41 Best Board Games for Couples to Play in 2024

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Looking for new ways to spice up the relationship between you and your partner?

The good old dinner date is still a classic, a walk in the park is still a good way to bond, and even chilling at home with Netflix has its place.

But there’s always something more you and your partner can do to de-stress and spend some fun time together.

Particularly for married people, life can get a bit serious at times, and sometimes you just need a moment or two to relax and unwind.

In this article, we share with you the 41 best board games for couples to play on game night. We’ve carefully selected these games based on the level of fun and relaxation they bring, and how much more happiness they can create in any couple’s relationship.

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Table of Contents

Our Top Choices

If you're a busy person who doesn't have time to read this entire review, we've simplified everything. Here is a table to show you a quick list of the best board games for couples.

ProductBest Choice For…
DominionBEST OVERALL; Best Kingdom Building Game; Good for couples who like building and developing kingdoms and thrones
Carcassonne Board GameBest City Building Game; Good for couples who like building and developing cities
Pandemic Legacy Blue Board GameBest Team-up Game; Allows couples to practice their cooperative skills
Hive: A Game Crawling with PossibilitiesBest Strategic Game; Good for couples who love strategic games
JaipurBest Selling Game; Good for business-minded couples
AzulBest Wall Building Game; Good for couples who have aesthetic sense and are into designs
SplendorBest Merchant Game; Good for couples who like games that involve selling and purchasing items
Patchwork Board GameBest Weaving Game; Good for couples who like strategic and patience-testing game
Bears vs. BabiesBest Heart-shocking Game; Good for couples who like bears, weapons, and suspense
The Castles of BurgundyBest Estate Developing Game; Good for couples who are into real estate business
GuillotineBest Beheading Game; Good for couples who hate aristocrats and politicians
Codenames: DuetBest Words Game; Good for wordsmith couples
Twilight Struggle Deluxe EditionBest History Game; Good for couples who are fond of history, particularly the Cold War
The Fox in the ForestBest Fantasy Game; Good for the couple who like a bit of fantasy in their game
Plague, Inc.Best Chaos Game; Good for couples who need some de-stressing
Qwirkle Best Tactical Game: Good for couples who want to improve their strategic planning
Hanabi‌Best Memory Game: Good for couples who like logic, deduction
Magic:‌ ‌The‌ ‌Gathering‌ ‌Spellslinger‌ ‌Starter‌ ‌Kit‌Best Magic Game; Good for couples who are fond of magic and the world of dragons, vampires, dinosaurs, and angels
Onitama‌Best Mind Game; Good for couples who like playing mind games like chess and draughts
Sherlock‌ ‌Holmes‌ ‌Consulting‌ ‌Detective‌Best Detective Game; Good for couples who are Sherlock Holmes fanatics and have a knack for solving crime puzzles
Loopy‌Best Game that can strengthen your communication and connection with your partner
Wit’s‌ ‌End‌Best Riddle Game; Good for couples who like brain teasers and riddles covering different categories
Taboo‌Best Guessing Game; Good for couples who are fond of guessing games with more thrill and excitement
Agricola‌Best Farming Game ;Good for couples who love farming, gardening, and everything about crop production and management
Pressman‌ ‌Mancala‌Best Counting Game; Good for couples who like counting games based on techniques and strategy

Why Play Board Games?

With the stress of jobs, commitments, responsibilities, and busy schedules, you probably tend to forget to slow down and enjoy some quality time with your partner.

While everything in your life is competing for your attention, setting aside time away from demands and technology can be especially rewarding.

Romantic games for couples can help bring you back into the physical world to be present in the moment with your partner. Let's look at some of the top reasons that you and your partner should play board games.

Don’t lose the playfulness.

Playfulness is one of the things that couples should never lose or take for granted. Being playful spices up the relationship to a whole new level.

When you are able to lose yourselves in play, you're allowing yourselves to escape your everyday, linear, problem-solving, adult mindset.

You are able to activate a part of your brain that doesn't get much stimulation in your adult life—the one that isn't concerned about deadlines, bills, or your physical appearance. Rather, your brain is able to make new connections that help you see things in new ways.

Being playful with your partner can help you boost your creativity, improve your mood, make you laugh together, and help you engage with each other in unique ways. Laughing with your partner brings you closer together, especially when it happens spontaneously and unexpectedly.

It also prevents you from taking yourselves too seriously. In fact, some couples have found success by finding a reason to laugh in the middle of an argument.

They find that laughter can melt away anger and help them come up with more creative ways to handle problems.

By playing games together, you and your partner can be playful in a way that you otherwise might miss.

Having the ability to embrace good-natured humor gives you the humility to see the uselessness of trying to be perfect and the gift of enjoying laughter with the person you love.

Explore and learn new things together.

Through board games, couples can learn new things and explore fresh ideas together. People often enjoy the stimulation of learning new things or gaining new experiences.

Not only does this help prevent life from becoming mundane, but it also forces you to be challenged to think in new ways. Learning to do something with a loved one is even better because you get to share the experience.  

You won't grow with your partner if you just do the same things you have always done. Growth requires you to explore and learn new things together, whether it’s trying to solve a new problem or adapt to a new way of thinking.

Putting yourselves into new situations can force a beneficial change. This spirit of constantly challenging yourselves will help keep you modest and open to new ideas that could be better than the ones you currently have.

Through board games, couples can learn new things and explore fresh ideas together.
Through board games, couples can learn new things and explore fresh ideas together. 

Build a stronger relationship.

Playing board games strengthens the bond between you and your partner. It can be a hobby that the two of you can schedule to make sure you spend enough “love” time with each other.

Plus, you may be surprised at how much you don't yet know about your partner that you can learn when you add in a little competition.

People don't play board games alone. The foundation of these games are cooperation. Cooperative board games for couples help build a stronger relationship through teamwork and a joint sense of creativity. Exploring this hobby allows you to spend quality time with your partner that is necessary to strengthen your relationship.

Additionally, laughing with your partner while you're playing games triggers the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel good” hormones.

This helps improve both your conscious and unconscious cognitive functions, leaving you and your partner feeling happy, compassionate, and ultimately fulfilled by each other's company.

Make your date nights more fun and exciting.

If you are tired of the same old routine, you can use board games to make your date nights different more thrilling. It is easy to start slacking off when it comes to planning dates nights, and many people need help with ideas that extend beyond dinner and a movie.

Date nights are the best time to rediscover your partner and enjoy them away from the distractions of the outside world. Finding the best board games for two players allows you to have fun together, laugh, think outside of the box, and work with each other to be creative and come up with fresh ideas.

While doing this might not be the answer to all of the problems that your relationship may face, the connection that you will build by having fun together playing board games can help you deal with those problems in more creative ways.

So set the intention of playing board games with your partner. Plan a night, add it to your list of priorities, and do it. If you are ready to give this a try, here are some perfect board games for two adult players that you can enjoy together.

41 Best Board Games for Couples to Play on Game Night


Rio Grande Games - Dominion: First Edition
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This is the best kingdom building game and is great for couples who enjoy building and developing kingdoms and thrones.

