75 Empathy Quotes That Demonstrate Compassion for Others

Kindness is such a beautiful thing. It brightens up the world and brings humanity closer together. And along with kindness comes empathy: the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Though the walk may not be easy, taking it, and feeling the pain they face, brings both understanding and compassion. While sympathy is often … Read more

81 Loyalty Quotes for Dedication to Friends, Co-Workers, & Loved Ones

loyalty quotes | loyalty quotes for relationships | short loyalty quotes

Loyalty to the ones we care about is important. Loyalty gives us the power to form lasting bonds and close friendships. Imagine how hard life would be if you never had anyone that you could count on, and having people like this contributes greatly to our happiness. Loyalty is fantastic because it benefits everyone. We’re … Read more

My Child is Too Friendly with Strangers: What You Can Do

my child is too friendly with strangers | my baby is too friendly with strangers | my baby doesnt have stranger anxiety

Most young children are inclined to want to talk to, or go with, a friendly-looking adult. However, as a parent, it’s important to teach them about the dangers of doing so. Our little ones must learn how to recognize when someone may or may not have the best intentions. When it comes to child safety, … Read more

183 Fun This or That Questions for Adults

this or that questions for adults | this or that questions for adults flirty | this or that questions funny dirty

Have you ever wanted to get to know someone, but didn’t know what to say? Or you just couldn’t find the words and didn’t want to come across as weird or intrusive? Sometimes, even when I already know someone, but want to get to know them more deeply, I’m afraid they’ll think I’m prying. Or worse, I’m … Read more

Platonic Relationship VS Romantic Relationship: 7 Key Differences

platonic relationship vs romantic relationship | what is a platonic relationship between a man and a woman | signs of platonic love

A standard romantic relationship of “boy meets girl” can be uncertain, but when you feel an attraction that’s not physical, you may wonder if you’re somehow broken. Platonic relationships, where you love someone but have no physical desire for that person, are increasingly becoming an accepted norm.  My first partner and I were quite confused … Read more

39 Movies about Friendship and Being with Great People

movies about friendship | movie based on friendship | movies about friendship and love

Looking for some great movies about friendship to watch with your mates this weekend? There are a ton of friendship-themed films you can enjoy together. The challenge is finding the best ones! Fortunately, we have gathered the 39 best movies about friendship that can bring you and your best buds closer together. Let’s check them … Read more

7 Benefits of Friendship & Making New Friends

benefits of friendship | benefits of friendship essay | benefits of friendship quotes

Ever since we were kids, playing on the playground at school, we saw the benefits of friendship.  Friends made recess more enjoyable and gave us companionship, as well as a feeling of brother or sisterhood to share experiences with. I remember some of the first people I ever became friends with… some of which I … Read more

7 Steps to Make Friends Online without Making It Weird

how to make friends online | how to make friends online teenager | make friends online not dating

Do you find yourself looking forward to making new and meaningful connections with others, but are not quite sure how to go about it?  Are you one of those people who are more comfortable interacting online first, before meeting in person? Or maybe you’re just curious about exploring your online options for making friends?  Honestly, … Read more

Helping VS Enabling: 9 Differences You Should Know

helping vs enabling | helping vs enabling quotes | helping vs enabling bible

Are you having difficulty figuring out whether you’re helping or enabling a loved one? There’s a thin line between the two and you can easily cross it and not realize you did. You’re not alone. You’re one of many who aren’t sure if they’re providing support or creating a monster. I had to figure this out … Read more

13 Ways to Show Respect For Others in Your Everyday Life

ways to show respect | what are 5 ways to show respect | ways to show respect to others

“Respect isn’t earned, it’s given.” I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. Basically, it means to act in a way that is worthy of respect. Unfortunately, many people misapply the saying. They use it to justify not respecting someone else, and this shouldn’t be so. I think you can agree with me when I say … Read more