45 Best Songs About Winning and Achieving Victory in Life

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Looking for songs to celebrate a victory?

Your moment has arrived. After all the toil and tears, you’ve finally achieved something you’ve always dreamed of.

Now, it’s time to celebrate.

For today’s article, we’ve rounded up a collection of songs about winning that you can add to your victory playlist. These songs acknowledge the effort you’ve put in to achieve a dream.

The tracks inspire listeners to set big goals, stay committed in their pursuit of these goals, and have faith in themselves that they’ll make it to the top.

Whether you’re celebrating your graduation, a promotion at work, or other major milestones in life, the tracks in this collection will help emphasize your victory.

The spotlight’s on you. It’s time to bask in the glory of your success.

Table of Contents

1. I’m Gonna Win, Foreigner

I'm gonna win. I'm gonna win. You see, it's a matter of pride. Deep down inside. I'm gonna win, gonna win.

This first song highlights the determination to win. The narrator confesses that he’s not a born fighter.

However, surviving his ordeal is the only option, and he’s determined to achieve that.

2. Winning It All, The Outfield

Winning it all – ain't gonna walk away. Giving it all – no matter what you say. Ain't gonna fall – don't wanna lose today. Winning it all.

This song has the same idea as track number one. The desire to win is very strong.

The person is willing to give everything to ensure that they win.

3. We Are the Champions, Queen

We are the champions, my friends. And we'll keep on fighting till the end. We are the champions. We are the champions. No time for losers. ‘Cause we are the champions of the World.

This classic hit has become the go-to anthem for victories. It’s ideal for teams who want a bold, memorable song to declare that they are the champions.

The song acknowledges the hardships one has gone through to achieve victory. It’s a declaration that winners will not rest on their laurels, but keep on winning in the future.

4. Breakin… There’s No Stopping Us, Ollie & Jerry

There's no stopping us. No one does it better. There's no stopping us. Red light doesn't matter.

This song was first released in 1984, as part of the soundtrack for the movie Breakin’. It is about people’s unstoppable passion for what they do.

They are determined to be the best, despite the obstacles blocking their way.

5. We’re Gonna Win, Bryan Adams

We're gonna win, we wanna win. ‘Cause number one is everything.

All of the songs in this list highlight the winner’s mentality to succeed, and this song is one of the best examples if you’re looking for a track to boost your confidence.

It highlights the excitement of becoming a winner and is a reminder that, to truly become a winner, you must keep believing in yourself.

6. Sometimes You Lose Before You Win, Bryan Adams

You're gonna fall with the grace of a cannonball. You're gonna rise like a tide above it all. You gotta play, play your hand, or die where you stand. Sometimes you fail before you begin. Sometimes you lose before you win.

Becoming a winner doesn’t happen overnight.

There will be periods of struggle. Sometimes, you’ll feel like giving up.

However, when you’re determined to win, you’ll eventually do so! And all of those experiences of defeat will be worth it. That’s the message of this song.

7. Hey Look, Ma, I Made It!, Panic! At The Disco

Hey look, ma, I made it. Hey look, ma, I made it. Everything's comin' up aces, aces. If it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me. I said, ‘Hey look, ma, I made it!’

In this song, the narrator proves to his mother that he has finally overcome numerous challenges and emerged at the top.

The song details the  struggles he went through—from people who took advantage of his talents to fake friends—so that he could accomplish his goals.

8. Our Little Victory, Rush

Celebrate the moment as it turns into one more. Another chance at victory. Another chance to score.

This song is about being able to overcome personal tragedies. It is about having the determination to move forward, despite the pain and emotional turmoil from your previous experiences.

The song is also a reminder to be proud of how far you’ve come. It encourages you to celebrate the wins, no matter how small you might think those victories are.

9. Best Day of My Life, American Authors

I'm never gonna look back, whoa! I'm never gonna give it up, no! Please don't wake me now.