Dominion is one of the most popular deck-building games worldwide and is an ideal introduction to the mechanics of deck building for new players, as well as seasoned vets. Playing this game with your partner will encourage you to be collaborative in strategizing, and to be creative, which is ideal for relationship bonding.

While the general concept of the game remains the same, each individual game will look a little different, as there is an endless supply of deck combinations. The great thing about this game is that if you enjoy the core game, there are a lot of expansion sets available to help keep it fresh and stimulating for years to come.

But that being said, unlike some other deck-building games, Dominion allows players to build decks without having to spend countless hours and excessive amounts of money on card booster packs. You get every card that you need in just one box.

The endless strategies and card combinations that can be played make each game unique and exciting. After a few rounds of this game, you will clearly see if this style of game is something you and your partner will enjoy.


  • Perfect for couples who enjoy building kingdoms and thrones.
  • Great game to play over and over again.
  • Its simple rules make it easy to catch on, and the game can continue to build on itself.


  • It can feel slow-paced.
  • Although the rules are simple once they are learned, the instructions can feel a bit complicated at first.
  • Quality control with game pieces is poor.

2. Carcassonne Board Game – Best City Building Game

Carcassonne Board Game (BASE GAME) | Board Game for Adults and Family
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Carcassonne Board Game is the best option for a city building game, making it great for couples who enjoy building and developing cities. The game is based on an actual city in the south of France that is known for its heavily fortified walls. During the game, each player acts as a developer from the countryside and aims to make their own unique impact on the terrain.

At the beginning of each person's turn, they place a new tile on the board, connecting it to an existing tile. These tiles represent components of cities, roads, fields, or monasteries. Each player also has a collection of “meeples” (or followers) that they can use to claim areas.

When meeples are placed on the board, they can turn into thieves, knights, monks, and farmers to help players develop the land around their cities. Players gain points by using their meeples, and whoever has the most points once the final tile is played wins the game.

There are few components to this game, as it comes with just over 70 land tiles. However, the game is pretty complicated. The accompanying rulebook is detailed, using pictures to clarify potential issues that may arise during the game.

The final items that come with this game are a scoreboard and the meeple pieces, which are among the most recognizable game pieces in the modern board game era.


  • Detailed land tiles.
  • It comes with great, detailed instructions.
  • The ease of play is excellent.


  • Game tiles are unstable, so if you hit a tile, they all may shift.
  • There is not a lot of strategy involved in the gameplay.
  • It has a component of randomness that some gamers dislike.

​3. Pandemic Legacy Blue Board Game – Best Team-up Game

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Blue Edition Board Game for Adults and Family
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This is the best team-up game, meaning it allows couples to practice their cooperative skills.

In this game, two to four players have to collaborate to save the world from four different diseases. Throughout the game, you and your partner(s) travel around the world treating diseases and searching for the cures before the plagues overpower humanity.

This game offers campaign-style gameplay, meaning that the decisions you make in former games you have played have an impact on all of your games moving forward. Throughout the game, you will be destroying cards, using stickers, discovering new things, and finding secret packages.

Pandemic: Legacy comes with a legacy deck that will guide players through the game’s 12-month cycle. Each month brings new goals, tasks, challenges, and even new rules.

The game changes based on the choices that your team makes, but you only have two opportunities to win a round during a month before you are able to move onto the next, so it is important to play with caution. The method of winning the game varies from month to month, so you have to be flexible in order to save humanity in this game.


  • It offers a consuming experience for couples to immerse themselves in.
  • The game evolves as you progress through it.
  • A very unique game that requires complex thinking.


  • This game lasts for exactly one year, which limits its replay-ability.
  • Some find the beginning of this game to be boring before it picks up.
  • Board isn't treated, so it is hard to remove stickers.

4. Hive: A Game Crawling With Possibilities – Best Strategic Game

Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities
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Hive: A Game Crawling With Possibilities is the best option if you and your partner are looking for a strategic game, or if you love to use strategy in your gameplay.

This “board” game actually has no board. It comes with pieces that are added to a playing area that creates a board. As pieces are continuously added, the game becomes a battle to see who can be the first player to capture the opponent's queen bee.

This two-player, abstract, strategy game revolves around placing and manipulating tiles that represent various insects.

Similar to the pieces in chess, the different insect tiles each have their own set of specific rules that control when and where they can move. The game is won when a player surrounds their opponent's queen bee tile on all six of sides with other insect tiles.

There is very little setup required to play this game after you understand the rules. The insect tiles themselves make up the entire game, meaning there are no other cards or playing pieces to deal with. The game begins as soon as the tiles are distributed to each player.

The game pieces are thick, sturdy, and of excellent quality, allowing Hive to last you a lifetime. Everything you need to play this game fits inside the included carrying case, making this an ideal game if you and your partner like to travel.

Unlike some other games that are great for couples, this is not a cooperative game, but rather a competitive game with a clear winner at the end. If you enjoy chess but dislike the amount of time it takes to complete a game, you will love Hive, as it has the same concept but a shorter gameplay period.


  • Great for people who enjoy strategy games.
  • Tiles are high quality.
  • A small game that can be stored easily or taken along during travel.


  • Expensive, especially if you purchase the additional expansion pieces.
  • Without buying the expansion pieces, the game can eventually become dull.
  • It is possible to end in a tie, which is dissatisfying for some.

5. Jaip​​ur – Best Game Involving Sales and Profit

Jaipur Board Game - Strategy Trading Game
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This is the best-selling game, and perfect for couples who are business-minded.

In this fast-paced game, you and your component are merchants who compete to show the maharajah who can earn a greater profit, with the goal of becoming the maharajah's official merchant.

You start Jaipur with three camel cards and two merchandise cards face up on a table between you and your opponent, and five cards in each of your possession. When it is your turn, you can choose to either take cards or sell them.

The goal of this board game is to gain tokens that represent money in order to generate the highest income. At the end of each round, players add up the points on their tokens, and the player with the highest score wins that round. There are three rounds in each game, and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete a game.

One of the things people enjoy about this game is that, even if you are behind, you feel as if you are making progress during each turn you take. It is always possible to pull ahead, even right up to the end of the game, so players can always feel like they are being productive.

The quality of the cards and the artwork on the box and cards is excellent. The game box and its components fit neatly into a small box, making this an easy game to store away when not in use.


  • It requires very little time commitment.
  • Fast-paced gameplay allows you to complete several rounds in a short period of time.
  • This is a two-player game, but you can play it with your child if your partner is not around because it is suitable for all ages.


  • It does not require as much strategy as some prefer.
  • Lacks depth.
  • The game is fun for a while, but few people find it to be entertaining for an extended period of time.

6. Azul – Best Wall Building Game

Azul is a tile drafting game where players aim to create the most aesthetically pleasing pattern of ceramic tiles on the walls of the royal palace.

The game is inspired by the historical use of azulejos, which are tin-glazed ceramic tiles that were used in Portugal during the 1500s.

The setting of the game is historical, but the gameplay is abstract and puzzle-like in nature and can be finished in about half an hour.

This is the best wall-building game, making it perfect for couples who are into designing things, and who have an aesthetic sense.

