21 Free Mood Tracker Printables to Understand Yourself Better

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Looking for a mood tracker printable to track your good and bad days?

Maybe you like journaling but don’t have the time to design your own. Or perhaps you want to track your moods but simply can’t find the time to create a mood tracker.

Whatever the case, a digital planner or a printable may be just what you need. In this post, we share with you 21 beautifully designed mood tracker printables to better understand your moods and feelings.

Let’s get to it!

21 Free Mood Tracker Printables

1. Color Mood Tracker

mood tracker printable circle | mood tracker for kids printable | mood tracker printable dreamstime

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Here’s a mood tracker we specially designed for those who like their trackers colorful and vibrant. As you can see at the bottom, there are four pre-set moods available: happy, sad, depressed, and angry. We have reserved three more slots for you to customize if you want to add more.

What’s great about this mood tracker is that you can see your year at a glance. We have covered 31 days for 12 months, so there is no need to print it many times. It’s minimalistic yet colorful at the same time!

2. Daily Mood Tracker

free mood tracker | coloring mood tracker | mood tracker printable putthekettleon

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If you want your mood tracker to be filled out daily and with details, then this example might be perfect. It has space where you can write your emotion for the day and what happened to make you feel like that. It serves as a diary and a mood tracker at the same time.

You will need to print this a number of times for the whole year, as it only has 24 days. 

3. Minimalist Floral Mood Tracker

Elegant and classy, this mood tracker from Jennie of The Housewife Modern is suitable for an entire year. It already has the main moods (happy, angry, sad/depressed, and anxious), and you can always add other feelings that you think might describe your day.

If you visit the site, you will find four different versions of this tracker. You can check them all out and see which you like the best. Download and print the printables from the site, and you’re ready to start your day with a mood tracker.

4. Mandala Mood & Gratitude Tracker

This template is a combination of a mood and gratitude monthly tracker. According to its creator, it should help you simplify things and save time so you can attend to other, more important matters. It is available in five different sizes—A4, A5, letter, half letter, and classic happy planner.

For the mood tracker, you can choose up to eight moods to include, and use the outer circle to color and track. For the gratitude tracker, you can use the space right after the outside circle to write a keyword that best describes what made you grateful for the day.

5. Weekly Printable Mood Tracker Worksheet

This particular mood tracker is designed to help you track your mood at five specific times of the day: early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Simply add the moods you would like to track for the week and then assign a color to each.

Each day, record your mood and the activities you did. You can find mood recommendations to include at the bottom of the page or add your own moods.

6. Four-Month Mood Tracker

This cute, simple mood tracker template with a frog princess design in the middle is a perfect fit for those who’d like to monitor their moods for four months. You need to print three copies in order to cover the whole year.

We recommend this tracker if you want to see the changes in your mood (or if it has stayed the same) throughout the whole year.

7. Bi-Annual Mood Tracker

We call this template bi-annual because you can include six months worth of mood tracking in it. It already has whole days from 1 to 30, so you only have to write the months you want to cover. Once it’s done, it will create a beautiful mandala.

8. Floral Mood Tracker

If you love flowers and mandalas, then this printable mood tracker might be the right choice. It is available in A4 size for your bullet journal, or can be used for your digital planner.

It is undated so you can use it anytime and for whatever reason. It is also untitled, which means you can use it as a habit tracker, gratitude tracker, or other type of tracker.

9. Hive of Emotions: A Daily Mood Tracker

This hexagonally-themed mood tracker provides a visually engaging way to record your daily emotional states. You can use color codes for ease of reflection.

The honeycomb design is aesthetically pleasing, providing you with a systematic approach to mood documentation.

Translate your feelings into color and track your mindfulness and self-awareness. This is the key to managing emotional well-being.

10. Feathers of Feelings

This feather-themed mood tracker offers a creative and serene way to note your emotional landscape, with each feather segment corresponding to a day of the month.

The designated colors and symbols provide a quick snapshot of your mood trends. Coloring becomes a meditative practice by associating each day with a color on the feather. This soothes the mind and improves the mood.

11. Holiday Lights Mood Tracker

The final tracker on our list is for those who love lights and lanterns. A total of 31 circles represent the lights, and all you have to do is fill them in with the color that best describes your mood.

