17 Best Gifts for People with Anxiety [2024 Update]

gifts for people with anxiety | anxiety gift basket | gifts for someone with anxiety and depression

Anxiety is no joke. Whether it is mild, moderate, or severe, it can lead to a serious panic or depressive state. Especially during rough times, anxiety can attack anyone, regardless of gender, age, or background. It is important to know what it feels like to be anxious, and to be sympathetic to those who are … Read more

Introvert VS Social Anxiety: 9 Basic Differences

introvert vs social anxiety | introversion vs social anxiety | introvert

Introverts can be mistaken as socially anxious, shy, antisocial, or avoidant. On the flip side, those affected by social anxiety are sometimes mistaken for an introvert. Nothing is wrong with being an introvert or experiencing social anxiety. Learning the key differences between introvert vs social anxiety can help you understand and embrace yourself. You’re also able to determine … Read more

15 Warning Signs of an Adult with Abandonment Issues

signs of abandonment issues | signs of abandonment issues in adults | what are abandonment issues

Have you lost a loved one due to an unexpected separation or death… and felt like you never got past their leaving? Do you experience feelings of insecurity, jealousy, rage, anxiety or obsessive thoughts when you are in a close friendship or intimate relationship? Maybe you sabotage relationships so they fall apart? Or you’re too controlling? … Read more

5 Best Vitamins for Anxiety & Depression [2024 Update]

​According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are about 40 million American adults who experience anxiety disorders every year. There are several factors that cause anxiety, including genetics, the environment, a person’s medical history, and/or the use of prohibited substances. Although anxiety disorders are common and a cause of concern for sufferers … Read more

63 Social Anxiety Quotes to Deal with Uncomfortable Situations

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Do you often get nervous and uncomfortable when surrounded by many people? Or do you sometimes become self-conscious and insecure when dealing with unfavorable situations? In this post, we share with you some of the best social anxiety quotes that can help you deal with uncomfortable and unfavorable scenarios. We want to help you feel … Read more

6 Actionable Strategies Overcome Your Social Anxiety in ANY Situation

social anxiety | how to overcome social anxiety | how to deal with social anxiety

​For those of you who experience social anxiety, you know firsthand the isolation that follows. Being uncomfortable at social events, parties, and other gatherings, can affect your friendships or intimate relationships. And relationships, both platonic and romantic, are one of the pillars of happiness. In fact, research has shown that positive relationships could be the … Read more

15 Worst Jobs for People with Anxiety in 2024

worst jobs for people with anxiety | best jobs for someone with anxiety and depression | best jobs for people with anxiety

Are you scouring the internet and newspapers for job vacancies, and perhaps you’ve found quite a few that sound like great opportunities? But there’s only one problem: you suffer from anxiety and you aren’t sure if these jobs are suitable or if they’ll set off your anxiety triggers. When it comes to finding the perfect … Read more