Players take turns adding colored tiles that are obtained from suppliers to their player board. The play is relatively simple, as you're simply drafting tiles, aiming to get the tiles that you need before your opponent takes them for themselves. Points are scored based upon how players have placed their tiles to decorate the palace.

Additional points can be accumulated when specific patterns are made or sets are completed. However, points can be deducted if a player wastes their supplies. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Players love how beautiful this game is. The shiny tiles are reasonable in size and end up looking like a work of art. While the game is slightly difficult to understand at first, the more you play, the more skilled you will become.

This short game still requires players to engage in decision-making, allowing you to do some complex thinking from the beginning.

You're encouraged to interact with your partner often while playing, making this a perfect activity for couples. If you enjoy abstract games or puzzles, this option may be right up your alley.

Not only is it pretty to see, but it also offers a great game with some depth to explore.


  • There are not a lot of games that compare to this one, making it a unique choice.
  • High replay value.
  • Each game will offer a different experience, especially if you vary the number of players involved.


  • May be difficult to catch onto at first.
  • Some users are disappointed in the quality of the plastic tiles.
  • Poor quality control.

7. Splendor – Best Merchant Game

Splendor Board Game (Base Game)
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This merchant game is great for couples who enjoy games that involve buying and selling items.

Splendor is set during the European Renaissance era when global trade routes were opened up to allow for the trade of expensive merchandise.

You can experience the riches of this era when playing this fast and intuitive game where you are competing to gain control of gem mines, trade routes, and storage space to learn the business of gem trading and attract attention from your noble patrons.

While the gameplay is simple, this game provides you with a lot of historic detail and elegant components. By optimizing your trading strategies, you can become the most influential and wealthy merchant at the jewelry market and collect the most prestige points.

This is a great game to play with your partner, but it can also be enjoyed by children. It offers a simple yet unique economy, which makes this game easy to learn while still offering a challenging puzzle with each round.


  • Easy to understand instructions/rules.
  • It offers great replay-ability.
  • Easy to set up and break down.


  • Quality control is lacking, especially in newer games.
  • Some find this game does not offer enough of a challenge.
  • Some find the theme falls flat once the game is in play.

8. Patchwork Board Game – Best Weaving Board Game

Patchwork Board Game - A Two-Player Quilting Strategy Game by Uwe Rosenberg!
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Patchwork Board Game is the best weaving game, and is ideal for couples who like strategic and patience-testing games.

In this game, two players battle to create the most aesthetically pleasing patchwork quilt on their own 9-inch by 9-inch game board. Creating a quilt in this game requires effort, time, and strategy, as the available patches do not always fit together!

This game is unique in the sense that it has a sewing and quilting theme, yet is still engaging and competitive.

It requires strategy, design skills, and a healthy amount of competition. Patchwork is a great two-player game that doesn’t take up an entire day, yet will still satisfy you with complete gaming experience.


  • It offers a fun, unique, creative theme.
  • Requires strategy and thinking ahead.
  • It creates beautiful designs.


  • The game requires a lot of space to play.
  • Players often get bored with this game after playing a few times.
  • Strategies used have little room for growth.

9. Bears vs. Babies – Best “Shock Value” Board Game

Bears vs. Babies is the best game for shock value. It is an ideal choice for couples who like bears, weapons, and suspense.

It was created by the same people who made the bestselling, record-breaking Kickstarter game Exploding Kittens, so if you liked that game, you are sure to enjoy this one.

This entertaining game is relatively easy to play once you get started. To help you learn how to play, the creators encourage players to do a practice round before officially beginning.

Once the players are comfortable, it is time to get serious and create monsters that will eat heinous, horrible babies.

The game includes a mat and shuffled cards that picture babies and tools that give players a variety of actions. The rest of the cards are pieces to help players make creative monsters.

The tricky part to creating a monster is that the stitches on the cards have to line up, so it could take a few turns before you are able to assemble a monster.

Each card has a point value on it that tells you how powerful it is, so the more points your cards have, the more powerful your monster can be. The object of the game is to overpower the evil army of babies.

This game is quick and fun to play, between trying to create a monster and creating a strategy to overpower your opponent. Users appreciate the well-done art on the cards and the humor that can be found in the monsters. In the end, the player who eats the most babies wins.


  • Includes excellent illustrations on the cards.
  • Great for both two-player and group play.
  • Requires strategy.


  • Some find that the learning curve for this game is rather steep.
  • Players have noted that this game is a step down from the creators' original game.
  • Gameplay can be slow

10. The Castles of Burgundy – Best Estate Developing Game

Ravensburger The Castles of Burgundy Board Game - Fun Strategy Game
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The Castles of Burgundy is the best estate developing game, and is great for couples who have an interest in the real estate business.

This is a relatively new game that has gained a lot of popularity since its release in 2011. This dice action game requires players to develop the best estate in medieval France by becoming more prosperous than their opponents.

The game is divided up into five phases that each includes five rounds.

Throughout the game, players buy and sell goods and services, and use action tiles to build, ship, mine, manage livestock, and gain knowledge across two game boards.

At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points (which are obtained through trading, farming, city building, or doing scientific research) is declared the winner.

This is a great option for gamers who love strategy games that are colorfully and intricately created using high-quality construction.

Players work with both the main game board and their own personal boards to obtain the necessary possessions, wealth, and knowledge that they need to earn their victory points.

Players are fully engaged from beginning to end, as they have to think of creative ways to do business with their opponents and come out on top.

Because the game spans five rounds, players have to develop strategies and keep the final objectives of the game clear in their minds throughout the entire process, which can be challenging.

Players are not only competing against each other, but also putting themselves to the test as they try out new strategies to collect assets faster than their opponents.

This is made for players who prefer games that require using strategy over those that rely on luck. The Castles of Burgundy offers a historical perspective using a medieval French theme.

Games can be played with two to four players and can last between 30 and 90 minutes.


  • Involves thought and strategy.
  • It offers interesting game mechanics.
  • It has great replay value.


  • Turns can be slow because they often involve a lot of thinking.
  • There is not much player interaction.
  • The theme of the game tends to become lost.

11. Guillotine – Best Beheading Game

Wizards of the Coast Guillotine
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Guillotine is the best beheading game and is good for couples who hate aristocrats and politicians.

The game involves three rounds of play wherein 12 nobles are lined up to be executed by the guillotine. Each noble comes with a value, with the higher valued cards indicating a higher level of loathing for the noble.

The players must use action cards to manipulate the order of the nobles, moving some to the front of the line or taking other action to obtain the highest value noble in their scoring pile.

Once all the nobles are gone, another round begins. After three rounds, the player who has the most points wins.

Each time you play this game, you will have a unique experience. The gameplay is easy to pick up on and teach to others. While this game can be played tamely, it can also become cutthroat.

With the use of action cards and attacks on your opponent, it can get quite exciting. The quick play allows you to play multiple games in a short period of time, so even if one person loses a game by a long shot, they can make a comeback in the next round.


  • Fun and unique game.
  • Easy, but still requires strategy.
  • Players can learn a bit about the nobles that are featured.


  • The print on the cards is small.
  • The action cards are seldom able to be used.
  • The gameplay is not super fast, although the game itself does play fairly fast

12. Codenames: Duet – Best Word Game

Codenames: Duet - The Two Player Word Deduction Game by CGE Czech Games Edition
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Codenames: Duet is the best word game, making it the perfect choice for wordsmith couples.

