183 Fun This or That Questions for Adults

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Have you ever wanted to get to know someone, but didn’t know what to say? Or you just couldn’t find the words and didn’t want to come across as weird or intrusive? Sometimes, even when I already know someone, but want to get to know them more deeply, I’m afraid they’ll think I’m prying. Or worse, I’m … Read more

13 Reasons to Never Force Anyone to Talk to You

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As I have learned in life, most people do what they want to do.  In any relationship, regular communication is key if a person loves and cares for you on any level.  Unfortunately, many of us chase after the love and affections of others.  We do this because we are convinced that somehow that person … Read more

65 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Free Yourself Today

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When you first meet someone, the world is a beautiful place. The trees are greener, the candy is sweeter and everything is just, well, great. But as the honeymoon period fizzles out, masks begin to slip and reveal a much uglier truth. You find yourself trapped, unappreciated and unloved by the person you’ve given so … Read more

Platonic Relationship VS Romantic Relationship: 7 Key Differences

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A standard romantic relationship of “boy meets girl” can be uncertain, but when you feel an attraction that’s not physical, you may wonder if you’re somehow broken. Platonic relationships, where you love someone but have no physical desire for that person, are increasingly becoming an accepted norm.  My first partner and I were quite confused … Read more

Can Two Introverts Date and Make a Good Couple?

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Can two introverts date successfully? Opposites attract and cling together, while two of the same kind repel. That’s a scientifically proven fact if we’re talking about magnets. Is that to say the same principle applies to dating and romance between two introverts? What’s an Introvert anyway? Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, was the first person to use … Read more

102 Positive Affirmations for Dating Success

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Dating is complicated, and it can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook and healthy self-esteem after a few bad dates. Unfortunately, a positive outlook and healthy self-esteem can be vital for attracting new people and starting new relationships on a healthy foundation. So how do you keep your spirits up when dating is hard? … Read more

15 Funny Memes About Setting Personal Boundaries in Life

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Are you more of a private person than an open book? Does your circle of friends get upset when you set personal boundaries and they can’t get through? If so, then you may be hanging out with the wrong people. Friends who truly understand you won’t have any problems respecting your personal space. Of course, … Read more

Hearing VS Listening: 5 Key Differences

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Have you ever talked to someone who appeared to be listening to you, but in reality wasn’t? Or perhaps you’ve been guilty of doing this yourself – listening with only half an ear while thinking about something else. The fact is that hearing and listening are two very different things. Hearing and listening are often … Read more