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In-depth analysis of what it takes to achieve real happiness.


How to Be Happy: 54 Ways to Find True Happiness in Your Life

​Over a person’s lifetime, how much do you expect that their happiness will increase? Most people I’ve asked seem to think that the answer is ‘A LOT’. Sure, there’ll be tough times and the occasional sadness, but as they accomplish and accumulate, their happiness will go up and up and up. FALSE. Most people die a few percentage points […]

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7 Steps to Reducing Rumination

Overthinking is evil. Like the whispers of a devil, it pretends to help while just making the situation worse. What can you do to reduce it? Unfortunately, the cure is as complex as the cause. But follow these 7 steps and you can slowly but surely rid yourself of the poison known as overthinking. Step […]

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Is Depression Really on The Rise?

It’s an idea repeated so often that it’s now taken for fact – depression is on the rise. If true, modern society has messed up. In 1985, 10% of people had no one to discuss important matters with. By 2004, that number had grown to 25% – one out of every four people! (1) We’re […]

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Positive Psychology 101 – The Best Self-Help

UPDATE: THE PRICE OF THE COURSE MENTIONED IN THIS POST HAS INCREASED BY 200%. I NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT What do the most successful people do differently? Why are some people able to bounce back from failure? What allows some couples to stay happily together for many decades? What do very happy people do […]

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