The object of this collaborative game is for you and your partner to reveal the 15 agents out of the 25 cards on the grid.

Players are offered one-word clues in addition to a number that corresponds with the number of cards in the grid the clue applies to and must be careful not to reveal an assassin or an innocent bystander.

Players can make as many guesses as they want but have to stop when they make an incorrect guess.

Players are given nine-time markers to use together for the entire game, and lose one-time marker at the end of each turn. The game is over when players either run out of time markers or correctly guess all 15 cards.

This game is similar to a giant brain teaser, in the sense that players have a limited amount of time to find the 15 agent cards. It can be tricky to try to figure out which cards your partner is trying to clue you in on while trying to avoid assassins.

If you can figure out how to work the numbers, you may be able to figure out how the cards are broken down, but this requires skill and practice.


  • There is no downtime, as you are always either giving a clue or guessing.
  • It comes with a campaign mode to add an extra challenge.
  • A highly accessible game that offers edge-of-your-seat excitement.


  • Some people miss the competition in this game.
  • Players find that there's not enough to this game to want to play it on a regular basis.
  • Directions are a bit confusing.

13. Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition – Good Cold War Board Game

GMT Games Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition
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Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition is the best board game option when it comes to those who love history games.

It is good for couples who enjoy reading about and studying history, especially the Cold War.

While it's true that the USA and the USSR never fired a shot at one another during this war, there were many proxy wars where funding and weapons were supplied to one side or the other. This game imitates this conflict on a global scale.

The Cold War history ties in well to the gameplay because past events lead to changes in the situation on the board. Trying to demonstrate military strength without creating a nuclear war leads to limits in game play that require creative strategy.

During the game, players move units and make attempts to gain allies and control of the land to become a superpower. This is a two-player, card-driven strategy game where every decision you make feels critical to your success in the long run.

Players never feel like they have complete control over the game, and there is always a risk of causing a catastrophe.

With multiple goals and many layers to this game, players are never at a loss for things to do or keep track of, which is what keeps this game so engaging and interesting. It is a great game to play either one-on-one or in teams.


  • It offers great scheming, mechanics, and strategy.
  • The game does an excellent job of replicating the tension of the Cold War.
  • Very engaging.


  • New players don't stand a chance winning against experienced players.
  • May not interest people who were born after the Cold War.
  • Takes three to four hours to play, so many couples don't play this game too often.

14. The Fox in the Forest – Best Fantasy Board Game for Couples

Renegade Game Studios The Fox in The Forest Card Game
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This is the best fantasy game and is good for couples who enjoy having a bit of fantasy in their gameplay. The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking card game intended for two players, which are typically hard games to find.

The story behind this game involves a queen who claimed that whoever defeated the monsters would be rewarded with half of the kingdom. Using the help of the woodcutter, a fox, a swan, and a monarch, players collect treasures and build trust with the witch.

This game is played over multiple hands, with 13 tricks in each hand. Players usually score between 0 and 6 points per hand, and gameplay continues until one player reaches 21 points. This is a fast game that can be finished in about 30 minutes. The cards are made out of high-quality material and have beautiful artwork on them.

The Fox in the Forest is a well-designed and well-developed trick-taking game that has been successfully distilled down to a two-player game.

The scoring system is unique and clever in the sense that players want to take either 0-3 tricks or 7-9 tricks, because this amount gives you the entire 6 points. If you take those numbers of tricks, your opponent will fall out of that ideal range.


  • Well-created, two-player, trick-taking game.
  • Great for gamers who love a fantasy aspect.
  • It offers a great scoring system.


  • A similar game could be played with a standard deck of cards.
  • May be boring for people who are more advanced in trick-taking games.
  • Instructions are a bit unclear.

15. Plague, Inc. – Best Chaos Game

Plague Inc. Board Game (Base Game) | Strategy Board Game for Adults and Teens
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This is the best chaos game, making it great for couples who need some de-stressing.

Plague Inc. is a recent addition to the popular pandemic simulation genre of games. Players are tasked with designing the most lethal plague possible that will kill every human on earth before their engineered disease is discovered and cured.

Your created disease starts off basic, but can be reconstructed throughout the game to spread more rapidly or become more lethal. Players can use event cards to try to beat their opponent by bombing their diseased cities or holding the Olympics on a healthy continent to bring large numbers of infected people onto a healthy continent.

This is a quick game to learn and play, with about a 60-minute game time. There is little downtime during the game, which keeps it exciting and engaging.

The game is fast and easy to set up, and it offers intuitive game mechanics that are linked to its realistic theme that helps players get engaged with the game right away. Each turn consists of five phases, but they typically don’t last for more than one minute all together.

This is a great game to play just with your partner, or you could bring it to a couples' game night to play with four people.


  • Darkly comic, chaotic, and scientifically accurate game.
  • Has excellent build quality.
  • Involves strategy without being needlessly complicated.


  • Some players don't like the element of luck that is involved (with drawing cards).
  • Some find the instructions to be complicated.
  • The diseases may become repetitive.

16. Qwirkle

MindWare Qwirkle Board Game
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This is the best option for couples who want to improve their strategic planning, tactical maneuvers, and critical thinking skills.

Qwirkle consists of 108 wooden blocks coming in six different shapes and six different colors. The rules of the game are basic and easy. You simply have to build lines by matching the tiles based on their shape or color—you earn a point for each match made.

Here, the first player must place blocks with a single matching attribute. They can either be of the same colors or the same shapes, but not a combination of both.

The next player shall then add blocks that are adjacent to at least one of the first laid blocks. The next blocks should be consistent with the color or shape of the previous blocks, and there can be no duplicates.

Players gain a point for every block and adjacent block completed. Additional six points are given to any player who can complete a line that contains all six shapes or colors. If the player runs out of blocks, he can refill up to six blocks.

Once all the blocks are used one player consumes his remaining blocks, the game ends and that player earns another six points. But that doesn’t mean he is the winner—all players must total their score and the one with the highest score wins.

Qwirkle is primarily designed for children ages 6 and up. While it is most popular among children, it is also equally fun and interesting among adults. It can be played by 2 to 4 players so you can play it with your partner or with the whole bunch on a restful night.


  • A simple game that is easy to master
  • Lightweight and can easily be carried when you travel
  • Requires strategic thinking with a little bit of luck on your side


  • Consists of small pieces that may be dangerous to small children
  • Requires a stable space; cannot be played while riding a vehicle
  • Requires a pen and paper (or phone) to record the score of players

17. Hanabi

R&R Games Hanabi Strategy Game
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This is the perfect amusement for couples who like logic, deduction, and memory games.

It consists of 60 Hanabi cards with eight (8) blue clock tokens and four (4) black fuse tokens. The goal of the game is smooth and simple: to launch a wondrous and spectacular fireworks display. But of course, there are rules to follow to make it more fun and thrilling.

Hanabi is the Japanese word for “fireworks.” In this game, the players need to come out with an amazing fireworks display by placing the cards on the table and in the right order. Here’s the catch, though: you won’t be able to see your own cards, they will only be visible to your teammates.

