7 Ways to Meet People & Make New Friends After College

how to make friends after high school | how to make friends after uni | how to make friends at 25

One of the hardest things about graduating from college is leaving your friends.  Now that you’re out in the world, you’re less likely to be surrounded by people your own age who share your interests. It’s going to take some new approaches to find some great new friends. So in this article, we’ll talk about … Read more

11 Steps to Deal with Upstairs Neighbors Stomping & Making Noise

upstairs neighbors stomping | upstairs neighbors stomping at night | upstairs neighbors stomping on purpose

When leasing an apartment, it is usually a benefit and relief to snag an available apartment for rent on the bottom floor.  It is easier to move furniture in and go in and out without climbing the stairs to the upper floors.  However, the joys of the bottom floor may be short-lived when you are … Read more

200 Likes and Dislikes Examples: A List to Spark a Conversation

likes and dislikes | funny list of likes and dislikes | likes and dislikes personality

Whether you are starting a new relationship, or looking to deepen existing ones, learning about the things they like or dislike is a great way to do so easily. Remembering that a person likes something, or mentioning that you didn’t serve a certain food because you remembered they didn’t like it, gives them the idea … Read more

55 Connection Quotes That Bind Us Together

connection quotes | deep connection quotes | human connection quotes and sayings

Connections are an invisible and indisputable fact of life. In today’s post, we’ll be diving into the importance of connection and providing you with a curated list of connection quotes to start joining some neurons to the concept in your mind. So, if you’re curious about connection and want to understand a little more about … Read more

15 Ways to Respond When an Introvert Ignores You

when an introvert ignores you | signs an introvert misses you | when an introvert is hurt

The American culture thrives on outgoing and extroverted people. The motto is bigger and louder is better. So when someone introverted or shy seems to ignore you, it can feel like a personal attack. I have transitioned from a shy kid to more of an outgoing introvert in adulthood. Even with my more outgoing introversion, … Read more

11 Kindness Challenge Ideas and Printables for 2023

the kindness challenge pdf | virtual kindness challenge | kindness challenge at work

Wanting to do a kindness challenge, but don’t know where to begin? We can get you started! If there is one very important value that people ought to learn, it’s kindness. Being kind is not just about helping other people. It’s also about helping yourself become a better person—it’s about doing something that can make … Read more

How to Deal with Haters & Jealous People in Your Life

how to deal with haters | best response to haters | how to destroy your haters

I believe that most of us have negative people in our lives, and you’ve probably experienced that as well. Sadly, the fact is that if you’re on a path to success… you’re going to encounter critics, haters, and naysayers along the way. In this article, I’m going to show you how to effectively deal with … Read more

83 Great Compliments for Coworkers at Your Workplace

compliments for coworkers | one word compliments for coworkers | how to praise someone professionally

Let’s be honest. We spend much our lives at our workplace among coworkers. In fact, the average person clocks approximately 90,000 hours—basically a third of your life.  A colleague of mine is having a hard time at work. He’s always saying he wishes someone would just give him a pat on the back or tell … Read more

91 This or That Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Better

this or that questions to ask a guy | flirty questions to ask a guy | questions to ask a guy over text

Most kids seem to naturally be able to connect with others and start friendships. They also seem to be excellent at asking questions! As we become adults, it becomes much harder to make the human connections that are so essential for our well-being. It is no surprise that as we get older, we also seem … Read more

How to Not Feel Sick (or Throw Up) When You’re Presenting

how to not throw up when i'm presenting | what to say to someone who is nervous about a presentation | how to not be nervous during a presentation

At some point in your life, you will be called upon to present something. Whether it’s a speech, a product pitch, or even a job interview, being able to present with confidence is a crucial life skill.  Still, you’re reading this article… which means that you are currently cringing on the inside and can feel … Read more