This song is about the ecstatic feeling you get when you’ve achieved something you’ve only dreamed about.

The elation makes the narrator feel like he’s just dreaming about his victory. He asks that nobody wake him so he can keep savoring his triumph.

10. We’re a Winner, The Impressions

We’re a winner. And never let anybody say, boy, you can’t make it.

This song is about knowing that you’ve got what it takes to claim victory. It encourages you to believe in yourself and ignore the detractors and critics.

You’re movin’ on up. Congratulations!

11. Victorious, Panic! At The Disco

Tonight, we are victorious. Champagne pouring over us. All my friends we're glorious. Tonight, we are victorious.

Sometimes, all it takes to be victorious is to feel like you’re already a winner.

When you know you’ve given your best, had fun, and put in all of your passion, your efforts deserve to be celebrated.

You’re already a champion in my book.

12. Always a Winner, Pete Murray

Always a winner. Yeah, you’re always a winner for me.

If you’re looking for a song celebrating your loved one’s victory, try this track from Pete Murray.

This is about celebrating the resilience of your partner in a romantic relationship. It is also about acknowledging both of your strength for facing the challenges in your life together as partners.

13. Position to Win, Migos

In a position to win. In a position to go.

This song encourages listeners to stay committed and determined to achieving their dreams.

It reminds them to never quit, to do what needs to be done, and to do it with positive energy. These actions put them in a position to become winners.

14. Paths of Victory, Bob Dylan

Trails of troubles, roads of battles. Paths of victory we shall walk.

In this song, achieving victory is presented as a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. It highlights the need to persevere in the midst of a difficult situation and to remain optimistic that things will turn out in one’s favor.

15. Power of the Dream, Celine Dion

Feel the flame forever burn. Teaching lessons we must learn. To bring us closer to the power of the dream. The world in lights and hope and peace. We pray that you will always be. It is the power of the dream that brings us here.

This song was first presented during the opening of the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta. It is about how our dreams have the power to bring out the most excellent versions of us.

Our dreams make champions out of us, so hold on to your dreams and do the best you can to turn them into reality.

16. Winning Ugly, The Rolling Stones

And we’re winning, winning ugly.

For many people, winning is everything. However, there’s a difference between winning something fair and square and winning by cheating.

This song is about doing whatever it takes to become a winner, even if it means resorting to dirty and underhanded tactics.

17. I Believe That We Will Win, Pitbull

I believe that we will win.

This song was written to inspire people throughout the world during the global health crisis. It encourages listeners to rise above the challenge and emerge victorious.

The song is a reminder to always have faith in the collective success of humanity during challenging times.

18. Conqueror, Estelle

I’d rather stand tall than live on my knees. ‘Cause I’m a conqueror. And I won’t accept defeat. Try telling me no. One thing about me is I’m a conqueror…

This song is about realizing you’ve got what it takes to be a winner. Therefore, you should always aim for the best.

Most of all, you should never allow others to step over you.

19. Dare, Stan Bush

Dare, dare to believe you can survive. You hold the future in your hand. Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive. It's time to take a stand. And you can win, if you dare.

This song is about never giving up. It encourages you to keep your dreams alive and to never stop going after them.

It tells listeners that if they have the daring to go after their dreams, they’ll be able to achieve them.

20. Raise Your Glass, P!nk

So, raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways. All my underdogs. We will never be, never be anything but loud. Maybe nitty gritty dirty little freaks. So, raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways.

Have you ever felt that you’re different from everybody else, and that this difference prevents you from winning?

What you think is preventing you from being like everyone else could actually be your greatest strength.

This song is a powerful reminder to embrace your uniqueness.

Raise your glass! Your unique perspective is your ticket to victory.

21. Live to Win, Paul Stanley

Day by day, kickin' all the way. I'm not cavin' in. Let another round begin. Live to win. Yeah, live, yeah, win.

Each day will bring new challenges—new obstacles that could prevent you from winning. This song is about hanging on, taking the punches, and achieving victory.