The deck of cards consists of five different colors with numbers 1 to 5. For each color, the goal is to create a row that has the correct 1 to 5 order. But since you are not able to see your cards, the other players have to give you hints regarding the colors and numbers of their cards so you can pick the right card to play.

Teamwork and support are the keys to ace this game—it is not one where there is competition. It is actually a good way to strengthen the unity and bond between you and your partner. You can take this chance to show how much you root for each other.

Hanabi may be played by 2-5 players. It can be a great game for couples who also want to play with their kids. Through it, you can teach your children how to be cooperative, responsive, and useful to others.


  • Has an interesting, unique game mechanism (because you can’t see your cards)
  • Promotes unity and cooperation; strengthens the bond with other players
  • Improves deduction and memory retention skills


  • Not recommended to people who like competitive games
  • Cheating is highly possible for those who get tempted easily
  • The game depends on the ability of other players to give clues

18. Magic: The Gathering Spellslinger Starter Kit

Magic: The Gathering Spellslinger Starter Kit
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This is a great game for couples who are fond of magic and the world of dragons, vampires, dinosaurs, and angels.

Magic: The Gathering is a game for two—it consists of two (2) full 60 decks, two (2) life counters, two (2) learn-to-play guides, two (2) detailed cards about how to get started, and one (1) detailed booklet where you can find the game’s background story and magic rules.

The cards are divided into two: red/white and green/black. The red/white deck gives you full control over the sky, including the ferocious dragons and the righteous angels. The green/black deck allows you to command the land warriors composed of compelling vampires and mighty dinosaurs.

Generally, you begin by untapping lands and creatures by drawing a card. During the main phase or action, you play a land by casting a spell or a creature to battle.

When combat starts, you choose your attackers while your opponent chooses his blockers. In the end, you pass the turn to your opponent while your creatures heal.

Seemingly, the game might be a bit critical to understand if you will only read it from here. You will understand it better once you play since it comes with a very comprehensive yet quick starter guide. We highly recommend it to those who are yet to learn how these games work.

That said, this game provides an ideal opportunity to learn and experience something new with your partner. It is way much cheaper and hassle-free.


  • An excellent guide set for MTG (Magic: The Gathering) beginners
  • Game is a work of art—the story is revealed every time you draw a card
  • Characters do not repeat


  • Might be a bit complicated for those who are not into MTG playing
  • Some people say that although it is a starter kit, it is not for people who do not play Magic
  • Experienced players are most likely to win over beginner players

19. Onitama

Onitama Board Game
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Onitama is an excellent option for couples who like playing mind games like chess and draughts.

It is said to be a game of elegance and simplicity. The manufacturer claims that while it only takes two (2) minutes to learn how to play and ten (10) minutes to finish the game, it takes a lifetime to master all the paths to victory.

The Shrine of Onitama is located in the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient Japan. Legends say that it is a place of skill and enlightenment, where spirits reside to guide the Schools of Martial Arts all through the land.

In this game, you and your partner take the role of a Master of the shrine to guide your monk followers and then defeat each other.

There are two ways to win this game: first is to capture the opponent’s Master by directly landing on it using any of your pieces and second is to move your Master across the board to reach the opponent’s Temple Arch space. To do these, you have to move your pieces using one of your cards.

Onitama consists of 16 move cards but utilizes only five (5). This means that you can maximize countless card combinations via multiple varieties and replays. If you lose, there is always a chance to win in the next game with a bit of luck and a restructured strategy.

This is a game of wit, speed, and play style. If you want to try it with your partner, we recommend preparing for bets or consequences for the losing partner at the end of the game. This will surely make playtime more fun and exciting.


  • Easy to teach, learn, and master
  • Can be played a lot of times using different card combinations
  • Short and quick gameplay


  • Doesn’t have a storyline which makes it a bit uninteresting
  • Can be boring if the other player is not interested
  • Reviews report that it is made of low-quality materials

20. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is definitely a wonderful option for couples who are Sherlock Holmes fanatics and have a knack for solving crime puzzles.

It is the game that will test your deductive abilities and investigative powers; it is also the game that can make your childhood detective dreams come true.

Here, you are given a set of ten crimes to solve (with your partner, of course). For each case, you are expected to decode and decipher every mystery involved and weave the traces of evidence you find.

You need to interview suspects, read newspapers, find clues, and then put together all the facts you have gathered to come up with a solution.

But of course, you (and your partner) are not alone in solving these mysteries. Sherlock Holmes, as the consulting detective, will be present to help you gather evidence and unravel clues.

Likewise, you can do this with your partner as an ally or as an opponent—the one who solves the case first is the winner.

Every case takes around up to two hours to finish, but the latter ones take even longer. It isn’t your ordinary board game where there are squares and dice involved. Luck is not something you can rely on as well. For this game, what you need is the mental ability to concentrate and solve problems.


  • The whole game was brilliantly designed; it really gives off that detective feels
  • Stimulates the brain and improves mental clarity and critical thinking skills
  • May strengthen the bond between players if played by a team


  • Can be a drag if played by more than two people (because you won’t be able to solve all the mysteries on your own)
  • Can be a bit boring for people who don’t like too much reading
  • Might be frustrating especially when you are stuck in a case for a very long time

21. Loopy

LOOPY Games for Couples - Date Night Box
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Loopy is a game that can strengthen your communication and connection with your partner.

It will definitely kindle the flames of your emotions and spice up everything in your relationship. As described by most of its users, it can make you laugh and have fun while being flirty and sexy at the same time.

There are four levels included in this game: Talks, Kisses, Fondles, and Fun Activities. It starts with questions about you and your partner, but as you move up to the next levels, the game becomes more physical. Loopy is designed to bolster the emotional and physical contact between you and your partner.

If you and your partner feel like skipping the questions, you can always start with the physical activities to immediately get to the exciting part. But if you would like to keep it slow, sticking with the original game design is always an option.

Loopy might not be a game for every couple out there. Some reports indicate that there are questions that are too private—questions that can be damaging to one partner or the other. They recommend it to the younger generation who are still very much into being sexually active.


  • Allow you to discover things about your partner that you never knew existed
  • Strengthens the bond and connection between you and your partner
  • A new way to spice up the relationship


  • Some cards might contain questions or activities that are too private
  • Customers report that the cards are not that varied
  • Might not be suitable for some types of partners, depending on the question/activity

22. Wit’s End

Wit's End - A Mind Challenging Trivia and Brain-Teasing Game
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This is the game for couples who like brain teasers and riddles covering different categories.

Wit’s End is composed of 1,200 questions about arts, history, geography, science, popular culture, and a lot more. It is divided into four categories: Teaser, Odd-1-Out, Sequence, and Wild Card.

  • “Teaser” is where you will find the riddles that will make you scratch your head.
  • “Odd-1-Out” is the category that will make you wonder about almost everything.
  • “Sequence” is where you might start to question your memory and organizational skills.
  • “Wild Card” is the ultimate mind-boggler which gives you a surprise question—can be a trivia, a true or false question, a matching pair, and a lot more.

In this game, all the players start at the outer ring of the board game and their goal is to reach the center square—whoever reaches it first is, of course, the winner.