The legend is already prepared for your convenience. You have five available moods—happy, angry, neutral, enamored, and sad. This tracker is available in different sizes: A5, A4, letter.

12. Monochrome Mood Tracker

This minimalist mood tracker features a clean and organized format, with a comprehensive list of moods and corresponding checkboxes for daily tracking.

It is designed with simplicity in mind, offering an 8.5×11-inch layout that is both practical and user-friendly.

Through its straightforward approach, you may find it easier to identify and pursue activities that enhance well-being and happiness.

13. Gems Template Mood Tracker

This gem-themed mood tracker printable is available to insert into your bullet journal. It is available in A5 and letter size, and designed by KateandOlivePlanners via Etsy. If you love rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and other gems, you should check this printable and start tracking your mood.

14. Rain Cloud Mood Tracker

This one-page mood tracker is perfect for those who find joy in rainy, cloudy days. You can color, doodle, and write on the cloud and raindrops drawing. There are also six key spaces at the bottom where you can create a legend for your moods.

If your bullet journal or digital planner is season-themed, you can use this tracker for the spring or rainy season.

15. Mood in Photos

Do you like taking pictures? Why not capture your mood through these polaroid frames? You can even draw small figures inside them!

This mood tracker is a perfect fit for your photo journal (if you have one). If not, then maybe this is a great opportunity to start creating. You can also use it in your writing journal. Simply print one page each month and insert it!

16. What’s Your Coffee Today?

If you are one of those people who can’t seem to live without coffee, then this mood tracker might be perfect for you. Label your coffee with words representing your mood or use a color palette that totally represents you. At the end of each day, when you’re about to write, ask yourself—what was your coffee today?

17. How Are You Today?

weekly mood tracker printable | mood tracker ideas | mood tracker printable studyquill

via studyquill

We saw this template on Tumblr and thought it might be an excellent fit for lovers of abstract lines and shapes. It is specially designed for the Leuchtturm1917 journal, but you can always print and use it in your journal.

The overall section should be a measure of how many positive emotions you experienced for the whole month, while the blank circles at the bottom are for you to fill in with your own faces (emojis) and moods.

18. Botanical Bliss Mood Tracker

This plant-themed mood tracker features various hand-drawn botanical illustrations, each representing a day of the month to be colored depending on your daily mood.

It offers an organic and creative twist to traditional mood tracking by incorporating the tranquil essence of nature into your personal reflection.

As you color each plant, you actively nurture and improve your mood, helping you experience a more joyful state of mind.

19. Coffee Cup Mood Tracker

Are you a coffee lover? This innovative mood tracker features a stack of coffee cups that can be filled with your mood of the day. If you are tech-savvy, it is available in digital form for digital planning enthusiasts.

Since each cup represents a different day, filling them can become a reflective morning routine, like sipping your daily cup of coffee. This method of mood tracking can perk up your day by providing clarity and a moment of mindfulness.

20. Floral Circular Mood Tracker

This mood tracker combines the delicate beauty of floral art with a circular design, creating a harmonious space in which to document your daily emotions.

The petals circling the wheel can be colored to signify your varying moods each day, providing an elegant and therapeutic approach to emotional tracking.

Filling in this bloom-inspired mood tracker can mirror the gentle unfolding of your inner feelings, potentially leading to greater peace and happiness.

21. Inside Out Yearly Mood Tracker

This inventive mood tracker is themed around the movie Inside Out, using characters that represent various emotions to map out an entire year of feelings.

The grid layout corresponds to the days of the month, allowing for daily emotional check-ins using the film's vibrant and memorable characters.

The familiar faces from the movie bring a sense of fun and relatability to mood tracking, which can make the process more engaging and less daunting. You may also use this chance to introduce mood tracking to your kids or younger siblings.

Final Words on Mood Tracker Printables

Mood tracking brings a lot of benefits. Aside from the fact that it helps you release pent-up emotions, it is also a way to understand yourself better. When you know your feelings and emotions, you allow yourself to find ways to be happier.

We hope that we were able to help you find the best mood tracker printable for your needs.

Try one or more of the 21 mood tracker printables above, and see which one best suits your style. With these trackers, we hope you’ll be able to define the things that affect your mood and feelings.  

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