22. Born for This, The Score

Oh, can't stop me now. Oh, can't stop me now. And heavy is the head that wears the crown. I'm singing, I'm singing. Oh, can't stop me now.

Winning brings with it certain privileges. For example, underdogs gain the respect of others when they become victorious.

However, victory also comes with responsibility. This song is about realizing how grave the responsibility is.

23. Born to Win, Ryan Innes

This is the moment I’ve waited for all of my life. This is my legacy this is my moment to rise. I was born to win.

Some people shy away from winning because they are hesitant to take on the responsibilities that come with victory.

However, this song is about embracing a victory because you feel it’s your destiny. It is about claiming your birthright of being a champion.

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24. Winning, Keith Urban

And I’m winning. And I don’t intend on losing again.

This song is about a person who loses many times, but finally tastes victory. Now, this person won’t allow himself to ever lose again.

25. Winners, Frank Sinatra

Here's to the heroes, those who move mountains. Here's to the miracles they make us see. Here's to all brothers. Here's to all people. Here's to the winners all of us can be.

This song celebrates every changemaker, hero, and winner. It reminds us that the potential for greatness is within us all.

26. Where My Heart Will Take Me (Theme from Enterprise), Russell Watson

It's been a long night trying to find my way. Been through the darkness, now I finally have my day. And I will see my dream come alive at last. I will touch the sky. And they're not gonna hold me down no more. No, they're not gonna change my mind.

If a person has lost their way for a long time, they might lose hope and see themselves as failures. This song is about never losing hope, and being determined to win even after being put down so many times before.

27. The Winner, Bobby Bare

But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth're still in my mouth. And you know, I guess that makes me the winner.

This funny song is about a would-be barroom brawler who has time to consider the cost of winning a fight. In the end, he graciously gives in.

He figures that losing the function of several body parts isn’t worth being called a winner in a drunken fight.

28. Born to Win, Papoose

Victory, I choose. Ain't no turning back ‘cause I paid my dues. I tighten up my laces when I tie my shoes. Born to win, I refuse to lose. Everybody loves a winner!

This song is a declaration to the world about your willingness to do what it takes to win. It inspires listeners to never take their eyes off their goal and to always aim for victory.

29. Glory, Common and John Legend

One day when the glory comes, it will be ours, it will be ours. Oh, one day when the war is won, we will be sure, we will be sure. Oh glory!

This is an emotionally moving song about fighting for one’s rights. Its inspiration is Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement members who fought for equality and justice.

30. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, McFadden & Whitehead

There's been so many things that's held us down. But now it looks like things are finally comin' around.

This song is about being excited about what the future brings. It is about acknowledging that you’ve had your share of challenges on the way to victory.

However, things are looking up. You’re finally starting to reap the benefits of your hard work.

31. Firework, Katy Perry

‘Cause baby, you're a firework. Come on, show 'em what you're worth. Make 'em go, ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ As you shoot across the sky.

This song is a reminder to keep embracing your uniqueness and letting it shine so that other people can be inspired to reach their potential, as well. In this way, you’re truly a winner.

32. Rule the World, Zayde Wolf

Someday, someday. We’ll gonna rule the world.

This is a victory anthem for the next generation. One thing’s for certain: They’re going to do things differently from their predecessors.

33. Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky), Bill Conti

Getting strong now. Won't be long now. Getting strong now. Gonna fly now. Flying high now. Gonna fly, fly.

This is one of the theme songs from the movie Rocky.It’s about working and doing your best to achieve victory and respect.

34. Sweet Victory, David Glen Eisley & Bob Kulick

Sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah. It's ours for the taking. It's ours for the fight. Sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah. And the one who's last to fall, the winner, takes all.

This is about embracing the victory that’s yours for the taking. It also emphasizes the wonderful feeling of winning.