Each player proceeds by rolling the dice, moving along the track, and then answering the question. For every correct answer, the player moves up; for every incorrect answer, however, the player has to go one ring lower.

Wit’s End is a game for those who are already 16 years old and above. It won the 2001 Australian Games Association Game of the Year. It also has plenty of positive reviews from consumers online.


  • Can be unpredictable which makes the game more interesting and entertaining
  • Multiple questions that can test your general knowledge (and can help you learn if you don’t know the answers)
  • Questions are diverse, making it more informative


  • Some of the questions might be too wordy and complicated to understand
  • Not an ideal game for people who like being creative and spontaneous
  • Some people report that it is only for smart people which makes it less fun

23. Taboo

Hasbro Gaming Taboo Board Game
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Taboo is a great game for couples who are fond of guessing games with more thrill and excitement.

It is the game that will teach you how to control and hold back your spontaneity and reflex. For instance, if the word is “brain freeze,” you are not allowed to say “ice cream,” “cold,” or “headache.”

This game comes in 260 cards with over 1,000 guess words. You need to get your teammate (in this case, your partner) to try to figure out the guess word without saying any of the “taboo” or forbidden words on the cards.

If you accidentally mention a forbidden word, you will get the squeaker and suffer the consequences.

Taboo is obviously a party game. However, it can be played by couples as well especially if they are looking forward to a fun night.

They can take turns describing the word while setting a timer for themselves, and there is no need for the buzzer which comes with the game when you purchase it.

One partner gets a point for each guess word he or she successfully predicts; the one with the lowest score shall be punished accordingly.

You may even spice things up a little and make a large bet for the winner to acquire or a dire consequence for the loser to suffer.


  • Helps in improving your vocabulary as you need to think of other words not included in the forbidden list
  • Promotes creativity as the other members of the team (or your partner) need to come up with uncommon words associated with the guess word
  • Fun and exciting because of the thrill under time pressure


  • Good for couples but recommended to be played by more people
  • Consumers report that the cards are made of cheap materials and they are easily ruined
  • Lots of users say that the old version is better

24. Agricola

Agricola (Revised Edition) Strategy Game Farming Game for Adults and Teens
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Agricola is an excellent choice for couples who love farming, gardening, and everything about crop production and management.

Here, you are a farmer living with your spouse in a wooden shack. Your primary goal is to lead your family to a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life.

Each player will start the game with only two family members—the player and his spouse.

On a turn, a player may only take two actions, one for him and one for his spouse, among the farming activities available (e.g., collecting clay, building fences, etc.).

Likewise, every player will have seven (7) occupation cards and seven (7) minor improvement cards, which are most valuable when creating strategies.

There are 14 game turns in the game, including six (6) harvest phases. In the beginning, every player has two tokens and can take two actions per turn.

This opens the game floor to countless techniques and strategies that every player may pursue, depending on luck and the opponent’s counter-strategy. Basically, it is like Monopoly but in an agricultural setting.

Agricola is the revised edition of Uwe Rosenberg’s classic farming game. It may be completed for as long as 120 minutes or as short as 30 minutes, depending on the circumstances. The maximum number of players if four while the minimum is one (indeed, it can be a solo game).

We recommend this game to couples because it can enhance their family planning and strategic skills. If you and your partner are newlyweds or are planning to be blessed by matrimony, this game can help you practice life once married.


  • Practices a person’s strategic and tactical thinking abilities
  • Has well-designed components and game mechanics
  • Board Game and other materials are made of top quality materials


  • Instructions are a bit complicated and difficult to grasp
  • Can be a bit stressful especially when you have to make decisions
  • A bit time-consuming as it takes minutes to set up and start the game

25. Pressman Mancala

Pressman Mancala - Real Wood Folding Set, with Multicolor Stones by Pressman,
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This is an excellent option for couples who like counting games based on techniques and strategy.

Mancala is probably one of the world’s oldest yet most favorite games. History says that it came from ancient Egypt, where pyramid builders made it a playing habit during their rest hours. Until today, this game remains to be popular because of its unique, intriguing, and clever mechanics.

In this game, players take a turn in scooping up the “gemstones” one at a time into the board pockets. You may choose which pocket to scoop up and then drop them back into the pockets one by one. The game ends only after the six pockets on one side of the game board become empty. Your goal is to collect the most number of stones.

It may sound easy, but do not be deceived. This is a game that will test your strategy and analytical skills. More so, it will develop your logical and reasoning skills. You have to concentrate and create a plan in order to accumulate the most number of gems and win.

There are many versions of Mancala available on the market but this one we recommend is a pretty good one. It comes with one (1) wooden-hinged playing board, 48 multi-colored stones, and a manual with complete instructions.


  • Develops critical and analytical thinking
  • Fun game for couples and their family as well
  • Studies show that Mancala reduces the risk of acquiring mental diseases


  • May not be suitable for very young children
  • Can be frustrating at times especially when you get disturbed
  • Gemstones (or other materials) are too small and may easily be misplaced

26. Our Moments

OUR MOMENTS Couples: 100 Conversation Starters for Great Relationships
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Our Moments is the perfect game for partners who’d like to go back in time and reminisce. It is a game that reminds you why you chose each other in the first place—that will fire up your intimacy even more. Likewise, it is a game that can help you and your partner build more trust, compassion, empathy, and communication.

The game consists of 100 questions written on 300gsm cards. These questions are conversation starters that can help you and your partner learn about each other in different ways.

The goal of the game is to focus on and listen to what the other person has to say. In this way, the game helps couples relieve stress and simply enjoy their moments together.  

If you’re looking for something new to do during quality time with your partner, then we recommend trying out this card game. Take a break from social media and the online world and create space where you can take your relationship to the next level.


  • Great conversation starter whether you’ve been together for years or are yet to start a relationship.
  • Consumer reports show that it potentially builds relationship stronger.
  • Perfect gift for you and your partner, or your friends who have partners.


  • Some questions may dig up old issues that aren’t supposed to be discussed.

27. Talk Flirt Dare

Romantic Game for Couples – Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift - Date Night Ideas
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Talk Flirt Dare is a three-in-one card game that’s become a popular favorite of couples. It is easy to learn, as it doesn’t have complicated rules—just pick a card and answer the question or complete the dare that’s written. In addition to intimate date nights, it is also great for double dates and parties.

In this game there are three categories to choose from: talk, flirt, and dare. The Talk game aims to start conversations and build connections. You and your partner may take turns answering the questions.

The Flirt game promotes flirting and closeness. You and your partner can take turns answering slightly more revealing questions. The Dare game, on the other hand, is for those who are looking for some action.

This card game is perfect whether you’re still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage or you’ve been together for years. The manufacturer even claims that it can be a therapeutic game for those who are trying to save a marriage. The goal of the game is to rekindle the love and passion between you and your partner.


  • The perfect game to take on road trips, camping trips, or even simple date nights.
  • Most consumers praise the questions because they build rather than seduce.
  • Game variations make it more exciting and entertaining.


  • Some customers report that some of the questions may get a bit too sexual and personal.

