45 Uplifting Gender Neutral Compliments to Make Their Day

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I am a happy person, but I’m human, so I’m capable of having a bad day. With that said, people often tell me, “You have a beautiful smile”, and/or variations of, “You’re a hard worker”. There’s something about people complimenting my smile that always felt special… especially when I lived in places that aren’t so … Read more

7 Important Reasons Why Happiness is a Choice

happiness is a choice | why happiness is a choice | is happiness a choice or result

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times,” said the ancient Greek author Aeschylus. But he’s not the only one who viewed happiness as the result of conscious, voluntary actions. From Stoic philosophers to 21st-century scientists, experts across history have argued that happiness results from choices we make each day. Sounds pretty simple right? … Read more