35. The Winner Takes It All, ABBA

The winner takes it all. The loser has to fall. It's simple and it's plain. Why should I complain?

According to Björn Ulvaeus, who co-wrote this song with fellow ABBA member Benny Andersson, it is about the tumultuous experience of divorce. The song was written and recorded the year Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog divorced.

It is a sad song where, although the narrator declares that the winner takes it all, both partners still experience regret and sorrow when the marriage is over.

36. The Greatest, Sia

Letdowns'll get you, and the critics will test you. But the strong'll survive. Another scar may bless you.

This song is about rising above the challenges you face every day. It highlights your ability to survive, especially in an environment where others bully you.

Your experience is your source of strength and will give you the necessary tools to win.

37. Rise, Katy Perry

When, when the fire's at my feet again and the vultures all start circling. They're whispering, ‘You're out of time.’ But still, I rise. This is no mistake, no accident. When you think the final nail is in, think again. Don't be surprised. I will still rise.

This song was first written for the Summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. It has an inspiring message of resilience and determination.

The song is a powerful reminder that, even when you think you’ve got nothing more to give, you can always find strength from within to push to the finish line and become victorious.

38. Undefeated, Daughtry

Still undefeated. With my back against the ropes, still undefeated. You can knock me down with mighty blows, but you cannot break my hope.

This song is about resilience, determination, and hope, which are the ingredients for victory.

In this song, the narrator uses a boxing ring to represent life. The ropes are the challenges you face.

However, you don’t let the setbacks stop you. You may be knocked down multiple times, but you are still determined to stand, undefeated by life. 

39. Champion, Neoni x Burnboy

Deep in my bones, oh yeah, I know. I am, I am the champion.

This song is about being unstoppable when going after something you want—whether that something is winning a sports event, getting promoted, graduating, or achieving a personal development goal.

Listeners are encouraged to know their worth and their abilities that help get them to the top.

40. Legend, The Score

Blood, sweat, I'll break my bones ‘til all my scars bleed golden. My name's forever known.

If you have every intention of winning, then you might want to consider this song as your personal anthem.

It’s not only about winning, but also about leaving behind a legacy that inspires others.

41. One Moment in Time, Whitney Houston

You're a winner for a lifetime if you seize that one moment in time. Make it shine.

This song was created for the Summer Olympics of 1988, held in South Korea. It is about seizing the opportunity to become a winner and face your destiny.

The song inspires listeners to savor the moment of victory and feel alive and free.

42. Long Live, Taylor Swift

Long live the walls we crashed through. How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you. I was screaming, ‘Long live all the magic we made!’ And bring on all the pretenders. One day we will be remembered.

Oftentimes, victories aren’t achieved alone. There are other people who help you reach the top, whether they’re mentors, supporters, teammates, etc. They have your back, cheering you on every step of the way.

This song is about achieving victory after years of hard work and dedication. It is a victory made sweeter by having loyal people by your side to celebrate with you.

43. Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time.

One of the challenges, when you’re trying to win, is dealing with harsh critics and detractors. This song is about successfully reaching the top, even when someone tried to tarnish your reputation.

44. Lose Yourself, Eminem

You better lose yourself in the music. The moment, you own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

For many people, the chance to win only comes once. This song reminds you to not miss that opportunity.

45. Win, Brian McKnight

Never lose hope, never lose faith. There's much too much at stake. Upon myself I must depend. I'm not looking for place or show. I'm gonna win.

In this song, a man vows to win. He is aware that there is too much at stake if he loses.

To succeed, he must believe in himself and have the resilience to make it through the challenges that block his way to victory.

Final Thoughts on Songs About Winning

It takes effort to win. Therefore, you deserve to celebrate victories, no matter how small you might think they are.

Hopefully, you’ve found a song or two among the ones featured here today that you can add to your victory playlist.

May you enjoy achieving new wins in all areas of your life. We’ll be here to cheer you on!

Remember to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Celebrate with songs that make you think of happiness and good times.

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