75 Childhood Trauma Quotes to Get Past Your Trauma

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For many people, their childhood memories are filled with visits to Grandparents, letters to Santa, and their favorite toys. They can probably describe the smell of Mom’s baking. And pinpoint when the snow fell heavy, blanketing the streets like a magical wonderland. But for others, the darkness of childhood trauma overshadows these beautiful memories. And … Read more

77 Rejection Quotes for When People Hurt You

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Feeling rejected is never a good time. At some point in everyone’s life, we’re going to face the sting of being rejected by a potential lover, our peers, or even for a job that we thought was perfect for us. So, if you’re feeling like life has dealt you a heavy blow, then these rejection … Read more

73 Trauma Quotes to Recover from a Challenging Past

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Have you got a part of your past that seems to stick with you? Trauma comes in many forms or guises and can be like a specter that haunts you or a memory that exerts an incredible influence on your life. In today’s post, we’ll be digging a little more into trauma and providing you … Read more

How to Handle a Daughter Who Blames Her Mother for Everything

daughters who blame their mothers for everything | mothers are blamed for everything and i was tired of being blamed | why are daughters mean to their mothers

According to author Elizabeth Stone, a child is a mother’s heart walking around outside her body. There can be nothing worse than when that little piece of your heart starts to turn against you. How do you handle it when your daughter blames you for everything?  Learning how to handle daughters who blame their mothers … Read more

21 Best Movies About Dealing with Grief and Loss

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Grief is a natural reaction to loss, but it can be quite painful. So, how do you deal with it? Undergoing the various stages of grief is normal, especially if you shared a special connection with the person you lost. In this article, we share with you the 21 best movies about dealing with grief … Read more

11 Lack of Empathy Warning Signs You Should Look For in People

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Have you ever shared a trauma in your life only to have the person you are confiding in monopolize the conversation by telling you about a bigger trauma they suffered (usually five years ago)? There’s no greater insult to add to your injury when someone you mistakenly trusted shows lack of empathy signs and makes … Read more

Survivors Guilt: Definition, Causes, Symptoms and How to Deal with It

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We like to think that when tragedy strikes, those who survive should count their lucky stars for not being among the ones who were less fortunate. That’s not always the case. When dealing with tragedy, there’s no telling how you might react. Maybe you feel grateful that you survived, grieve those who didn’t, and try … Read more

7 Anger Issues Test to Measure Your Temper

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Do you think you have anger issues? Do you ever find that you can’t control your emotions? If so, then you might want to take an anger issues test to determine whether or not you need to undergo anger management treatment. Anger is a healthy emotion, but it becomes unhealthy and toxic if it starts … Read more

71 Ungrateful Quotes for Dealing with People Who Aren’t Thankful

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We’re all guilty of coming across ungrateful from time to time. Although done unintentionally, getting caught up in our own bubble of emotion can sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the bigger picture. But with some people, this is a daily occurrence, often fueled with bitterness, jealousy, and frustration. And the constant ‘Why me?’ whines … Read more

57 Fake Family Quotes to Cope with Two-Faced Relatives

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Families are the bedrock of our life. Unfortunately, families aren’t often the fairy tales we see on our computer screens. A happy, supportive family is not something everyone has access to. While it can be a challenge to deal with anyone close to you that’s causing you harm, when you add family to the mix, … Read more