28. Off Topic

OFF TOPIC Party Game for Adults - Fun Adult Board Games
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OFF TOPIC Party Game for Adults - Fun Adult Board Games
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Off Topic is similar to Scattergories and Bananagrams, except that it is funnier. The manufacturer calls it a “game for those slightly off” because it is supposed to be fast-paced, crazy, and a little outrageous. It says that “if you take this game too seriously, then you are not playing it right.”

When playing the game, you choose topics by drawing cards and choose letters by rolling the die. The letter has to be used as the first letter of your answers. Then you flip the timer and begin writing your entries. Although the game is not a race, you need to write as many answers as you can before time runs out.

The best part begins after submitting your answers, as you now have to defend them! During this stage, you have to convince the other players that your answers are right and should be counted. For every accepted answer, you score a point. However, if an answer is similar to another player’s answer, then is disqualified.

While this game is fun and entertaining when played with your friends or family members, it can also be just as interesting when played with your partner. Take a break from work or chores and spend a night enjoying laughs with your significant other.


  • A game for everyone and not just couples—including friends and the whole family.
  • Excellent party game suitable for adults.
  • Rules are easy to learn and understand.


  • Not the perfect game for family night, as this game is not recommended for kids.

29. Twister

Hasbro Twister Party Classic Board Game for 2 or More Players
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Twister has long been a classic favorite during parties and family gatherings. It is not your typical board game, as you put yourself on top of the board itself to play. If you are looking for a fun game night, either with your partner or a group of couples, then we suggest trying this one.

The game comes with a spinner to indicate the moves you have to perform. Simply give the spinner a whirl and see where it stops, then make the move. It’s as simple as that. The fun begins when you start to get tied in knots with the other players on the board.

Although this game is meant to be played by kids, we picked Twister for couples because some consumer reviews claim that it can be a great idea for date nights.

Imagine twisting and twirling with your partner while whirling the spinner—it’s not just the physical contact, but also the fun and laughter you are able to experience as you tie yourselves into a knot.


  • Great game for everyone, whether kids, teens, or adults.
  • Classic favorite.
  • Excellent indoor activity that involves whole-body movement.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver the game in poor condition.

30. Scrabble

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Game
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Originally created in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts, this classic board game has long been a favorite of adults and kids alike. It is currently manufactured by Hasbro, the board gaming giant, and comes with 100 wooden letters, four tile racks, and a drawstring bag for the letters.

We specifically recommend Scrabble for couples who are fond of word games and enjoy learning together. You can use this opportunity to bond and learn new words. 

By playing Scrabble, you and your partner can develop new skills and a larger vocabulary. The game also diminishes the risk of early onset of dementia and other mental illnesses. Likewise, you have a chance to become more intimate with each other on an intellectual level.


  • Proven to have a significant impact on brain development and memory retention.
  • Improves vocabulary, strategic thinking, and decision-making skills.
  • Perfect for couples who love playing word games.


  • Pen and paper are needed to record your scores.
  • Might be boring if the other party is not that fond of playing word games.

31. Chess

Family Classics Chess by Pressman - with Folding Board and Full Size Chess Pieces
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Here’s another classic board game for those who enjoy heavy gameplay. One of the bestselling board games of all time, Chess has always been a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor. It is not just a game of wits and strategy, it is also a test of patience and mental endurance.

We believe that Chess is a perfect idea for a fun date night. It gives you and your partner the chance to test each other’s thinking skills, and to bond over strategy and competition.


  • Shown to improve cognitive abilities like strategic thinking and mental clarity.
  • A classic favorite.
  • Available in a wide variety of versions from different trustworthy manufacturers.


  • Things might get heated if taken too seriously.
  • Not as interesting as other board games if the other person is not much of a chess player.

32. Odin's Ravens

Odin's Ravens: A mythical race game for 2 players (Osprey Games)
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Odin’s Ravens is based on a story in Norse mythology where the god Odin sends his two ravens—Huginn and Muninn—every morning to bring back information to him about the world.

In this game, you take the role of one of these ravens, while your opponent takes the other. The game is meant for two players, making it a perfect competitive game for lovers who fancy legends and adventures.

According to the manufacturer, this game is a “race of thought and memory.” Just like the two ravens, you and your partner will have to go separate ways to finish your task. Whoever is the first to reach Odin and deliver the news wins.

The game is said to be a game of memory because you have to remember your updates and provide your report completely.

The game comes in two editions. In the first one, the players receive different directions and go through different adventures. There are also other elements like the Odin token and the Magic Way to spice up the game a bit more.

In the second edition, the board game is transformed into one single race track that both players follow. Note, however, that the journey is longer and the tasks are more difficult.


  • A great game that requires excellent strategic and tactical skills.
  • A fast-paced game with high replayability.
  • The competition element of the game really tests you and your partner’s trust and patience.


  • Quite a bit more expensive than other board games.
  • Not recommended for those who are not good sports when it comes to competitive games.

33. 7 Wonders Duel

7 Wonders Duel Board Game (BASE GAME)
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7 Wonders Duel is a deck-building game meant to be played by two players. This makes it an excellent choice for couples who want to spend intimate date nights together and are looking to add a bit of thrill and excitement. If you and your partner enjoy strategic gaming and tactical building, then this is a great fit.

In this game, the goal is to build the Seven Wonders of the World in an intricate and deliberate manner. You will have to plan out your moves, solve complicated tasks, and make wise yet complex decisions in order to win.

This is a competitive game, so you and your partner are rivals instead of allies. It is important to play objectively rather than subjectively.

No two rounds are quite the same because the ending varies and there are multiple winning conditions. Everything is quite unpredictable, so the game has high replayability and you surely won’t get bored. The game is also fast-paced, with around 30 minutes of playtime. You can repeat it over and over again without getting tired of it.

If you want a new addition to your couple’s game collection, we recommend 7 Wonders – Duel. With its reputation and numerous game board awards, your money and effort won’t surely go to waste. 


  • The game has high replay value because of its ending variations.
  • Challenging and fun for players who like strategic gaming.
  • Fast-paced and easy to set up and clean.


  • Game materials are quite sensitive, so careful organization is needed.
  • Only for two players—not recommended for group dates.

34. Parks

Parks Board Game
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Parks board game celebrates the 45 National Parks of the United States of America.

It features 48 unique illustrations in partnership with over 35 different artists. You can enjoy these illustrations as you hike your way through the game and visit these wondrous parks during four different seasons.

This game has you and your partner to take the role of two hikers who are in a quest to collect memories of the places they visit. The game is composed of four rounds (representing the four seasons), and the tiles represent the trails. These tiles are shuffled and rearranged after each round to begin a new journey.

Parks is appropriate for up to four players, so it is perfect for either intimate date nights with your special someone or a group date with another couple.


  • Game rules and mechanics are easy to learn and understand.
  • The game is fun and interesting.
  • The game’s artwork is remarkable.


  • Some consumers suggest that the game could use a play mat.

35. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

Portal Games Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island Board Game
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Robinson Crusoe is a roleplaying game perfect for couples who love experiencing extreme challenges and making thought-provoking decisions.

What’s rather wonderful about it is that it can be played solo or with other people (but only up to four). This makes it a great choice for date night or couples’ night.

