Can Two Introverts Date and Make a Good Couple?

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Can two introverts date successfully? Opposites attract and cling together, while two of the same kind repel. That’s a scientifically proven fact if we’re talking about magnets. Is that to say the same principle applies to dating and romance between two introverts? What’s an Introvert anyway? Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, was the first person to use … Read more

Narcissistic Rage: Definition, Examples, How to Protect Yourself

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Narcissist rage is something you’re going to experience at some point when dealing with a narcissist in your close circle. You won’t miss it. Rage is usually marked by explosive anger/rage or passive anger/rage when they can’t get their way. The response is typically disproportionate to the situation. Being confronted with such behavior can be scary, … Read more