11 Reasons Narcissists Will Breadcrumb and Manipulate You

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Anyone is capable of breadcrumbing and emotionally manipulating others. However, breadcrumbing is a tactic straight out of the narcissist’s playbook. I’ve been breadcrumbed, gaslit, and deceived on more than one occasion by both overt and covert narcissists and lived to tell. Perhaps you’ll relate as I break down what narcissist breadcrumbing is and why it’s a … Read more

Gaslighting Husband: 10 Signs & How to Respond to Him

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Men are raised to think their level of masculinity depends on how much they’re able to dominate and control women. As such, they’ll employ different tactics to wield and maintain power. Gaslighting is one of those tactics. It’s a simple, yet effective way for your husband to control, manipulate, and emotionally abuse you. Usually, you won’t realize what’s happening until his … Read more

155 Narcissist Quotes About Dealing with Narcissistic Abuse

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Are you dating someone who constantly seeks admiration but couldn’t care less about what you feel and what your needs are? Or maybe you are friends with someone who has an inflated sense of self-importance and does not have even the slightest empathy toward others? If this sounds familiar, then you are probably dealing with … Read more

Narcissistic Rage: Definition, Examples, How to Protect Yourself

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Narcissist rage is something you’re going to experience at some point when dealing with a narcissist in your close circle. You won’t miss it. Rage is usually marked by explosive anger/rage or passive anger/rage when they can’t get their way. The response is typically disproportionate to the situation. Being confronted with such behavior can be scary, … Read more

75 Gaslighting Quotes to Deal with Narcissistic Manipulators

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Gaslighting can make anyone feel like they don’t know up from down. In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at gaslighting and how narcissists spin a web of deceit and attempt to control you simply by making you doubt yourself. In many cases, skill in manipulation and narcissism go hand in hand. We’ll also … Read more

37 Gaslighting Examples & Phrases That Manipulative People Use

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The term “gaslighting” is frequently used in our culture. But what does it really mean? Gaslighting is a term for a form of emotional abuse that can be hard to recognize. It’s not always readily apparent, even though it often occurs in abusive relationships.  Yet, unfortunately, gaslighting can have serious consequences for your mental well-being … Read more