25 Important Bible Verses About Forgiving Others Who Hurt You

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One of the most important and challenging things in life is to forgive others.  We placed our trust, loyalty, and heart into a person, expecting the best of them, only to be let down and be left with unmet expectations.  Often, a person has not previously given us a reason not to trust them.  Other … Read more

37 Practical Bible Verses About Wisdom and Knowledge

bible verses about wisdom | bible verses about wisdom and knowledge | bible verses about knowledge

Have you ever bought furniture in a box that came in hundreds of pieces? Most of us instantly look for the instruction manual to see what tools are needed to assemble the furniture and reference its instructions throughout the process.  Others don’t look for the instructions at all but would rather “figure it out” instead. … Read more

35 Inspiring Bible Verses About Showing Compassion

bible verses about compassion | compassion bible verses | compassion

Compassion is a powerful gift we can give others when they’re going through the unimaginable. Pain and uncertainty don’t discriminate.   It doesn’t matter your ethnicity or a lot in life. Hard times of suffering and difficulty show up at your life’s door. However, the sunshine that breaks through the clouds of someone’s sadness and despair … Read more