32 Printable Kindness Coloring Pages for Children or Students

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Are you looking for some kindness coloring pages for your kids and young teens? If so, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll share with you 32 printable kindness coloring pages that your children can use to understand better the value of kindness. But before we proceed to the actual list, let us first … Read more

41 Bible Verses About Finding Happiness & Joy in Life

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We live in a society where everyone strives to find happiness.  It’s as if life is looked at as a vacation and happiness is the ultimate destination.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind.”   George Sand said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love … Read more

27 Animal Coloring Pages for Adults in 2022

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Are you an animal lover? Do you also like coloring? What a combo! We’re sure you are going to love this list we have prepared. Coloring is a great therapeutic way to reduce your stress and anxiety, and animals naturally make you feel calm and relaxed. Experience the best stress-relieving recreational activity with these animal … Read more

11 Beach Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults to Enjoy in 2022

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Ready for some time on the beach? We know we are! While you wait for that perfect summer getaway, here’s a great way to keep yourself busy and your stoke levels high—beach coloring pages! Coloring actually has a lot of therapeutic benefits. That’s why we suggest starting the healing process with these beach coloring pages … Read more

Helper’s High: 9 Reasons Why Helping Others Makes Us Happy

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Have you ever done something kind for someone else, like giving to charity, and you felt good after doing it? Chances are you were probably experiencing helper’s high. Did you know that helper’s high is more than just feeling good about doing good? It involves a positive physical change in your body and mind. In … Read more

103 Compliments for Kids That Will Lift Their Spirits

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Since childhood, I remember getting praise for my art, intellect, and my smile. While I still love compliments, they felt extra special in childhood and adolescence. Getting praise from adults for my artwork encouraged me to pursue my dreams further. Every time my art teachers, mother, or anyone else praised or gave constructive art feedback, it nurtured … Read more

35 Best Solo Hobbies for People to Do Alone

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Do you love spending time by yourself, but you aren’t always sure how to spend your time alone? I hear ya! Taking up solo hobbies is totally a thing for those of us who are introverts and need “me-time” to recharge. Or for those CEOs, teachers, or stay-at-home-moms who need a break from their hectic … Read more

7 Strategies to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

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It’s easy to look forward to the big things in life. We have all experienced that feeling of anticipation as we prepare for a wedding, look forward to a job promotion or the annual family reunion. The problem, however, is once they are over… we often suffer from a feeling of emptiness until the next … Read more