31 Funny Introvert Memes To Keep You Laughing (By Yourself)

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“Social distancing? Easy.”

“Stay at home? Piece of cake!”

If you are an introvert, you’ll probably find these statements very relatable. With all the physical and social distancing being mandated in many areas, you’re likely one of the chosen few who will thrive in this situation.

After all, you’ve been training for these “stay at home” moments your whole life.

If this sounds like you, you’ll perhaps find these introvert memes that we compiled very relevant and fitting. Being an introvert, you’re probably a meme lover too (maybe even a creator!), so we bet you will find this list hilarious and entertaining as well.

Let’s check them out!

1. Can’t come. Super busy.

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“I’m super busy” and “I have so many things to do” are typical excuses for most introverts. Truth is, sometimes they’re not really busy. They just don’t want to socialize and would rather hang out with their pets at home while reading a book or watching a movie.

2. How introverts think and talk.

how introverts think | introvert memes quarantine | memes introverts will understand

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If you’re wondering what’s inside the mind of an introvert, well, here it is. They have so many things on their mind—a mixture of thoughts, ideas, and emotions—but they don’t have the energy to talk about them. That’s perfectly normal, of course.

3. Introductions when you’re an introvert.

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You probably have experienced this once or twice in your lifetime, even if you are not an introvert—but if you are, you surely know how it feels. Whenever someone asks you to introduce yourself, you just want to disappear because you don’t know what to say.

4. Got to at least try.

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Introverts do not “hate” people. They just don’t like being surrounded by too many of them. But they do try their best to reach out. When doing so, they need to set boundaries and limitations, because that is what will make them feel more comfortable and protected.

5. Lock the doors like a boss.

hey introvert | relatable introvert memes | introvert quotes

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A lot of people think that introverts “lock people out” or “push people away.” It’s not that they do not want to have people in their lives, they are just really selective with regard to the people they want to keep.

6. Introverts during conversations.

master of something yet | introvert memes quarantine | memes introverts will understand

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This pie chart basically sums up how a conversation with an introvert goes. Introverted people are more listeners than talkers. You’re actually lucky when introverts really listen to you. More often than not, they tune you out if you start talking nonsense.

7. Getting ready for an event.

shayla love | memes introverts will understand | introvert party meme

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Here’s a totally relatable meme for all the introverts out there. Ever felt regretful about saying “yes” to that high school reunion or family gathering—or, worse yet, that blind date your mom set you up with? Yep, we feel you on this one.

8. Introverts with introverts.

king brody | introvert party meme | funny introvert quotes

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This meme represents how introverts behave when with their fellow introverts. Think of it as finding your soulmate or best friend in a party full of extroverted individuals. It just feels so great to find someone who you can be with without all the pointless talking, storytelling, and socializing.

9. Introverts during a pandemic.

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A lot of introverts probably felt this way when the lockdown was announced. The transition was easy for them, as they’ve been living a quarantine lifestyle their whole lives.

10. When introverts are faced with a social event

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It’s an introvert thing—too many people means no fun. Again, this doesn’t mean they hate people. They just really don’t like loud, crowded places.

11. No, I ain’t coming!

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When you invite an introvert and they respond with “I’ll let you know,” “I’ll check my schedule,” or “I’ll just text you,” don’t expect any more. Those answers mean that they are not interested and would rather stay at home where it is peaceful and quiet.

12. Am I busy? That depends.

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Let’s be honest—introverts usually aren’t that busy. They only use it as an excuse to get out of things they don’t want to do. But that doesn’t mean they’re ill-mannered. They just really want their conversations and socializing to be meaningful. They don’t like wasting time.

13. Introverts around people vs. introverts when they are alone

marvelous dcman | introvert memes reddit | social introvert memes

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Here’s a perfect meme that illustrates how introverts are when around people and when alone. On a deeper, more hilarious level, it even shows how they feel and think when they are online and when their imagination is at its peak.

14. Do we need a new plague?

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Here’s a funny meme about things introverts think when they are surrounded by too many people. They don’t literally wish for another plague of course—right, introverts?

15. Let’s unite… separately!

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Introverts can unite and make some noise, too, although they might just decide to do it separately. We don’t see any problem with that!