The game is quite challenging and takes a bit more time than usual to complete. Customers state that you need around one to two hours to finish the game.

Robinson Crusoe Adventures is a top-rated survival game that has won multiple awards and received a lot of recognition. It is complex enough for veteran gamers, yet it is also easy to understand for beginners and newbies.

If you are looking for an interactive game with an outstanding storyline, we recommend purchasing this one.


  • Approved by many expert gamers.
  • Good for solo play or cooperative gaming.
  • Challenging and has a high replay value.


  • Might be too difficult and challenging for beginners; an expert’s guide is needed.
  • A bit time-consuming to set up and organize.

36. Fog of Love

Hush Hush Projects Fog of Love Board Game Male-Female Cover Multicolor
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Fog of Love bills itself as “romantic comedy as a board game.”

In this game you and your partner take the role of two people “falling in love and facing the challenge of making an unusual relationship work.” It is like being in a romantic comedy movie, except that the entire story—including how it will end—is entirely dependent on the decisions you make.

The storyline is about two people (you and your partner) meeting and eventually falling in love with each other. Then, as in all relationships, you have to face the struggles and obstacles that may come your way.

There are various endings, and you may or may not end up together—but what matters most is that you were able to share all the ups and downs together.

What we love about this game is that it comes with different relationship versions: male/female, female/female, and male/male.

Whether you are in a straight relationship or a same-sex one, you can surely relate to the different scenarios and emotions involved. However your relationship unfolds, you will surely have fun with all the romance and surprises.


  • Has a very unique and interesting concept.
  • The game’s artwork, design, and graphics are really nice and provide a good vibe.
  • Has high replay value because of the various possible endings.


  • Only recommended for partners or close friends who have established trust with each other.
  • Playing with the wrong people might cause chaos and conflicts.

37. Ticket to Ride: Europe

Designed for a minimum of two players, Ticket to Ride: Europe makes a fantastic addition to you and your couple’s collection of board games.

And since it can accommodate up to five players, it can also be played during group dates or with family and friends. The game is fast-paced and can be done in 30 minutes to an hour, so you won’t get bored.

Ticket to Ride allows you to travel around the cities of Europe through a board game. If you are an expert gamer and quite familiar with the cities, you might be able to master the game easily. But don’t worry if you aren’t, because the game is quite easy to learn and understand.

Your goal is to not just learn and memorize the cities, but also connect them using the train cards and railway routes. The player with the longest routes and most points (assuming they were able to accomplish all their tasks) is the winner. We recommend this game if you and your partner love to travel.


  • Great gift for couples who love traveling and going on trips.
  • The game’s concept is quite unique and fascinating.
  • Easy to learn and simple to understand.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.

38. Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror Card Game - Mystery Cooperative Card Game
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Arkham Horror is based on a fictional universe designed and created by H.P. Lovecraft, one of the best American horror writers of all time.

The story is set in 1920 on the darkest corners of London, where tales of horror and mystery abound. Arkham Horror is a roleplaying game, so it has a storyline that you need to track until you finish.

In this game you take the role of an investigator who is searching for the “Ancient Ones,” or the dark entities whose primary goal is to take over the world. There are 16 investigators with unique abilities to choose from, and you need to strategically plan your character choice, as this can affect your whole gameplay.

Once the game begins, you are able to upgrade your character by accomplishing certain tasks and missions.

We recommend Arkham Horror for couples who like playing heroes and solving mysteries. It was initially designed for two players, so it’s perfect for a fun and entertaining date night. For group dates, however, you can play in groups by forming teams or duos.


  • The game has an outstanding storyline and gameplay.
  • The rules of the game are easy and simple to learn.
  • High replay value, considering that there are several possible endings.


  • Setting up and cleaning up the game may take some time.

39. Mysterium

Mysterium is perfect for couples who like their games to include a bit of horror and mystery.

Although it is recommended for multiple players, it can be just as exciting when played by two players. It might take longer to finish, but it still provides the same thrill and entertainment.

There are two important characters in this game: the ghost and the psychic investigators. If it is only you and your partner playing, one has to take the role of the ghost while the other has to be an investigator. If you are on a group date, one player has to be the ghost and the rest of the squad play as investigators.

In this game you have to discover the truth behind the killing in Warwick Manor. You need to find clues by completing tasks and missions, communicating with the ghost, and revealing dreams and visions.

The chief objective is to discover who the main culprit is that killed the ghost, what weapon was used, and in which part of the mansion they committed the crime.

We particularly recommend Mysterium to couples who are trying board games for the first time. Its rules are easy to learn and the storyline is not that complicated. In addition, it has an established reputation and most expert gamers suggest it for beginners.


  • Various possible endings increase the game’s replay value.
  • The game’s artwork and design are beautiful.
  • The storyline and gameplay are surprisingly interesting.


  • Much better played in groups (better for group dates rather than intimate date nights).

40. War of the Ring

If you and your partner are Lord of the Rings fanatics, then War of the Ring is the perfect game to play on a date night.

It is good for two to four players, so you can also suggest it for group dates. However, it takes around two hours to finish, so you should only play it with your friends who are also LOTR aficionados.

The game basically takes you to J.R.R. Tolkien’s world, Middle-Earth, where all your favorite LOTR characters reside. You play as the leader of the kingdoms of Rohan, Gondor, and Rivendell, and work to defeat the minions of the evil king Sauron—all the while trying to lead the Fellowship of the Ring in its quest for Mount Doom.

The game comes with a 70×100 cm board divided into two sections, 16 action dice, five combat dice, and 76 cardboard counters. It also has 110 event and character cards, as well as a game book and player aid. Most impressively, it has 204 plastic figurines that represent the armies and main characters.


  • The game is a stunning interpretation of the books and movies.
  • The miniature action figures can also be part of your collection.
  • The game’s artwork and design are exceptional.


  • Gameplay may take even longer than two hours, especially for beginners.
  • Not recommended for three players—two and four are the best fit.

41. Sushi Go

Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game
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Sushi Go! is a fast-paced game that helps you develop your probability and visual skills, as well as your strategic and critical thinking abilities. The goal in this game is to earn the most points by producing the best sushi combinations.

In addition to combining sushi dishes, you also get points for creating maki rolls and collecting sashimi sets. Dripping a nigiri in wasabi sauce can also triple the score that you already have. Moreover, you also have to create a dessert, otherwise you will lose all your points.

The game is meant to be played by a minimum of two and a maximum of five players. We recommend it for couples who might also want to eat sushi for their date. Imagine playing Sushi Go! while actually eating sushi! That’s the perfect evening!


  • Has high replay value because of the various combinations players can create.
  • Perfect for couples who love sushi, maki, and other Japanese food.
  • The original version and the party version are both good for date nights.


  • Not recommended for gamers who are fond of heavy, strategic gaming.

Final Thoughts on the Best Games for Couples

All the products we listed above are the top picks of couples on Amazon and other online stores. We hope that we were able to help you choose the one that can best fit you and your partner’s tastes when it comes to the idea of fun.

Dominion- Best overall board game for couples to play on game night

But our overall winner for today is Dominion for its ability to develop critical thinking, strategy, and cooperative skills.

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