10 Revealing Reasons You are Attracted to Narcissists

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“Why am I attracted to narcissists?” Welcome to the club. I’ve asked myself the same question multiple times. A few things existing in your realm might account for the strange pattern. I find it so mysterious in my case that I’ve asked myself this; “Am I attracting narcissists or are they a magnet for me?” Either way, the … Read more

45 Painful Songs About Cheating & Being Cheated On

songs cheating | songs about cheating | songs about cheating on relationships

Relationships are like a beautiful, complicated dance. To keep them going requires the fragile balance of trust and commitment. However, when infidelity enters the picture, many beautiful relationships come tumbling down. Cheating has a deep, lasting, and mostly negative impact in the lives of those involved—and the wounds caused by infidelity do not heal overnight. … Read more

11 Revealing Signs You’re in a Conditional Love Relationship

conditional love | conditional love meaning | conditional love relationship

From a young age, we learn that unconditional love is the standard, the ideal. It’s what we should strive for because that’s how Prince Charming loved Cinderella, how Aladdin loved Jasmine, and how The Prince loved Snow White.  Fairy tales, TV shows, movies, novels … all of them embody this concept of loving someone unconditionally, … Read more

11 Practical Tips for Dating an Introvert

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I’ve been an introvert my entire life. While I wouldn’t change a thing about my introspective personality, at times it can make dating a challenge. Such challenges aren’t from a lack of mutual attraction, but often from being misunderstood, particularly by certain extroverts. Even dealing with another introvert can be equally challenging. After all, sometimes … Read more