4 Steps to Validate Someone’s Feelings

how to validate someone's feelings | examples of validating statements | what to say to validate someones feelings

Every human interaction involves an exchange of information wrapped up in emotions. Think about the last time you talked to someone about an unpleasant event you’ve gone through. Or a pleasant one. You presented various details (information) about the event, but you also conveyed a certain emotional vibe. The emotional experience helps the other person … Read more

Emotional Dumping: Definition, Signs, and How to Deal with It

emotional dumping | emotional dumping definition | emotional dumping signs

Throughout life, we encounter many unpleasant situations that create emotional discomfort. It’s natural to turn to others for guidance and emotional support when going through tough times. As humans, we forge bonds not just by sharing pleasant moments but also by supporting each other during difficult times. And yet, what’s the difference between venting your … Read more

5 Stages of Healing & Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

stages of healing after narcissistic abuse | signs youre healing from narcissistic abuse | healing from narcissistic abuse quotes

From gaslighting and shaming to rationalization and emotional blackmail, narcissists have an entire arsenal of strategies to manipulate, assert dominance, and achieve their personal goals. What’s left in their wake is suffering, abuse and emotional trauma, especially if the people close to them (personally and professionally) are caring, trusting, and compassionate individuals. As a mental … Read more

9 Clear Signs of Trauma Bonding

trauma bonding | 7 stages of trauma bonding | how to cope with trauma bonding

When you hear about the trauma and abuse some people face in relationships, you might wonder, ‘How did it get to that point.’ Even those who’ve been through traumatic relationships can find it difficult to understand why they didn’t leave when they saw the first red flag. Truth be told, trauma is a complex phenomenon. … Read more

10 Signs & Symptoms of High Functioning Depression

signs of high functioning depression | what is high functioning depression | high functioning depression

Often referred to as the leading cause of disability, depression has been on the rise in recent decades. Nobody knows exactly why… Some speculate it’s the result of rapid population growth. In other words, the more people you have in a community, the higher the number of individuals with depression. Others believe that abrupt (economic … Read more

How to Get Over Trust Issues in a Relationship: A Simple Guide

how to get over trust issues | signs of a woman with trust issues | how to get over trust issues reddit

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of happy and healthy relationships. Trust creates a sense of comfort that you share with your significant other and gives you the confidence to envision a future together. Even though there’s no telling what the future holds, trust helps you find reasons to believe that what you two … Read more

11 Benefits of Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

benefits of emotional intelligence | how to improve your emotional intelligence | what are the benefits of emotional intelligence

Emotions are one of the most fascinating and complex phenomena that the human brain can generate. In essence, human emotions are a quick and relatively rudimentary form of information processing that can play a significant role in many areas of your life. Emotions can prompt decisions, strengthen interpersonal relationships, signal potential threats to your physical … Read more

7 Signs Someone Has Unhealthy Attachment Issues in a Relationship

unhealthy attachment | unhealthy attachment to friend | unhealthy attachment in relationships

One of the universal needs that define human experience is the need for connection. Whether it’s with family, friends, or a significant other, the attachments you forge throughout life play a fundamental role in your sense of happiness and well-being. However, the way you look for and obtain these connections is different, depending on the … Read more

9 Breadcrumbing Examples & How to Respond to Someone Doing It

breadcrumbing examples | breadcrumbing psychology | breadcrumbing friendship

In an era where everyone is busy, and most conversations happen via text messages, new challenges arise in modern dating. As someone who’s met his partner online, I think it’s fascinating how, nowadays, finding someone is super accessible while dating someone seems more complicated than ever. If you’re among those who’ve had their fair share … Read more