35 Best Songs About Dealing with Grief and Loss

songs about grief | grief | loss

In times of loss, words often fail to capture our painful experience. However, music can transcend this limitation. Throughout history, songs have been used as a means of expressing the complex emotions brought about by grief. In this article, we’re sharing a collection of songs about grief to reflect on our experience of loss. Each … Read more

Emotional Blackmail: Definition, Examples & How to Stop It

emotional blackmail | emotional blackmail definition | how to stop emotional blackmail

Discovering you are a victim of emotional blackmail stirs up mixed emotions. More so, if someone you care about is using this form of psychological manipulation to control you. Emotional blackmailing typically occurs in close relationships, especially between romantic partners. It could take place in other types of close relationships, such as within the family or friendships. … Read more

Emotional Dumping: Definition, Signs, and How to Deal with It

emotional dumping | emotional dumping definition | emotional dumping signs

Throughout life, we encounter many unpleasant situations that create emotional discomfort. It’s natural to turn to others for guidance and emotional support when going through tough times. As humans, we forge bonds not just by sharing pleasant moments but also by supporting each other during difficult times. And yet, what’s the difference between venting your … Read more

19 Possible Reasons You Like Being Alone So Much

why do i like being alone | why do i like being alone in my room | why do i like being alone in the dark

Ever wonder to yourself, “Why do I like being alone so much?”  When social and mainstream media show happy people… they’re usually with other people, not alone. Although I’m content by myself, there are times when I don’t want to be alone. This ambivalence and the contrast between my life and media images sent me searching for answers, which … Read more

13 Emotional Goals to Set and Focus On in 2024

emotional goals | what are emotional goals | emotional goals examples

As the year draws to a close, with Christmas and the holidays being a few months away, it is normal to start wondering about just how successful your year has been. Have you accomplished all your goals? Financial—perhaps you saved? Spiritual—maybe you are attending church and working on your path to enlightenment? But what about … Read more

13 Proven Ways to Emotionally Detach from Someone

how to detach from someone | emotionally detach | emotionally detach from someone

It’s beyond challenging when you are in a relationship that’s unhealthy or toxic. It’s simply heartbreaking because these relationships do more harm than good.  Sometimes, things get so bad that one of the few options you have is to emotionally detach from the person – whether it’s a toxic parent, child, family member, friend, colleague, or … Read more

9 Clear Signs of Trauma Bonding

trauma bonding | 7 stages of trauma bonding | how to cope with trauma bonding

When you hear about the trauma and abuse some people face in relationships, you might wonder, ‘How did it get to that point.’ Even those who’ve been through traumatic relationships can find it difficult to understand why they didn’t leave when they saw the first red flag. Truth be told, trauma is a complex phenomenon. … Read more