I Hate My Dad: 7 Steps to Improve Your Relationship

i hate my dad | why do i hate my dad | how do i deal with strong hate for my father

When there is hate towards a parent, it is usually associated with some intense degree of pain, frustration, and disappointment.  Either they were an absent parent who made us feel unwanted, or they were there but unbearable to live with.   Your parent was possibly verbally or physically abusive or both.  Or maybe your parent … Read more

Family Scapegoat: Definition, Signs, and How to Cope

family scapegoat | define scapegoat | scapegoat

Have you ever felt like whatever goes wrong in your family’s always your fault? Being the family scapegoat isn’t easy, and it can really affect your path in life. Being constantly blamed for things that usually aren’t even your fault is damaging to your self-esteem, health, and mental well-being.  My father was the family scapegoat … Read more

87 Fake Family Quotes to Cope with Two-Faced Relatives

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Families are the bedrock of our life. Unfortunately, families aren’t often the fairy tales we see on our computer screens. A happy, supportive family is not something everyone has access to. While it can be a challenge to deal with anyone close to you that’s causing you harm, when you add family to the mix, … Read more

27 Bible Verses About Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation

bible verses about loneliness | Bible Verses About Loneliness And Feeling Alone | Bible Verses for Loneliness

No matter whether you are young or more seasoned in life, everyone has experienced loneliness and isolation.  At an early age, you may have been the kid always picked last when choosing teams to play sports.  Seeing everyone being picked before you was a lonely feeling, and you were standing on an island of rejection … Read more