Sympathy VS Empathy: 5 Basic Differences with Examples

sympathy vs empathy | sympathy vs empathy examples | 3 difference between sympathy and empathy

Life is certainly filled with lots of uncertainty and fears.  And in our society, we have become numb to tragedy and crisis.  Primarily because it is all over the news and portrayed in popular television shows and movies. In addition, some medical professionals have become numb to their patients’ medical issues.  They are so used … Read more

17 Printable Mindfulness Coloring Pages to Help You Be More Present

mindfulness coloring pages | mindfulness coloring pages pdf | mindfulness colouring for adults

Did you know that coloring is potential way to practice mindfulness meditation? There is no definite research yet that could prove its significance in the meditation field, but a lot of experts believe that it has great therapeutic potential. Recent research shows that coloring can greatly reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase focus and … Read more

The 9 Best Happiness Apps for 2022

happiness app | happify app | track your happiness

Looking for the best happiness apps to increase your overall life satisfaction? Happiness has no universal definition—it varies depending on a person’s situation. But generally, it is something that people from all walks of life are entitled to. In this post, we have gathered the best happiness apps you can use to try to improve … Read more

23 Printable Spring Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

spring coloring pages | spring coloring pages printable pdf | spring coloring pages for adults

Spring is here—are you looking for more ways to enjoy it? We recommend the therapeutic art of coloring! Coloring can be fun for kids, adults, and seniors. You get to bond with your family and friends while relieving stress and anxiety, plus you can be creative and artistic while exercising your brain. We have gathered … Read more

77 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Home

dream home affirmations | how to manifest a house 369 method | how to manifest a new home quickly

Like many people, you have a dream home in mind. You may have thought about the size, the décor, the furnishings, and perhaps a yard or garden. You may have considered the needs of your family and friends and what having your dream home would mean to them. Dream home affirmations can help to manifest … Read more

121 Grounding Affirmations to Find Energy and Balance in Life

grounding affirmations | grounding affirmations for anxiety | daily grounding affirmations

When we say someone is “grounded,” it means they have a firm foundation in their life and are not easily swayed or distracted by passing influences. As a result, they are stable and balanced, deeply connected to what really matters, like a tree with deep roots. Becoming more grounded isn’t easy for everyone, and grounding … Read more

27 Animal Coloring Pages for Adults in 2022

adult coloring pages animals | simple animal coloring pages for adults | animal coloring pages realistic

Are you an animal lover? Do you also like coloring? What a combo! We’re sure you are going to love this list we have prepared. Coloring is a great therapeutic way to reduce your stress and anxiety, and animals naturally make you feel calm and relaxed. Experience the best stress-relieving recreational activity with these animal … Read more

9 Affirmation Decks to Reinforce What’s Important in 2022

affirmation deck | affirmation oracle deck | affirmation deck amazon

Have you been feeling lost and confused lately? Maybe you are experiencing down moments and can’t seem to improve your mood? Whatever the case, we are here to boost your spirits. In this article, we share with you nine affirmation decks that can help reinforce what is important in your life. These decks aim to … Read more

100 Affirmations for Focus and Concentration

affirmations for focus | affirmations for productivity and focus | affirmations for self love

Like many people, you lose hours of productivity every week due to distractions and procrastination. We live in a world of increasingly short attention spans, making it challenging to maintain focus and concentration. Affirmations for focus can help improve your attention span and get more done in a day. Why Affirmations Are Important for Focus … Read more