27 Jobs that Help People in Need

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Curious about the best jobs that can help you help other people? Sure, there are tons of career opportunities you can choose from. So many high-paying jobs are competing with each other to get your attention. But which jobs are the most fulfilling? Which one will give you a sense of happiness and contentment? The … Read more

11 Benefits of Journaling on Happiness & Mental Health

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Have you ever written something where every word was an unburdening of spirit? Perhaps you put pen to paper and captured a treasured moment in such detail that revisiting those pages is a vacation in itself?  There are many benefits of journaling that you can tap into to bring mental peace and happiness. For this … Read more

33 Toxic Positivity Memes to Make You Laugh in 2023

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We are all for positivity, but sometimes it gets to the point where it’s too much and becomes toxic. Toxic positivity has become rampant in society. While we understand how important it is to be grateful and optimistic, we also need to know how to be practical and realistic. After all, too much of anything … Read more

Happiness Hacks: 43 Quick Ways to Make Yourself Happy

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Are you happy?  These three simple words have the power to fill you with instant dread, fear and agony. After all, just what does it mean to be happy? When I asked a friend about whether she was happy, she couldn’t answer, which is perhaps an answer too.  Being happy doesn’t mean you are a … Read more

118 Get to Know You Questions for Kids in 2023

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Aren’t kids so interesting? They have so much personality… and have so much to learn about the world. They can also be both simple and complex. They have no filters, which often makes them say exactly what they are thinking and feeling. Yet, they can also be shy… closed off and secretive at times. Grown-ups can … Read more

41 Best Friend Memes to Celebrate Friendship in 2023

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Best friends are forever. We all have best friends. Some may say that they are friends with everyone and that there is no one specific person they can call a “best friend,” but we believe that everyone has a favorite buddy—a BFF! In this post, we share 41 memes about friends that you can send … Read more

151 Funny This or That Questions to Ask in 2023

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I was part of a corporate leadership program where employees were matched up with mentors at their first meeting. The meeting facilitator introduced a fun game that helped us connect and engage. It was an icebreaker consisting of funny this or that questions. I think you will agree that this idea for an icebreaker was … Read more

57 Funny Introvert Memes To Keep You Laughing (By Yourself)

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“Social distancing? Easy.” “Stay at home? Piece of cake!” If you are an introvert, you’ll probably find these statements very relatable. With all the physical and social distancing being mandated in many areas, you’re likely one of the chosen few who will thrive in this situation. After all, you’ve been training for these “stay at … Read more