with if you have ever gone to the beach with your friends. This is a perfect meme to send to your favorite people during summer.

3. In memes, we unite.

We all have that one friend who we have a common language with when it comes to memes. It’s like your day wouldn’t be complete if you don’t send or receive memes from them.

4. Traitor!

Are there any meme traitors in your friend circle? Send this meme to your friend who forwards your memes and isn’t even considerate enough to take your name off of it!

5. Useless, human.

Here’s another friend meme about friends who love memes. If that doesn’t confuse you, then it’s probably perfect for your group of friends!

6. Come and get them, pal.

Do your friends call you meme lord because you have the biggest stockpile of memes? That’s a compliment! Share your collection with your friends to lighten up their mood.

7. Makes you powerful.

Who else can relate to this? We bet all of the gamers out there can! It doesn’t even have to be Minecraft. Beating your best friend in any game is satisfying, and sure to start a lifelong rivalry.

8. The Best Friend Trio

Are you part of a group of three best friends? If so, you and your buds can probably relate to this meme. Are you the small, angry one, the gentle giant, or just the plain stupid one?

9. Party time!

Having your best friend over for the night means one thing: party time! No matter what you plan to do for the night—board games, card decks, beer drinking—it will surely be an enjoyable evening. You are with your favorite person, after all.

10. Couldn’t be lonelier.

Here’s a very relatable POV meme for students. It just doesn’t feel the same whenever they aren’t around. Wouldn’t you agree?

11. Run, bestie!

A true friend will always be by your side, even when you’re being chased by the cops because you peed in someone’s front lawn!

12. Feel my wrath.

You don’t want to mess with Mr. Stark here. You also don’t want people want to mess with your best friend. They know you can go all Iron Man on them if they do.

13. Tough choices.

The choice is actually easy, but now and then we feel a bit ornery. Take the high road and be understanding!

14. Oop, o…kay.

It doesn’t matter what the secret it—everyone knows you are going to tell your best friend!

15. I know you love me.

We’ve all experienced this before. You know your best friend is mad at you, but you also know they will eventually forgive you.

16. Got you, girl.

Who’s got your back It’s always your best friend, especially when they see your partner with someone else. Your happiness is priority number one!

17. Back off, dude.

We can all be a little selfish at times. There are simply those days when you want your best friend all to yourself. That is what the special bond is for. Don’t overstep those boundaries!

18. Sorry, fam.

Has your family been having doubts about your sexuality lately? A real best friend will be so close that they’ll get everyone wondering!

19. Feel that?

We call them best friends for this very reason. It may be something small, but it feels good to know there is someone who will listen to your rant.

20. This is why we match!

Patrick and Spongebob are our role models. They are the perfect example of best friends. Have you found your Patrick/Spongebob yet?

21. Don’t you dare cry.

Don’t wait until your bestie makes the same mistake again. Send them this meme right now and stop them before they blow it!

22. How do I handle them?

We feel you, dude. It’s tough to be left alone in a place where you don’t relate to anyone. Better warn your best friend to not die before you!

23. Project Break-up On

Here’s the better thing to do: Simply send this meme so your best friend know that you are plotting something, and voila! They will end it immediately. They don’t want to get on the wrong side of their bestie. 

24. Love language.

This meme pretty much sums up a best friend’s love language—they might think you are crazy, but they are the same kind of crazy, too!

25. I support you, friend.

Show some support to your best friend by locking them down—and then eat all the cake yourself!

26. No words are needed.

Perhaps this happens to you and your best friend all the time. No words are needed, since you are soul mates. A few pictures will suffice.

27. Sit back; I’ll do the job.

We really like this meme because it’s so relatable. If anyone ever wrongs you, you know your best friend will come to the rescue. Just sit back and relax—they’ll take care of the revenge.

28. Friendship goals!

What are your friendship goals? If you and your best friend are like this, then there is no doubt you have a solid bond!

29. Thanks, girl!

What is yours is your best friend’s, and what is your best friend’s is yours. No permissions are needed—although you may get into the occasional argument!

30. I still love you, girl.

She is still a good friend, and she still loves you—she’s just a really good multi-tasker. As it turns out, you can be first and second priority at the same time!

31. Tell me, who?

Best friends are ready anytime and anywhere. Just say the word and they will come to your rescue. They will also go after those who have hurt you.

32. Our minds are connected.

Sometimes you and your bestie are so close you don’t even need words. Something as simple as a wink will do the trick.

33. Oh, such cuties.

Send this to a best friend who just came back from a long vacation. It might be cheesy, but your friend will know that you love them and missed them.

34. Always in synch.

Are you super in sync with your best friend? We bet you are!

35. Proud and loud!

When your best friend achieves something they have been working hard on and you are as proud as you can be—Selena Gomez is a mood.

36. BFFs for life!

If you and your friend aren’t broke, maybe it’s time for a road trip full of your favorite songs! 

37. Friends vs. Best Friends Pt. 1

Friends miss us and hug us, best friends miss us and tackle us—there’s a difference.

38. That’s my bestie.

When you and your friend are in the car and you understand each other simply by listening to the same song, you are indeed best friends.

39. Guy best friends are love.

Is it just us, or is it really touching to see men show affection toward their best friends? Maybe it’s because of the stereotype that men are supposed to be tough, but it is just so lovely to see them soft and vulnerable.

40. Friends vs. Best Friends Pt. 2

Here’s another example of the difference between friends and best friends. Friends will rub your back and pat you on the shoulder when you are bummed, while your best friend will bop you on the head for being such a dummy and letting someone hurt your feelings.

41. Annoyingly Perfect Best Friend

Do you have a friend who is so perfect it’s annoying? Be grateful for them—you could just have a friend who is annoying, period!

Final Words

We all have that one friend who we connect with do deeply that they feel almost like a sibling.

Send these memes about friends to your best friend and see how they react. Be thankful for your friendship—it’s something worth celebrating!

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