21 Free Mood Tracker Printables to Understand Yourself Better

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Looking for a mood tracker printable to track your good and bad days? Maybe you like journaling but don’t have the time to design your own. Or perhaps you want to track your moods but simply can’t find the time to create a mood tracker. Whatever the case, a digital planner or a printable may be just … Read more

45 Best Songs About Winning and Achieving Victory in Life

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Looking for songs to celebrate a victory? Your moment has arrived. After all the toil and tears, you’ve finally achieved something you’ve always dreamed of. Now, it’s time to celebrate. For today’s article, we’ve rounded up a collection of songs about winning that you can add to your victory playlist. These songs acknowledge the effort … Read more

67 Funny Introvert Memes To Keep You Laughing (By Yourself)

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Introverts unite! Well, not actually in person – that would be way too exhausting. But we can unite virtually through these absolutely hilarious introvert memes! As an introvert myself, I spend an embarrassing amount of time perusing the internet for funny pictures and jokes that perfectly sum up my solo, homebody lifestyle. But among all … Read more

41 Best Songs About Life & the Lessons Along the Way

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Music has a way of revealing the essence of what it means to live a full life. Considering that music is a universal language, songs about life offer meaningful takes about the world we live in, our relationships, our struggles and victories, and insights into who we are. Today’s article features a compilation of the … Read more

Do Pets Bring Happiness? A Simple Answer

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If you want more happiness, get a pet. In the 80s and 90s,  research came out suggesting many benefits from pet ownership. From reduced risk of asthma, allergies, and cardiovascular disease to increased mood and wellbeing. Some doctors started recommending pet ownership to their patients. I thought the decision was a no-brainer. It seems fun … Read more