Was Anna Kendrick a Victim of Gaslighting?

anna kendrick gaslighting | was anna kendrick a victim of gaslighthing | what is gaslighting

Anna Kendrick’s (of Pitch Perfect fame) recent relationship is a good case study to understand gaslighting.  Recently she was the guest on a popular podcast called Armchair Expert where she talks about her experiences. If we look at certain statements that she makes we can learn a little more about what it’s like to fall … Read more

Are Narcissists Insecure? 11 Reasons They Are

are narcissists insecure | are narcissists happy | are narcissists selfish

If you’re reading this, you might wonder why someone who seems super confident on the outside could be insecure on the inside. Well, that’s a question many people have regarding narcissists. I mean, are narcissists insecure? It’s hard to think of them as such since they often give off the impression that they’re self-assured and … Read more

11 Signs of Unintentional or Unconscious Gaslighting

unintentional gaslighting | examples of unintentional gaslighting | unintentional gaslighting marriage

Many people are of the view that “gaslighting” is done on purpose. The opposite is true. The emotionally abusive act can occur without the person doing the gaslighting (aka, the gaslighter) knowing what they’re doing. On that note, I urge you to hold off on turning the tables on the gaslighter in your life until you understand fully what unintentional gaslighting really means and … Read more

11 Ways Narcissists Treat Their Exes (and How to React)

how narcissists treat their exes | examples of narcissist text messages | when the narcissist sees you with someone else

Trust me, you don’t want to know how narcissists treat their exes. And if they had a kid (or kids) together… things just got a whole lot more complicated. First, if you are one of these people dealing with battle scars from a past relationship with a narcissist, let me say that I empathize with you … Read more

Empath VS Narcissist: 11 Differences in Personality

empath vs narcissist | empath vs narcissist quiz | dark empath vs narcissist

There’s an old cliche that opposites attract, and this can often be true with the most unlikely creatures. Cats and dogs are considered natural born enemies, yet have been known to get along in the same household. I can attest to seeing my childhood cat often cozied up against one of our dogs during cold New England … Read more

Can a Narcissist Be Faithful? 11 Reasons It’s a NO

can a narcissist be faithful | narcissist cheating patterns | average length relationship narcissism

Have you ever been involved with someone who always thought they were right? Did you ever feel you were starring in a real-life version of the film, “Gaslight“? You know, your lover showed no compassion, used manipulation to get their way, and tried to convince you that what they were saying was true instead of … Read more

37 Gaslighting Examples & Phrases That Manipulative People Use

gaslighting examples | gaslighting example relationship | 10 examples of gaslighting

The term “gaslighting” is frequently used in our culture. But what does it really mean? Gaslighting is a term for a form of emotional abuse that can be hard to recognize. It’s not always readily apparent, even though it often occurs in abusive relationships.  Yet, unfortunately, gaslighting can have serious consequences for your mental well-being … Read more

11 Reasons Empaths Form Relationships with Narcissists

empath and narcissist | empath and narcissist test | empath and narcissist breakup

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who seemed to take more than they give? On top of being extremely selfish, did the person exhibit absolutely no remorse in how their actions affected you, or worse, blame you for their behavior? If the answer is yes, you may have been in a relationship … Read more

15 Female Narcissist Traits, Characteristics, and Warning Signs

narcissist traits female | 7 signs of a female narcissist | traits of a narcissist woman in a relationship

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality dysfunction identified by a pattern of disruptive behavior. However, the first image that comes to mind when most people hear the term “narcissist” is a manipulative, pathological lying, borderline sociopathic male. Little do they know, narcissism does not discriminate. Female narcissists exist and chances are you’ve encountered at least one. She could … Read more

15 Ways to Turn the Tables on a Gaslighter in Your Life

how to turn the tables on a gaslighter | what happens when you ignore a gaslighter | phrases to shut down gaslighting

There was a time I wanted to know how to turn the tables on a gaslighter in my life because I’d had it with them. Now that you’ve found yourself in that place, I hope I can help. Writing topics on getting even with a gaslighter, making them fear you, or turning tables is my … Read more