5 Steps to Have More Emotional Independence in Life

emotional independence in marriage | practice emotional independence | emotional independence test

“I don’t need you, I prefer you.” – Walter Riso I believe this quote sums up emotional independence perfectly.  It is incredibly liberating to know that you are in control of your emotions; to spend time with someone because you want to, not because you need to. In a nutshell, emotional independence is about having … Read more

9 Techniques to Improve Your Empathic Listening Skills

Learn how to develop empathic listening so you can communicate and understand others better.

Have you ever noticed how some people make you feel validated and understood without saying a single word? What is it about them that makes it so easy for you to ‘open up’ and share your struggles? Why are they the first person you go to whenever you feel the need to unburden your soul? … Read more

Behavioral Health VS Mental Health: 5 Basic Differences

behavioral health vs mental health | behavioral health examples | behavioral health vs psychiatry

Your overall sense of health and well-being depends on a wide range of factors. Everything you think, feel, and do can impact your body and mind, from how you eat and sleep to how you handle stress and anxiety. That’s why, over the last decades, healthcare professionals have begun to pay more and more attention … Read more

Intuitive Empath: Definition, Signs, and How to Use This Gift

intuitive empath | intuitive empath test | intuitive empath personality

Have you ever met someone who can read you like an open book without sharing too much about yourself? Someone who picks up on your emotional vibe just by being around you for a couple of seconds. Someone who can immediately tell that you’re going through a rough patch just by hearing your voice at … Read more

Grandiose Narcissism: Definition, Signs, & How to Deal with These Narcissists

grandiose narcissism | grandiose narcissism characteristics | grandiose narcissism test

In essence, we all have a dose of narcissism, which is perfectly healthy as it makes us want the best in life. We all wish to prioritize our needs, achieve our goals, experience positive emotions, and be happier humans. That’s why we guide our actions according to the emotional rewards we can receive. However, pathological … Read more

Reactive Abuse: Definition, Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal with It

reactive abuse | reactive abuse meaning | reactive abuse examples

A few months back, I wrote a piece on narcissistic abuse and how to recover from it. It was an excellent opportunity to refresh my knowledge on the topic and share some lessons I learned throughout my career. Here I am once again addressing this complicated yet relevant topic. We live in times where abuse … Read more

Social Anxiety Tests: 6 Top Quizzes to Measure Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

social anxiety tests | anxiety and depression test | social interaction anxiety scale test | actual psychological test

Have you ever felt so uncomfortable at a party that you ended up leaving without even saying goodbye? Or perhaps the mere thought of being in a social context is enough to make you feel restless and agitated. How many times have you made up all sorts of excuses just to avoid hanging out with … Read more

Survivors Guilt: Definition, Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal with It

survivors guilt | survivors guilt joey | survivors guilt song

We like to think that when tragedy strikes, those who survive should count their lucky stars for not being among the ones who were less fortunate. That’s not always the case. When dealing with tragedy, there’s no telling how you might react. Maybe you feel grateful that you survived, grieve those who didn’t, and try … Read more

ADHD Paralysis: Definition, Symptoms & How to Get Unstuck

adhd paralysis | adhd paralysis in adults | adhd paralysis symptoms

Let’s say you have five tasks on your to-do list. You take a sip of coffee, look at each task, and after a couple of minutes, you already know how to start your day. Even though you’re not fully aware of the process, during those couple of minutes, your mind does a detailed analysis to … Read more

How to Fix an Anxious Attachment Style in Your Relationships

how to fix anxious attachment style | how to fix anxious attachment style in relationships | anxious attachment triggers

Our relationship with our caregivers is the foundation on which we build all future relationships. How our parents and grandparents respond to our emotional needs dictates how we relate to attachment, emotional security, and rejection. When you grow up in a family environment characterized by abandonment, trauma, or inconsistent parenting, you develop a deep sense … Read more