7 Steps to Practice the So Hum Mantra Meditation

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Despite technological advances that are meant to make life easier and social media apps that facilitate global communication, people feel increasingly isolated and alienated in their daily lives. You may never have heard of the so hum mantra, but it can do a lot to help you find peace in everyday life. Once a favorite … Read more

21 Ways To Live In The Moment And Be More Present

how to live in the moment | how to live in the moment with anxiety | how to live in the moment in a relationship

Living in the present moment isn’t always easy, is it?  Our schedules are so busy and hectic that it seems like there is always something coming up that we need to prepare for or anticipate.  And thanks to social media, our lives are so well documented, that it’s hard to let go of the past. … Read more

13 Mindfulness Group Activities & Exercises for 2023

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Despite all of the current modern technical advances, people throughout the world are more stressed than ever, partly due to the fact that they are working harder and more than ever. An inequitable unpredictable economy and constant geopolitical realignments cause high levels of anxiety, as people feel financial pinches, loss of benefits and lack of … Read more

Mindful Commuting: Making Time for Mindfulness During Free Moments

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One complaint about mindfulness I hear again-and-again is “Steve, I just don’t have time to be mindful.” Hey, I get it! The idea of slowing down and “enjoying the moment” seems at odds with the idea of being productive. And I love productivity. How Making Time for Mindfulness Improves Productivity It is easy to think that … Read more

15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Therapist

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For most of life, we try to push through our own issues and deal with the business of living. At least, that’s how it’s always been for me. When I first considered therapy, I did my homework and read up as much as I could about the therapeutic relationship.  I was surprised to discover there … Read more

37 Slow Down Quotes to Enjoy Your Life

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We lead busy lives. We jump from work to family, to friends, to appointments, to shopping… And so the list goes on. There is always something that needs doing. Always somewhere to be and something to tick off the list. It’s exhausting, both mentally and physically. But, what if you slowed down and lighten the … Read more

33 Toxic Positivity Memes to Make You Laugh in 2023

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We are all for positivity, but sometimes it gets to the point where it’s too much and becomes toxic. Toxic positivity has become rampant in society. While we understand how important it is to be grateful and optimistic, we also need to know how to be practical and realistic. After all, too much of anything … Read more

Wisdom VS Intelligence: 7 Key Differences

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Why would anyone want to know the difference between wisdom vs intelligence? Is one better than the other? Wisdom and intelligence are two highly desirable traits and are equally important for navigating through life successfully. However, the two concepts are often confused as one and the same. Sometimes they are misunderstood as mutually exclusive when they are in … Read more

79 Mindfulness Quotes for a More Mindful Life

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What did you do yesterday? Were you constantly rushing from one task to the next? Maybe at work, or cramming in the weekly shop and overdue house chores? And what about last week? It’s probably a blur by now. A distant memory of scrambling to get everything done. With little to no time for you. … Read more