9 Signs You’re Socially Inept & How to Stop Being This Way

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When the waiter brings your meal and says “Enjoy,” do you reply with a “You too?” (Even though they aren’t sitting down at your table to share your food.) Or what about when your coworker says they are stepping out to visit the restroom? Do you say something like “Can I come with you?” (Because … Read more

9 Ways to Make New Friends at a Community College

why is it hard to make friends at a community college | how to make friends in college | making friends as a community college student

Making friends seemingly gets harder as we age. As an adult, approaching someone you don’t really know and attempting to strike up a conversation can be quite intimidating. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people struggle to make friends in community college. Still, we believe that creating those new bonds is possible. In … Read more

200 Likes and Dislikes Examples: A List to Spark a Conversation

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Whether you are starting a new relationship, or looking to deepen existing ones, learning about the things they like or dislike is a great way to do so easily. Remembering that a person likes something, or mentioning that you didn’t serve a certain food because you remembered they didn’t like it, gives them the idea … Read more

55 Connection Quotes That Bind Us Together

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Connections are an invisible and indisputable fact of life. In today’s post, we’ll be diving into the importance of connection and providing you with a curated list of connection quotes to start joining some neurons to the concept in your mind. So, if you’re curious about connection and want to understand a little more about … Read more