7 Benefits of Practicing Humility Throughout Your Life

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It’s no mistake that some of the most life-changing and trailblazing individuals in modern history were people of humility.  Mother Theresa, Reverend Billy Graham, and Nelson Mandela are a few great names that come to mind.   Though humility opened the door for their notoriety, these people used their influence and resources to benefit others.  Humble … Read more

51 Positive Words of Encouragement for Stroke Victims

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Suffering a stroke can be a frightening experience for anyone. Being confronted with physical changes and long-term health challenges is often distressing for survivors. The person you’re seeking to encourage in this case may be your spouse, family member, friend, or patient. In my case, the individual was a perfect stranger. I hope what I said … Read more

21 Self-Awareness Activities for Kids & Young Students

Teaching self-awareness to kids and young students is essential and a must. Self-awareness forms part of social emotional learning (SEL), which teaches kids various skills… like self-control and interpersonal skills. Lessons such as these set them up for success in life, school, work, and beyond.  Research into SEL found that students were almost 50% less … Read more