Can Depression Cause Hair Loss? Our Answer…

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If you’re dealing with thinning hair alongside depression, you may be wondering: can depression cause hair loss? Understandably, you may worry about whether the two are connected. No one wants their hair to thin out, and if it’s happening to you, you want to know why. When it comes to depression and hair loss, there’s … Read more

Can Stress Cause Bedwetting in Adults? Yes, But It Depends…

can stress cause bedwetting in adults | occasional bedwetting in adults | bed wetting at 40 years old

Have you ever woken up to discover you wet the bed in your sleep? If so, your first instinct is to wonder what happened. If you’ve been stressed out lately, you might wonder if your anxiety was the cause. Bedwetting is a problem many adults experience but don’t often talk about. After all, wetting the … Read more

5 Best Stress Balls to Decrease Your Stress (2021 Review)

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Feeling really stressed lately? If so, one simple way to relieve it is to use stress balls! Stress balls are tools used to relieve stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders. They are also used to exercise the muscles of the hands to alleviate the symptoms of muscle tension. There are different kinds of stress balls, … Read more