16. We have been preparing for this.

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Introverts around the world celebrated when the government announced that social distancing should be observed. After all, they practically lived their entire lives practicing social distancing.

17. You’re lucky I answered.

evepen man | introvert memes quarantine | memes introverts will understand

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As we said earlier, introverts aren’t big fans of pointless talking. That means they don’t like answering phone calls, either. So consider yourself lucky if an introvert actually answers the phone for you.

18. See you after a million years!

24world | relatable introvert memes | introvert quotes

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It takes great courage for an introvert to talk to someone they know, and it takes even greater courage for them to talk to someone they do not know. If they immediately say goodbye after a short talk, let them be. And don’t hold a grudge if they don’t talk to you for months or even years. That’s just the way they are.

19. Introverts Party Starter Pack

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If you are an introvert and you’ve been invited to a party (and you actually decide to attend), here’s a starter pack for you. Say hello to the bathroom, the cat next door, the nachos on the table, a glass of beer, and your phone. Ta-da! Then slip out as quietly as possible.

20. Why did I say yes?!

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It just keeps getting closer and closer, and can’t stop wondering why you said “yes” to going to an event. You must feel so confused and messed up—totally relatable!

21. That’s an achievement!

guy in the moon | introvert party meme | funny introvert quotes

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For introverts, talking with someone can feel an achievement. The fact that they were able to survive the conversation is something to celebrate!

22. Social distancing? Oh, please!

daniel howell | introvert party meme | funny introvert quotes

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Once again, proof that introverts are very used to practicing social distancing. In fact, they’re experts! When the World Health recommended social distancing to avoid getting hit with the virus, everybody had to learn how introverts do it!

23. They will never know.

introvert struggles | relatable introvert memes | introvert quotes

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Well, if you are an introvert, you probably think that they won’t notice. But they actually will. After all, you’re the guy who never talks—and that is very noticeable!

24. I ain’t complaining, ok?

introvert struggles 1 | introvert memes reddit | social introvert memes

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This meme is a lesson in irony. Introverts often don’t care about not having a social life. In fact, they love it when people don’t bother them!

25. Wait… I haven’t practiced yet!

introvert struggles 2 | social introvert memes | introvert memes quarantine

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Sometimes, even a word or two with the waiter can be difficult. Your extroverted friends don’t realize that even ordering a meal can be a challenge!

26. Introvert Bingo

lisa diaz meyer | relatable introvert memes | introvert quotes

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Here’s an introvert bingo card to check if you really are an introvert. If you can relate to all the statements in the boxes and get a blackout (just like in the real Bingo game), then you are definitely introverted.

27. Panic attacks over phone calls.

psychiatric mind | relatable introvert memes | introvert quotes

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Another meme about phone calls. This one demonstrates the fact that introverts are really not fond of talking either over the phone or in person. Receiving a call is, for them, like touching fire with their bare hands—scary and dangerous.

28. I came. I saw. I left early.

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If you ever invite an introverted friend to an event, don’t expect them to stay until the after-party. Sometimes, they come out of respect and care for you. If they want to go home early, let them be. Just be glad that they came in the first place!

29. Indeed a peaceful life.

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Introverts would often rather stay at home all day, doing literally nothing, instead of socializing. So if your friend is a meme master, a Netflix addict, or a bookworm, be understanding, and glad that they have something to do!

30. Inside the mind of an introvert…

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An introvert’s mind is full of ideas and innovations. Studies show that they have the most creative minds, and that they usually end up with careers related to invention and creation. However, they often don’t speak about these ideas to other people.

31. 40 days of isolation but…

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It would have been exciting if these 40 days could have been spent alone—but then you realized that you’ll have to spend every single day with everyone at home. 

Final Words on Introvert Memes

Being an introvert is perfectly normal. There are things you prefer that other people don’t, and that’s totally fine. Truth be told, having this trait is sometimes one of the best ways to find real happiness, because it allows you to focus on yourself and the things that you love.

We hope that these funny introvert memes made you laugh, and will continue to make you laugh as you check them out again and again. Life is all about loving the way you are, so don’t lose your sense of self!

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