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The 5 Excuses You’re Using to Sabotage Your Happiness

It is easy to sabotage happiness. Most often people do not realize they are even sabotaging their happiness. They just believe that happiness eludes them. But all too frequently if we step back and look at things from a neutral perspective we can see how we sabotage our own happiness.Why don’t we more actively pursue happiness?We think […]

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The Value of Positive Psychology for Health Psychology

Did you know that how you think can actually affect your health? Pretty amazing, huh? That is one of the larger findings from the field of positive psychology. For example, those with a more optimistic perspective live longer, can recover from illness faster, and are more likely to engage in positive health behaviors (exercising, not smoking, etc…). This research […]

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Book Review: The 7 Day Energy Surge

Will splurging on 7 Day Energy Surge really surge your energy levels?Maybe… if you’re lucky and if you have the discipline of a monk. For all others, expect a moderate bump. The 7 Day Energy Surge by Cynthia Cohen and Jim Karas is a great book. None of the chapters by themselves are revolutionary, but the combination […]

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Book Review: Becoming the Iceman

Be prepared for the amazing story of becoming the Iceman. Becoming the Iceman is the autobiography of two people.  Wim Hof, a man who routinely goes for swims in ice water.  Completed a full marathon in the polar circle. And climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in nothing but shorts (no shoes!). Wim also set 18 world records. The second storyline is […]

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