13 Proven Ways to Emotionally Detach from Someone

how to detach from someone | emotionally detach | emotionally detach from someone

It’s beyond challenging when you are in a relationship that’s unhealthy or toxic. It’s simply heartbreaking because these relationships do more harm than good.  Sometimes, things get so bad that one of the few options you have is to emotionally detach from the person – whether it’s a toxic parent, child, family member, friend, colleague, or … Read more

9 Clear Signs of Trauma Bonding

trauma bonding | 7 stages of trauma bonding | how to cope with trauma bonding

When you hear about the trauma and abuse some people face in relationships, you might wonder, ‘How did it get to that point.’ Even those who’ve been through traumatic relationships can find it difficult to understand why they didn’t leave when they saw the first red flag. Truth be told, trauma is a complex phenomenon. … Read more

Humbleness VS Humility: 5 Basic Differences

humbleness vs humility | humbleness vs humility meaning | is humbleness a correct word

When you’re on a quest for personal growth, you’ll want to make sure to take the ideals of humbleness vs humility into consideration. Both of these qualities are similar and encompass selflessness and modesty, which are admirable in any human being. I’m sure you’ll agree that if you think about character development, both humility and humbleness … Read more

Gaslighting VS Lying: 7 Differences You Should Understand

gaslighting vs lying | gaslighting vs lampshading | gaslighting vs lying reddit

Gaslighting and lying can easily be mistaken for the same thing. Upon closer examination, you’ll discover the subtle differences explained in this article. Before venturing into the details, why is it important to tell the two apart? Understanding gaslighting vs lying differences is key when dealing with individuals in our lives who lie and try to manipulate … Read more